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  1. Chord QuteEX Mavericks Driver with Direct & Integer Mode now also available !!!
  2. Are there comparable music players for Windows like ones for Mac OS X?
  3. Chord QuteHD QX Mavericks Driver with Direct & Integer Mode working !!!!!!
  4. Jriver m19 there is some noise/jitter in doing 2XDSD
  5. All things Amarra .. quirks, bugs, & suggestions.
  6. iTunes library external back up question
  7. JRMC and Airfoil for Mac
  8. LaunchDaemon's used by Amarra?
  9. Audiogate pcm to dsd conversion
  10. Audirvana 1.5.10 issue - wrong sample rate
  11. dBpoweramp FLAC Rip
  12. New to digital audio and need a recommendation on CD ripping software
  13. Mpd question...
  14. Apple's Remote App unstable?
  15. So should I upgrade to Mavericks OS on my Macbook Air with JRMC19 or not?
  16. iTunes Library Blues
  17. Where Oh Where Did My ASIO Go
  18. How to display composer tag in Amarra Sym
  19. Apple's Remote App question
  20. Help me evaluate JRiver 19 Mac
  21. Now accepting your Jriver tips and tricks
  22. Is there a way to reset JRiver 19Mac to all the default settings?
  23. Finding Disc Read Offset in XLD
  24. Onkyo HF Player/ sounds great!
  25. Weird Weird Weird Mac OS Problem
  26. WinAmp is Shutting Down?
  27. How to disable Dashboard and Notification Center in OSX Mavericks.
  28. I don't think MOG support knows how their OSX Desktop app works.
  29. A Squeezebox / LMS problem...
  30. Related acts functionality...
  31. Amarra 2.5.1 and Musical Fidelity V-DACII
  32. JRiver Crashing?
  33. DSF Files tagged in JRMC 19 for Windows lose custom tag values in JRMC 19 for Mac - ideas?
  34. MC 19 (for MAC) Wyred4Sound ÁLink SPDIF, and NAD 390DD and getting 192/24
  35. Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPad app
  36. Cutting songs
  37. How to extract DSF files from ISO?
  38. Controlling Mac Player Software - With an ANDROID???
  39. Getting weird with MacBook Pro + DAC performance...
  40. The Audio Optimization Guide For Apple OS X - Mavericks
  41. Amarra and DSD
  42. 16 Bit Not Available in Windows Audio
  43. JRiver Media Centre - Creating new genres
  44. trouble with Audirvana+ 1.5.10 setup with the DSD
  45. Any setup guides available for JRiver for noobies tinkering with DSD?
  46. Computer Audio Design OSX Audio Optimization Script
  47. No sound w/ Mavericks 10.9 & Audirvana+ 1.5.10 & Airfoil 4.8.2b1
  48. Converting Foobar plugin generated DoP file (in FLAC) back to DSF ot to PCM files
  49. Splashtop issue
  50. sacd_extract DSF output problem
  51. Amarra 2.6 Stuttering
  52. Amarra 2.6 "Plain Vanilla" (w/o iRC)
  53. Help with Pure Music
  54. Is it worth it to upgrade from JRiver 18 to 19?
  55. measuring dynamic range, how and with?
