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  1. JRiver on CAPS - better to run as server or client?
  2. JRemote on MC for Mac
  3. If you use amarra as your preferred music software, have you upgraded to mountain lion and what , if any , impact did it have on sound quality?
  4. DVDA Playback on a PC
  5. Using Audiravana with iPad
  6. Classic VY Meter for PureMusic??
  7. Izotope SRC
  8. Upgrade from Amarra to Amarra Symphony.
  9. WavePad - best player on the MAC?
  10. High resolution music playback on smartphones or tablets
  11. DSF to FLAC conversion
  12. JRiver on Mac?
  13. TT Dynamic Range Meter (Newbie)
  14. Audirvana + 32bit USB-SPDIF + 24bit DAC = problem
  15. 16 GB versus 8 GB RAM?
  16. Concurrent Music Streaming and Serving.
  17. Dolby Digital Live
  18. Can Apple's Remote App Recognize Two Different Systems?
  19. Choices for Ripping CDs: iTunes, XLD, etc. ???
  20. Transferring iTunes
  21. Headless CAPS Remote Desktop success.... Google Chrome
  22. Upsampling Audirvana & Mytek?
  23. Audirvana+ Settings to play DSD 128 on Mytek 192
  24. JRMC 18 Library Synchronization Management?
  25. Newbie Question About Playback Options On A Computer Based Audio System Not Using I-Tunes...
  26. Metadata management software?
  27. Upgrading to mountain lion?
  28. Synchronization Hi-Res music from iTunes on iOS devices
  29. Uploading Cd's using Jriver, XLD, iTunes.....
  30. Audirvana Plus 1.4.5 Loss of Sample Rate Lock
  31. Uncompressed FLAC
  32. Can Redbook CD's Be Ripped At A Higher Bit Rate?
  33. Album Player 2.9.5b
  34. Jriver-ASIO limited to 24/96 help
  35. PerfectTUNES or Bliss: anyone tried?
  36. Audirvana+ or Amarra - Down & Dirty
  37. Intermittent behavior of Pure Music
  38. Audirvana and iTunes 11.0.2
  39. Newbie Question About Software For Whole House Music system
  40. Building a Mac Mini server w Amarra - getting it right the first time
  41. New Composer view in Itunes 11.0.2
  42. SONATA Music Server: Any News?
  43. 'Making' a DTS-HD Audio Only BluRay/AVCHD Folder?
  44. Audirvana Plus will not open on start-up
  45. ITunes Playlist organization
  46. Special Offers from ViStudio - for computeraudiophile users
  47. XLD - So Slow, What Am I doing Wrong?
  48. Volume control problem with Audirvana Plus
  49. Sonic differences between Audirvana and the new iRiver for Mac
  50. Is there a way for JRiver to take a DSD file down to a format for a 192kHz Berkeley DAC 2 ?
  51. Amarra ease of use
  52. Best Android based Jriver remote?
  53. Fed up with iTunes 11 - Which previous version?
  54. XLD messes up last track
  55. Is Audirvana worth it?
  56. Fidelia+ Mequalizer: Turning C- speakers into A-
  57. duplicate
  58. A major problem with Windows 8?
  59. Audirvana + Defualt Sample Rate
  60. Very slow screen share using Pure Music
  61. iTunes Replacement With EQ?
