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  1. Hdtracks file + Jriver = playing slow on iPod?
  2. foobar2000 mobile kickstarter
  3. Latest Mac Rumor: iTunes to introduce 24 bit hirez in June launch
  4. 2XDSD with Jriver and Firewire.
  5. Isobuster A Bust
  6. A guide for OS X software YATE, for organising and getting album art for FLAC files.
  7. Hi Res Music on an Ipod Classic: Will Bitperfect help with sample rate? And: Sonic Advantages?
  8. jriver release date
  9. How to force device's sample rate?
  10. JRiver: I'd like to power down my system
  11. Sunflower (Mac OS)
  12. Korg Audiogate not opening dff files
  13. Jriver Unable to Play Sample Rates Higher Than 48000
  14. Pure Vinyl 4
  15. Normalizing Lossless library
  16. metadsf - a command line tagging tool for DSF files
  17. Bughead Emperor
  18. Software advice please
  19. Music Server
  20. LiveTuner now has Computer Audiophile Server optimizations
  21. XLD Burned Disks not playing in some CD players- setting issue or cheap disks?
  22. Suddenyl, no sound. OSX, iTunes or Audirvana+?
  23. Difference in audio volume - iTunes vs Audirvana (integrated mode)
  24. BEST PC management/playback software (specific criteria)
  25. Mac & iPod: Maximum Quality..?
  26. FOOBAR 2000 & DSD playback - possible bug/problem
  27. luddite iMac/pono questions
  28. Problems
  29. Ripping Digital Audio Discs (DAD)
  30. Software to clean Wav INFO chunk, and/or XMP data?
  31. Fidelia 1.5
  32. iTunes Audio Glitches With BitPerfect & Audirvana
  33. Amarra Symphony with IRC – Very Slow to Respond
  34. Fidelizer 5.0 Released
  35. Is Amarra just an iTunes "add-on"?
  36. Client Server \ Music Player
  37. Album art for wav files
  38. WANTED: Roxio easy CD creator 5.0( or similar)
  39. Announcing BitPerfect v2.0
  40. Bit Perfect 2.0 available
  41. Thoughts on Liztic?
  42. Audirvana - unconvinced
  43. EAC command line options
  44. Free upgrade to mavericks on Mac mini
  45. EAC into iTunes - with tags?
  46. OS 10.9.2 and/or iTunes 11.1.5 problems
  47. ASIO driver stopped unexpectedly
  48. Foobar remote software for Windows 8.1 tablet over wifi
  49. Audirvana skips
  50. Cantata album art
  51. XLD Ripping format of filename question
  52. Add lyrics automatically (Mac OS X/iTunes)
  53. Play DSD files in iTunes w/audirvana on Mac Mini
  54. Linux Ripping & File conversion software
  55. JRiver
  56. Audirvana - how best to set-up
  57. Fresh Start
  58. Using Real VNC on IPad
  59. help with first high-res download…...
  60. [?] Vox vs Clementine
  61. Daphile
  62. JRMC equalizer settings
  63. Jriver / Jremote video library control issues
  64. How does JRiver MC for Mac stack up to Audirvana+ now?
  65. Advice on Classical music metadata databases for use with XLD?
  66. Simple USB port monitor software
  67. ASIO Drivers
  68. JLP music player
  69. Audirvana iTunes Integration Mode - Improve Sound Quality?
  70. Amarra 2.6 Album art in Playlist mode
  71. Re-Ripping my CD collection! Please help me make it the last!
  72. JRiver
  73. db poweramp does not covert dsd 128 diff files
  74. Frequency Analysis in Audition vs DSD
  75. EventScripts: Best $3 I have spent on software
  76. Hi - res to Ipod
  77. Basic JRemote question--MC19 for Mac
  78. Udoo + Volumio
  79. Vox 2.0: Still free. Now gapless.
  80. VortexBox vs Daphile vs J.River
  81. Lack of Gain
  82. DSD playback with Pure Music
  83. iTunes showing songs etc. but not playing them
  84. BitPerfect to add DSD support soon
  85. Anyone tried Daphile
  86. A shell script to add checksums to ALAC files and detect subsequent changes
  87. Newbie Question
  88. foo_input_sacd Settings
  89. iTunes proxy file problem (truncation) with Audirvana+ new release
  90. Cruddy sound quality with AEX, advice needed please
  91. "Sound check" option for Audirvana Plus (iTunes integrated mode)
