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  1. Zune Music Music.UI
  2. Squeezelite and DSD (macOS)
  3. Audirvana + How to select Izotope settings?
  4. Pure Vinyl Club?
  5. Metadata in Audirvana 2.5.4
  6. Software to convert Iso sacd images to dsf
  7. Ripping ISOs from Stereo/Multi-channel SACDs
  8. SACD ripping with ps3
  9. Offline up-converting from PCM to DSD
  10. Automatic screen saver?
  11. Using Signalyst HQPlayer with Roon
  12. Configuring Foobar to use HQPlayer
  13. New Version of XLD Available
  14. Fidelia vs Amarra vs Audirvana vs Bitperfect
  15. New Amarra 4
  16. Group-Buy for Roon
  17. Sierra OS
  18. Best windows software player
  19. Amarra
  20. Why I think Roon is overpriced even though I've never tried it
  21. Hq player playlist
  22. Sound Quality IOS 10
  23. Gapless DSF from ripped ISO - Possible?
  24. Problem with files in Audirvana when ripping CD to FLAC with XLD
  25. XLD Rip Settings on Mac to AIFF
  26. Mac clock source default
  27. A+ Pref's setting
  28. Airfoil
  29. Cuetools not seeing ALAC as ALAC
  30. Mac OS Sierra info?
  31. iTunes track rating bue stars
  32. Simple PLEX DLNA question
  33. Same bug in some control points apps : how to get it corrected ?
  34. JRemote iOS 10 Issue
  35. Creating an SACD?
  36. Official macOS Sierra 10.12 Thread
  37. Converting Flac to Wav ?
  38. remote app to control TIDAL?
  39. XLD beta for Mac Sierra
  40. Script to disable unnecessary services and apps
  41. Audio midi set up on imac
  42. Amarra IRC - anyone upgraded to Sierra, iTunes and IOS 10?
  43. HQPlayer 3.13.3 for upsampling DSD128 to DSD256 using Oppo HA-1 DAC
  44. Linux MPD soxr resampling question
  45. How to route signals to Acourate Convolver using ASIO4ALL, VB-Cable?
  46. JMRC22 - "Not using enough bits to output the input directly"
  47. Any Way to Duel Boot Moode 2.7 and LibreElec(Kodi)?
  48. HQplayer and ROON
  49. Can foobar play native DSD?
  50. audio boost
  51. Audirvana Plus Audio Units
  52. iTunes playing 192kHz?