  62. JRiver - why can't it do gapless playback as well as iTunes?
  63. Technical Analysis/Review of iTunes?
  64. Audirvana Plus and iTunes 11
  65. Best convolver for mac-laconvolver or ir1a?
  66. encoding 128 to 320
  67. Audirvana 1.4.5 airplay at 48KHz
  68. iTunes 11/PureMusic integer problem
  69. Fidelia 1.2.3b1
  70. What music software programs do you recommend for new late 2012 Mac Mini?
  71. Settings for Audirvana - many options - what is correct for me?
  72. JRMC 18: Volume Problem
  73. JPLAY 5b released!
  74. Dumb question about Audirvana + (v. 1.4.5) playing .aif files
  75. WMA lossy to other lossy format - clear answer desperately needed
  76. Amarra - Getting audio outputs to 'stick'?
  77. 3rd party post on ripping with XLD and Toast - very interesting
  78. EAC vs XLD
  79. XLD Secure Ripper vs. CD Paranoia III 10.2
  80. The official Audiogate as pure playback software thread.
  81. Upsampling with ESS DAC?
  82. Gapless Repar?
  83. xld Secure Ripper, AccurateRip v1/v2 signature and CRC32 hash
  84. A plug for Pure Music
  85. Mountain Lion problem whit spdif
  86. Fidelia and Plugins on Mac- HELP!
  87. JRiver Plugin Fun
  88. Newbie question -- Can existing itunes files be verified?
  89. Advice please...music database management - iTunes
  90. iTunes problem
  91. dBpoweramp - conversion to 88.2 missing
  92. Itunes 11 Cannot Read Files
  93. J-River for MAC??
  94. MBP fan noise with OSX 10.7.4
  95. PS3 SACD DSD Extraction Help in So Cal?
  96. Tag SACD iso files
  97. Audirvana Plus & PS Audio Nuwave & Yamaha A S2000
  98. DFF to DSF conversion using Audiogate
  99. Newbie question: iTunes - add music automatically to library?
  100. New HD Tracks Downloader crashes systematically on OS 10.7
  101. Pure Music 1.9 Release Date?
  102. Player and Remote combo with the most Sonos like operation...
  103. More Comprehensive Metadata
  104. My metadata to disc for reripping
  105. Blue Note iPad app for jazz
  106. Tagging DSD files
  107. Linux on Mac: which one?
  108. phantom image with loudspeaker array
  109. Flac Editor
  110. Difference between Time Machine and softwares like Carbon Copy
  111. JPLAY 5 Released.
  112. iTunes mess...help
  113. Making use of a PPC
  114. Amarra 2.4.5
  115. How to use XLD to rip a CD
  116. Replacing iTunes for database management
  117. How to Convert DVD-A 5.1 into Stereo?
  118. What do you think of replay gain?
  119. Amarra: is there any way to lock volume on maximum?
  120. win7 music player
  121. Help - Can I swap OSX SL for ML between MBP and MM?
  122. OS + iTunes combinations / mac + Audirvana Plus
  123. Mac Tagging & Album Art Download
  124. MasVis - Visualize Differences in Mastering!
  125. Audirvana 1.4 with DSD Playback on Resonessence Invicta DAC
  126. Linux for Audiophiles
  127. free legal software from Adobe
  128. Nuforce DAC-100 integer mode ?
  129. Balance control on Mac?
  130. Jriver tagging limitations with WAV files?
  131. Cannot find and play new DSD files when they are added to Pure Music
  132. Problem w/Metric Halo LIO-8 with OSX ML on high rez
  133. A+ / Decibel / Amarra HiFi / ... using TOSLINK
  134. Mac OSX Snow Leopard + iTunes 11.0
  135. PS3 SACD Rip, how to check you dont have a replacement drive in your compatable PS3
  136. Recommended settings in Audirvana+ for downsampling
  137. Using airfoil
  138. $49 Amarra
  139. Audirvana Plus is outstanding
  140. cdparanoia and MAX
  141. Watershed moment FLAC in iTunes - Audirvana
  142. Amarra and NAS vs. Firewire
  143. WTF is iCloud and...
  144. Amarra dff conversion is very slow and buggy at best.
  145. Audirvana 1.4.2 and Airplay
  146. Starting from 0
  147. ITunes JRiver advice on computer audio setup
  148. Is there way to add artwork to AIFF files on Mac?
  149. Starting from scratch: iTunes & external drive
  150. Resampling with foobar2000
  151. Decibel - new version available
  152. fast mac to create itunes library for slow mac?
  153. Anyone using JRMC to play DVD-video?
  154. ISO/USB-Key Installer with preconfigured and stripped down "audiophile" Version of Windows 8 Pro (including JRiver & Foobar)