  56. iTunes and MF V-DACII sampling questions
  57. M2Tech HiFace Mavericks problem
  58. Converting FLAC to WAV: dBPoweramp causes "clicks" & Foobar doesn't
  59. New iTunes 11.1.3 available
  60. Editing DSF tags - not able to in foobar2000
  61. Downsample hi-res FLAC for CD burning?
  62. My Audirvana+ question
  63. Fidelia 1.3.1
  64. HELP: OS X-- Some of my 0.5TB iTunes Media folder discovered with errors after file copy to 1TB drive.
  65. Streaming audio with Jriver need help
  66. Itunes 11.1.2 constantly hanging
  67. BAD W7 my dac sounds badly noisy kitter all bad
  68. Trying Amarra
  69. Windows 8.1 upgrade changed my audio, sounds really bad now :(
  70. cross platform recording software
  71. encoder help please
  72. Audirvana: No sound if no tv
  73. Issues with combined audio output on Mac Mini (USB and HDMI)
  74. Displaying Chinese and Japanese Character at JRiver
  75. Itunes doesn't show all albums on external hard drive - help please!
  76. Jriver - ASIO Driver issues
  77. Will Miska HQ with Room Wizard play DSD
  78. Help! Itunes has reset itself!
  79. Help Getting JRemote To Work
  80. CD player with Bit berfect USB out or PC CD drive as Computer audio bit perfect CD player
  81. iTunes "Next Up" Playlist Question
  82. Audirvana plus no volume control
  83. New Remote App Coming ???
  84. Mavericks and HiFace 1 issues
  85. Mavericks trashed all audio output
  86. DVD Audio Extractor isn't reading PCM off disk
  87. Free ONKYO HF Player App for IOS: Plays High Res Up To DSD*(DoP),FLAC, WAV
  88. What Happened to XLD???
  89. OSX Maverick
  90. What's The Best Music Playback Software?
  91. Official OS X 10.9 Mavericks Thread
  92. JRiver MC for Mac: Some Basic Questions...
  93. Pure Music 1.9 :)
  94. QNAP NAS itunes server mode + Audirvana?
  95. Official Windows 8.1 Thread
  96. JRiver Media Centre 19 for Mac - transition issues from iTunes library
  97. Managing classical music metadata in Itunes - experiences
  98. iOS7/iPAD/Remote App/No Rotation (How 'bout a Remote App alternative?)
  99. JRiver Media Center..anyone using Volume Leveling and/or Adaptive Volume
  100. Amarra iRC not working
  101. XLD - Editing Metadata
  102. TuneIn for J.River (or other such software)?
  103. classical music metadata tags in iTunes
  104. Pops and clicks during JRiver 19 playback
  105. jriver 19 for windows custom view question
  106. OSX 10.9 Mavericks INTEGER MODE
  107. Show us your Foobar2000 layout
  108. Dirac Live stereo has been released
  109. What is the best blu ray player software?
  110. General gapless issue. At wits end, please help!
  111. Music player for win7
  112. Real problems with Audirvana 1.5.9
  113. Vox 2.1
  114. iRC Measure (in Amarra Symphony) Results
  115. Audirvana best setting with Concero DAC?
  116. best way to rip sacds to dbpower amp...