  53. Roon Remote app and editing tags
  54. JRiver 22
  55. Microsoft begins to support USB Audio 2
  56. Foobar2000 Issues With Dragonfly Red
  57. Reinstalling A+ problem?
  58. Setting up XLD 20151214 (149.1)
  59. Roon and DSD256 DoP?
  60. Stream to HQPlayer Desktop from foobar2000
  61. Itunes output
  62. Roon, HQPlayer, and multiple rooms
  63. 6 CD's in one Library folder
  64. Validating a Room Response
  65. Reinstalling original 3.55 PS3 Firmware. Any risks ?
  66. My computer frontend
  67. Best player software
  68. Audirvana Plus iTunes integrated mode vs straight Audirvana
  69. HQPlayer settings in the Roon App?
  70. PS3 SACD ripping strange issue. HELP !
  71. Help with dsf to flac conversion
  72. Fidelizer Q
  73. Play/Shuffling complete music library with Kazoo
  74. DVD Audio Extractor: Pressure Developer to Add DTS-HD Decoder Support
  75. Jriver DLNA Streaming to Oppo 103 problem
  76. hqplayer/kodi questions
  77. strange things A2+
  78. Shuffle/Random albums
  79. Alchemy Desktop - touch friendly control interface for HQPlayer for Windows
  80. Qobuz streaming in hi rez?-
  81. Your Audirvana preferences
  82. OraStream Brio App
  83. OS installing in RAMDISK, Where do i should start?
  84. Does software player matter if using digital outputs? (HDMI or Hifiberry DIGI+)
  85. What's wrong with the TT DR Meter?
  86. Tweeking Audirvana now that I built a new house around my system
  87. What do you play for making visiting people go when it is too late?
  88. JRiver MC22 (.exe) Quarantined by Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware
  89. JRiver: Modifying GUI
  90. JRiver Media Center 21 or 22
  91. What software for mac / Rega system
  92. Best App for music
  93. Qobuz
  94. Audirvana, A+ latest and A+ iOS Remote latest
  95. Audirvana + 2.5.3, setup options
  96. Bit Perfect Windows Audio for Tidal etc
  97. Spotify and Optimized Windows 2012.
  98. Audio Optimizer in core mode, my language font is unreadable.
  99. I cannot believe people recommend Audirvana
  100. Anyone near Lafayette,IN who knows "Pure Music" well?
  101. SA-CD Ripping - Timings Query
  102. JRiver Media Center Resampling DLNA Audio Question
  103. Audirvana+ Not playing the correct track?
  104. Off-line Player in Car
  105. JRiver has launched Media Center 22
  106. SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it's true!
  107. OSX 10.11.6, my iMac just updated and now A+ is doing this...
  108. Siri on macOS (public beta): Initial impressions and prospects for revolutionizing computer audio
  109. Am I being foolhardy ignoring Windows 10@
  110. problems with JRiver on Mac (with iFi Nano)
  111. PC DSD player
  112. ALSA recorder
  113. Izotope settings for Yggdrasil
  114. JRiver Media Center Now features SoX Resampler
  115. Verification of JRiver to foo_asio for DSD conversion
  116. A+ & El Capitan How Many
  117. JPLAY play DSD feeding non-DSD DAC
  118. Anyone with experience with JRiver for Mac and Denon Heos speakers
  119. Measuring digital audio qualities of bit-perfect playback with Diffmaker’s correlation depth
  120. Which software is best for my situation? ( Mac mini and iPad user, not iTunes!)
  121. In desperate Need of Help A+ Crashing in El Capitan again
  122. Audirvana Brightness Tweaks
  123. Amarra Playlist Woes
  124. How To Export Mac iTunes Playlists in M3u instead of xml for Audirvana?
  125. Wins2012R2 or Wins10?
  126. PCM To DSD Conversion - How Lossy?
  127. A+ with El Capitan 10.11.5
  128. Audiophile Optimizer Digital-Filter and Sound Signature
  129. New to HQ Player need little help in setting up.
  130. Checking my "1 bit wav" command line
  131. Getting Windows 10 - to get out of the way!
  132. ROON and huge classical collections
  133. Playlist Playback on Audirvana?
  134. What's the simplest way to take a series of .mp3 or .wav files, and turn them into a shareable Spotify playlist?
  135. AudiophileOptimizer 2.00 Available - For Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  136. Jriver on MacOSX: Does it work with AU plug-ins?