  92. JRemote suddenly stops working
  93. DR measuring App for Macintosh?
  94. J river remote access issues on new CAPS server
  95. Can't get a low enough volume using iTunes
  96. Audirvana 1.5.12
  97. Audirvana 1.5.11
  98. Problems with Audirvana
  99. Itunes remote app all over sudden doesn't find Itunes
  100. Is there a way to get JRMC to control a linux pc or something like a Beaglebone running MPD?
  101. Best sounding OS or optimization for JRMC?
  102. JRiver library question
  103. How would you like your Classical Albums sorted for display?
  104. Audirvana skips in the middle of a song
  105. Windows 7 optimization
  106. Help! I am trying to install Windows via Bootcamp
  107. CA's CD Ripping Strategy and Methodology - A Few Questions....
  108. JRiver:cannot find FLAC files after ripping with EAC
  109. Win Server 2012 or Linux?
  110. Audirvana 1.5.10 and Mytek Integer Mode
  111. Recommended free software? Players, music libraries?
  112. Daniel Hertz Master Class - a new hirez player from Mark Levinson
  113. New audio player by Mark Levinson's "Daniel Hertz"- Master Class
  114. Problem with ASIO --> Musical Fidelity M1 DAC.
  115. JRiver for Mac on Mach2Music Machine
  116. MacBook Air ALAC to iPod 256k mp3s
  117. iTunes/Windows/Virtual Audio Cable
  118. JRiver media centre automatic on start up
  119. Itunes + Apple TV question
  120. Yet another iTunes metadata question
  121. resampling choices?
  122. iTunes/Audirvana hiccups, Spotify doesn't
  123. Missing Metadata
  124. FLAC levels
  125. Max WAV Settings?
  126. Sonore DSD2FLAC - Converts DSD files to FLAC or DoPFLAC
  127. iTunes 11.1.3 (8) glitch or just me?