  117. Is it possible to make Audirvana sound like Amarra?
  118. iTunes 11 Skipping During Playback
  119. A never before seen musical software
  120. Newbie: Another album import problem in JRiver
  121. Jriver Media Center Auto import..anyone get this to work?
  122. Audirvana+ DSD Proxies: is there a way to move the original files without having to recreate the proxies?
  123. Newbie having album import issues with JRiver for Windows
  124. Audirvana DSD glitch with Audirvana volume control
  125. Settings for JRiver 18 to Sound Best
  126. iTunes Upgrades and Changes - The Best And The Worst
  127. Question on Volume Control using AudioQuest Dragonfly and Audivrana Plus
  128. A+ 1.5.9 released (w/SQ improvements)
  129. Audirvana w/ Burmester 113 settings
  130. Latest Foobar2000 sounds MUCH better. WHY?
  131. Which iphone remote for JRiver?
  132. JRemote and IOS 7...keep getting disconnected
  133. FLAC Player for iPAD and iOS 7 - FLAC Files Above 48/24 Res are Accompanied by White Noise and Clicks
  134. Audirvana 1.5.8 problems
  135. JRiver Media Center on Linux
  136. Itunes 11.1
  137. Amarra With iRC Past Present Future (thread renamed)
  138. Apple iPad Remote with iOS 7: No Landscape View
  139. XLD Questions
  140. MPaD not Working, on version 2.0
  141. Interested In Real-Time PCM-To-DSD Conversion For All Audio Output On PC
  142. JRiver issue - help please
  143. Using uncompressed FLAC conversion w/ EAC
  144. Thanks...
  145. New Jremote version out
  146. Amarra Symphony 2.6
  147. JRMC / JREMOTE displaying scrambled tracks?
  148. J River vs DbRipper for ripping?
  149. Audirvana - Plays wrong song/album ?
  150. Optimal sample rate, where is the limit?
  151. Audirvana Conversion of DSD to PCM
  152. Amarra & Audirvana Plus - love them both!
  153. Need Foobar2000 help
  154. How to interrogate FLAC files to make sure there are 2.0
  155. Advice for MAC audio software that makes it easy to play high rez & lossless files?
  156. Bitperfect - two small changes?
  157. A area + IRC
  158. Audirvana Major Breakthrough !!
  159. Is there any point in using audiophile software with Airplay?
  160. DSD, how do you play / decode it?
  161. Burning Pure Audio Blu-ray
  162. Audirvana 1.5.7
  163. Headless mac remote software (Splashtop) hinders sound quality?
  164. SwitchRes software sets display resolution on headless Mac
  165. Sofrware for music and movies ...
  166. Windows 8, HDMI Audio - Save me from my stupid solution.
  167. USB Driver Issues
  168. Workaround for Stutter - setting priorities - Workable?
  169. SACD DSD Files into FLAC container : Jriver don't play
  170. DSD and Mac's
  171. Wav vs. Flac - Compressed and Uncompressed
  172. Pianobar (Pandora radio) + Android remote
  173. Regarding Digital volume from a web browser
  174. JRiver 18, Win XP, and and old laptop: setup?
  175. Beginner Question: Would Amarra help my system?
  176. Apple Au Parametric EQ via Audirvana+
  177. Audirvana Question
  178. Audirvana + DSD DoP & click and pop when track changes
  179. Update OS and/or ITunes to get the best out of Amarra 2.5.1?
  180. Audirvana Plus' iZotope Dithered Volume Control: Yea or Nay?
  181. Advise needed - Jriver as cd transport - lower the speed of the cd rom drive
  182. iTunes
  183. Where to find SACD Ripping Guide
  184. DbPoweramp's PerfectTunes
  185. Audirvana 1.5.6
  186. will Mac player ever be able to decode HDCD?
  187. Just Trying out JRiver 18 for Mac, A few Questions...
  188. CHANNEL D SOUND/RATEanyone have any th PROBS
  189. Ripping in Hi-rez on a Mac?
  190. JRiver Media Jukebox 14 + CD playback = buzzy laptop
  191. Best ripper for CDs?
  192. JRiver/DAC issue - any thoughts?
  193. MPD on Cubox (Mubox Dev. Sanpshot), clicking sound, distortion problem.
  194. We've got Audirvana 1.5.5
  195. Tagging with KID3
  196. JRiver Media Center on Linux
  197. Decibel Music Player
  198. CAPS Backup/Cloning Help?
  199. JRMC 18.0.206 WASAPI Event Style? DoP?
  200. Splitting into multiple Itunes libaries - Experience? Tools? Powertunes?
  201. Audirvana + Balance control
  202. Would like technical explanation for why software players could sound different.
  203. Fidelia 1.3.1 upsampling static
  204. iTunes 11.0.1
  205. Playback Errors from Ripped CD's
  206. How to uninstall Audirvana
  207. Mac Mini in headless Configuration
  208. Audirvana crashing, can anyone help?
  209. Foobar ASIO plugin problem
  210. Audirvana Plus AudioUnits impact on sound
  211. best Foobar remote for Ipad MINI?
  212. Sore Head, Help Needed with Mac Mini Player
  213. Android remote control for Linux server
  214. Q: AudioUnits--graphic EQ vs. parametric EQ
  215. playback software with 24bit volume control and eq on webradio and optional ir remote
  216. Software conversion of DSD and 2x DSD to 24/192
  217. JRiver MC 18/PureMusic
  218. DSD recording from MSB media transport
  219. JRiver DSD DOP warning!
  220. Best Mac OS player for headphones?
  221. Quick XLD help for a newbie
  222. Setting up Jriver and Vega for First time (Mac Book Pro)
  223. Windows and music though iTunes
  224. iTunes DRM protected files (pre-2009) not playing on Mytek DSD DAC
  225. JRiver: A Sense Of Humor, or just Chiselers?
  226. Tagging files during Audiogate conversion from DSD to ALAC?
  227. Fidelizer Extremist Mode
  228. Dirac issues with 44/16 files
  229. How to rip drm protected audio cd (Coldplay - X&Y)?
  230. Remote application for iPhone
  231. Audirvana Plus optimizations
  232. Using Young DAC driver with HiFace Evo
  233. Downmix with foobar
  234. Offline Izotope > Audirvana Upsampling
  235. DSD on Windows
  236. Audirvana free version sound best?
  237. JRMC 18 video support is a hoax
  238. Windows Server 2012
  239. Problem with Amarra 2.5
  240. How do I make a copy of DVD Audio files?
  241. jriver and pm and audirvana plus ripping/importing cds
  242. ripping it right on a Mac Mini ?
  243. Question Re Pure Music's Dithered Volume Control
  244. Pm 1.9/2.0
  245. On JRiver 18, what's the Best Way to Organize 10 tb of music?
  246. DVD Audio Extractor and XLD
  247. Amarra 2.5.1 update or not?
  248. Audirvana and new HDD
  249. Audirvana 1.5 Playlist Mode and AudioUnits - bug
  250. DVD audio Tools from Soundforge not installing in Windows 7