  155. Playback speed issue after extracting DVD-A to hard drive using DAE
  156. I really want to try JRiver… anyone running Windows on a Mac to run JRiver MC with JRemote?
  157. Minimal Wondows 7 installation for audiophile purposes...
  158. How to turn macbook into a uPnP player
  159. Audirvana toggle back and forth to iTunes
  160. JRemote Issue
  161. DSD capable windows iTunes plugins anyone?
  162. Which player on Mac OS X 10.8 do you prefer to use and listen to?
  163. Help me help you rip DTS above 48kHz with DVDAE
  164. Partnering Benchmark DAC2 HGC with Audirvana 1.4
  165. Curious about the role of music player software.
  166. DSD vs hi rez PCM
  167. Audirvana 1.4 Impression...
  168. RIP and Convert DVD Video for iTunes
  169. HELP! Mac-Young DAC connection problem.
  170. JRMC18 - Windows 7 or Windows 8
  171. playing Spotify vs playing internaly on dac
  172. Optimal setting for Audirvana+ and Mytek DSD via Firewire on OSX 10.7
  173. optimum sound quality settings for itunes on windows 7
  174. Music files organization
  175. Audirvana 1.4
  176. Switching between Audirvana & Spotify
  177. Linux USB2 driver for the Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC
  178. Proxy DSD files not working with Audirvana+ in iTunes 11 integrated mode
  179. Ipad Remote App 3.0 - bug with cover art
  180. JRMC17 v JRMC18
  181. New software/hardware audio settings questions.
  182. Why don't any of the top players support internet streaming?
  183. Effect of audio-streaming players on server capability
  184. Fidelia can't raise volume when using exclusive access
  185. Software to detect resolution of input stream ?
  186. Pure Music DSD Files
  187. Official iTunes 11 Thread (Released 11/29/2012)
  188. XBMC - Bit-perfect audio
  189. Blu Ray Audio Rips
  190. Foobar skips at the end of every song
  191. Player/Ripper software installed...now what?
  192. Metadata editor with files renaming feature for Mac
  193. Album artwork and XLD file format
  194. Missing track data and album artwork with new computer.
  195. best conversion software-hi rez flac to wav
  196. Pure Music 1.88a
  197. FuzzMeasure software and M-Audio
  198. Software suggestion?
  199. What Software Players Utilize "Ghost Play" With iTunes?
  200. Conversion: XLD/Max vs Amarra
  201. What does it all mean? - dpPoweramp and Accurate Rip messages
  202. Precise sample rate conversion control -- can any software do this?
  203. Volume control using software
  204. Music Organization for Dummies
  205. Please Help a Mac Newbie
  206. Musicbee automatic resampling
  207. DSD-PCM SRC Thread, Audiogate?
  208. Comparing software players
  209. Audiofile Engineering Triumph (on sale for $59.99)
  210. Quick Questions on Audirvana Plus
  211. Help From Windows OS Users Who Switched From iTunes To JRiver Media Center
  212. How to configure Linux Mint for audiophile playback (step-by-step)?
  213. Best software OS & file backup
  214. What Software should I use to remix songs?
  215. What are possible solutions to resolve software functionality issues?
  216. Swinsian
  217. Best free / nearly free mac software?
  218. XBMC Frodo
  219. LUMIN iPad controller app
  220. Track Level Metadata
  221. To 8 or not to 8?
  222. How to fix quick look of album cover in finder OSX 10.8.2?
  223. How to have my Hi-Rez FLAC cake and iPod it too...
  224. When Converting an XRCD to AIFF, Will It Pass On ....
  225. For pure audio playback,MAC Snow Leopard VS Mountain Lion?
  226. Remote control Audirvana Plus on Mac?
  227. Audirvana Plus remote app (Android)
  228. Preinstallation failed! Please run setup again. If you are asked to confirm installation of software, please confirm.
  229. Get Windows 8 Media Center Pack For Free
  230. How To Install XMOS / Thesycon USB Drivers On Windows 8
  231. Official Computer Audiophile Windows 8 Thread
  232. Ipad Mini
  233. Fidelizer; anyone tried this?
  234. How many PS3 SACD rippers out there?
  235. New iTunes coming next week
  236. AMG Tapestry
  237. J River tips and techniques: user experiences repository
  238. Ripping Questions - XLD
  239. Amarra Stutter/Jump
  240. iTunes and AIFF
  241. OplayerHD app, somebody helps me?
  242. Horror: iTunes deleted 60% of entire collection during library rebuild.....
  243. PS Audio eLyric Team
  244. Ripping Audio DVDs on a Mac?
  245. PDF liner notes in JRemote?
  246. Software for converting based on format?
  247. MP3 file 128mb - can you tell whether compression has been applied to the original mastering?
  248. Setting DSP for burning in JRMC
  249. Elyric vs. Audirvana, etc.
  250. Asset UPnP