  137. Reversing left/right channels (offline or real time)?
  138. Converting DSD to PCM (foobar & iZotope)
  139. DSD files is just a hype??? What do you think about this?
  140. Recommended Izotope SRC Settings for ES9018 Dacs
  141. Tidal & Amarra
  142. Remote control of ManMini/iTunes
  143. music management software for macbook pro
  144. HQPlayer and Roon for newbie
  145. What playback software does HQPlayer support?
  146. Amarra 3.04 update
  147. Audirvana PCM to DSD Conversion - DAC Recs?
  148. Lossy to HQP
  149. Which software is best for recording and playing?
  150. Onkyo HF for iOS
  151. New to DSD64 - Audirvana question
  152. Music Streaming In My Car
  153. Best player software for compact disc?
  154. Anyone using VMware or Paralles ?
  155. Audirvana 2.5.2 not jiving with Dirac 1.2
  156. HQPlayer License - Switching to new computer
  157. Upgrading Audirvana +
  158. OOYH Software for Mac
  159. iTunes update dilemma
  160. Music Videos, Chapters and Metadata
  161. Roon remote loses library
  162. DVD Audio Extractor and Audio Resoluttion on Concert DVDs
  163. Multiple libraries with different resolutions
  164. Need help with Ponoplayer software and DLNA control
  165. Audirvana Direct Mode?
  166. Question about HQplayer processor usage
  167. Audirvana DSD Suspended!
  168. HQPlayer with Apple Lossless files?
  169. Does your ROON Core system really need alot of resources while streaming audio? - Lets Compare
  170. Viewing PDF Liner Notes / Booklets In JRemote
  171. HQplayer PCM to DSD, please help a clueless newbie.
  172. loading times for ROON and Amarra for TIDAL/?about A+2.5/?HQPlayer
  173. MQA audio software windows 10 compatible?
  174. Audirvana Plus 2.5 outputting 7.1 signal all the time
  175. Roon Multichannel Playback - Request for Feedback and Suggestions
  176. Itunes 12.4
  177. HQPlayer + Roon = No Audio
  178. Best Mac OS app for playing DVD rips?
  179. Is it possible to batch convert multiple flac folders?
  180. Audirvana+ 2.5 with iTunes Shared Library
  181. Recommended Audirvana+ 2.5 SRC settings for Schiit Bifrost 4490 DAC and Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC
  182. Sox (updated by mansr)
  183. Anyone runs Roon on Win Server 2012 Std R2 ?
  184. Dirac + Room Treatments
  185. Need Help With Audirvana Questions
  186. A+2.5 vs ROON vs ROON + HQPLAER
  187. problem with audirvana - need help
  188. HQPlayer + Roon vs. iTunes + Pure Music
  189. Raw DSD and Linux. I'm confused...
  190. DVDAudio extractor
  191. notes about my hqplayer ride
  192. Foobar help?
  193. Safe Driver Download
  194. Windows 2012R/HQPlayer and Audiophile Optimizer
  195. Best players '2016
  196. Sq roon v jriver
  197. Fresh Install of Windows Server 2012 R2
  198. Audirvana Plus 2.5.1 with PCM->DSD Conversion
  199. MinimServer Control Point for Ipad and PS Audio Bridge II
  200. Duplicate tracks in some folders
  201. Windows10 tweak for wasapi only
  202. In A+ DSD over PCM standard 1.0
  203. Positive Feedback Review of JPLAY
  204. Flac encoder for Windows 10 64 bit
  205. Splitting DSD files in only the DSD domain?
  206. XMOS USB and MPD and Linux
  207. Audirvana Plus 2.5 with Tidal
  208. Should I consolidate files in iTunes
  209. Disappointed with roon license structure
  210. Concurrent HQ Player and Roon Functionality Query.
  211. is MQA the new BetaMax?
  212. Does HQPlayer ONLY Upsample with no option not to?
  213. Duplicate songs, drastically different volume levels?
  214. Roon Membership - Annual or Lifetime?
  215. AUDIRVANA + VER.1.5.10 is STILL the BEST
  216. Roon v1.2 Update Is Huge (in a good way)!
  217. HQPlayer: Settings for jazz, Mac Mini
  218. Software to help correct file naming/tags
  219. Using XLD to convert ALAC and AIFF files to FLAC and maintain album art and metadata
  220. HQPlayer and Ubuntu Studio 16.04
  221. Dff2dsf
  222. Redbook playback with HQ Player (PCM or DSD)
  223. Occasional High-Pitched Whine/Shrillness in Audirvana 2.4
  224. Audirvana Plus 2.2.4 Crashing
  225. Pure Music Version 3.0 vs Audirvana Plus 2 or Other Music Playback Software for Mac Mini Server
  226. Yosemite, M2Tech Young Dac, Audirvana reverts to Built-in-speakers and or the Mac to HDMI or Built-in-Speakers
  227. Roon Users: Can you listen with your remote device?
  228. ROON what a nightmare for me.
  229. Older applications not being updated to run on new Operating Systems. What to do?
  230. Optical, USB, Integer Mode, rambling about players and adjustments
  231. SQ of Audirvana Plus 2.4 vs. previous versions
  232. Restoring an ID
  233. Question Regarding Support For AIFF Files In JRemote
  234. JRiver Media Centre for Mac
  235. Audirvana Plus 2 & A+ Remote – feature requests
  236. Legit Comparison of JPlay versus Other Players
  237. Linux for the Audiophile - Snakeoil OS
  238. Amarra
  239. 64bit multistage algorithm - DSD to PCM
  240. iOS 9.3 Upgrade - Big Trouble
  241. Audirvana 2.4 + remote app 1.5
  242. Windows 8 vs 10
  243. PEQ for MPD
  244. Using the Play/Pause Forward/Backward Buttons on an Apple Keyboard to Control Fidelity
  245. Audirvana 2.3.3 - no more DSF?
  246. How to convert SACD ISO images to PCM without pops between tracks
  247. XLD with more than one transport?
  248. Volumio - do I need it ??
  249. Can iTunes or JRiver produce a list of albums in the database?
  250. You can purchase FLAC music files from Tidal