  128. Audirvana and M2Tech HiFace
  129. Audirvana plus play SACD ISO with noise, but DSF perfect, What happened?
  130. Audrvana preferred audio device problem
  131. Transfer iTunes ratings to JRMC
  132. dsf/dsd/sacd & mediamonkey
  133. JRiver: Tagging Multiple Artists
  134. Can Spotify be used via JRemote?
  135. Nero AAC higher bitrate than 320
  136. Anybody using Logic?
  137. Foobar vs .....?
  138. High end SRC VST plug-in for Windose
  139. Pure Music FLAC playback problem from NAS
  140. FLAC to WAVE conversion?
  141. JRemote work with other media players?
  142. Converting DSD to FLAC or AIFF?
  143. JPlay & JRiver WINDOWS ONLY
  144. Dithered volume Audirvana plus vs digital volume PsAudio PWD
  145. Album Covers Using Flac Player imported from Metadatics
  146. Osx 10.9.1
  147. How to copy a track from an SACD directly into a computer or music server as a DSD file...any way to do this?
  148. Jriver 19 and Windows 8.1 issues and where to go next.
  149. Audirvana + (Dock) CPU %%%%%
  150. Improve I-tunes but don't need metadata
  151. Microsoft High Definition Audio Device code 10 error
  152. Ripping CD to FLAC in OSX
  153. Playing DSD files in Audirvana + iTunes Integration
  154. Audivarna + -- Clicking?
  155. Need to convert all my AIFF to WAV on my Mac Mini......help please!
  156. Asset UPnP .... is it doing anything?
  157. Apple Remote App, New Version
  158. Audirvana - issue with audio output device
  159. 3D View in J Rivers 18 not working No D3DX DLL
  160. Identifying The Software Used For Ripping
  161. Newb needs your kind advice (Mac+O2-ODAC combo)
  162. Curating, organizing and oh what a mess!!
  163. J River and built in low pass filter for DSD
  164. Going hi-res, please help with a audio player
  165. MPD for windows 8.1 and Sonore Server
  166. video playback problem on a mac using jriver mc19
  167. Itunes w/Audivarna + question, please
  168. Recommendations for media streaming software on NAS
  169. Newbie Question | Audirvana Plus & Rega DAC: Unable to get to 192K
  170. JPLAY 5.2 released
  171. Volumio
  172. DSD and, yet, another format war
  173. DSD & Audirvana & iTunes (no sound proxie)
  174. JRiver Media Center on Mac with Dual Macs: Control and Audio
  175. Audirvana Plus Trial
  176. Chord QuteEX Mavericks Driver with Direct & Integer Mode now also available !!!
  177. Are there comparable music players for Windows like ones for Mac OS X?
  178. Chord QuteHD QX Mavericks Driver with Direct & Integer Mode working !!!!!!
  179. Jriver m19 there is some noise/jitter in doing 2XDSD
  180. All things Amarra .. quirks, bugs, & suggestions.
  181. iTunes library external back up question
  182. JRMC and Airfoil for Mac
  183. LaunchDaemon's used by Amarra?
  184. Audiogate pcm to dsd conversion
  185. Audirvana 1.5.10 issue - wrong sample rate
  186. dBpoweramp FLAC Rip
  187. New to digital audio and need a recommendation on CD ripping software
  188. Mpd question...
  189. Apple's Remote App unstable?
  190. So should I upgrade to Mavericks OS on my Macbook Air with JRMC19 or not?
  191. iTunes Library Blues
  192. Where Oh Where Did My ASIO Go
  193. How to display composer tag in Amarra Sym
  194. Apple's Remote App question
  195. Help me evaluate JRiver 19 Mac
  196. Now accepting your Jriver tips and tricks
  197. Is there a way to reset JRiver 19Mac to all the default settings?
  198. Finding Disc Read Offset in XLD
  199. Onkyo HF Player/ sounds great!
  200. Weird Weird Weird Mac OS Problem
  201. WinAmp is Shutting Down?
  202. How to disable Dashboard and Notification Center in OSX Mavericks.
  203. I don't think MOG support knows how their OSX Desktop app works.
  204. A Squeezebox / LMS problem...
  205. Related acts functionality...
  206. Amarra 2.5.1 and Musical Fidelity V-DACII
  207. JRiver Crashing?
  208. DSF Files tagged in JRMC 19 for Windows lose custom tag values in JRMC 19 for Mac - ideas?
  209. MC 19 (for MAC) Wyred4Sound µLink SPDIF, and NAD 390DD and getting 192/24
  210. Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPad app
  211. Cutting songs
  212. How to extract DSF files from ISO?
  213. Controlling Mac Player Software - With an ANDROID???
  214. Getting weird with MacBook Pro + DAC performance...
  215. The Audio Optimization Guide For Apple OS X - Mavericks
  216. Amarra and DSD
  217. 16 Bit Not Available in Windows Audio
  218. JRiver Media Centre - Creating new genres
  219. trouble with Audirvana+ 1.5.10 setup with the DSD
  220. Any setup guides available for JRiver for noobies tinkering with DSD?
  221. Computer Audio Design OSX Audio Optimization Script
  222. No sound w/ Mavericks 10.9 & Audirvana+ 1.5.10 & Airfoil 4.8.2b1
  223. Converting Foobar plugin generated DoP file (in FLAC) back to DSF ot to PCM files
  224. Splashtop issue
  225. sacd_extract DSF output problem
  226. Amarra 2.6 Stuttering
  227. Amarra 2.6 "Plain Vanilla" (w/o iRC)
  228. Help with Pure Music
  229. Is it worth it to upgrade from JRiver 18 to 19?
  230. measuring dynamic range, how and with?
  231. iTunes and MF V-DACII sampling questions
  232. M2Tech HiFace Mavericks problem
  233. Converting FLAC to WAV: dBPoweramp causes "clicks" & Foobar doesn't
  234. New iTunes 11.1.3 available
  235. Editing DSF tags - not able to in foobar2000
  236. Downsample hi-res FLAC for CD burning?
  237. My Audirvana+ question
  238. Fidelia 1.3.1
  239. HELP: OS X-- Some of my 0.5TB iTunes Media folder discovered with errors after file copy to 1TB drive.
  240. Streaming audio with Jriver need help
  241. Itunes 11.1.2 constantly hanging
  242. BAD W7 my dac sounds badly noisy kitter all bad
  243. Trying Amarra
  244. Windows 8.1 upgrade changed my audio, sounds really bad now :(
  245. cross platform recording software
  246. encoder help please
  247. Audirvana: No sound if no tv
  248. Issues with combined audio output on Mac Mini (USB and HDMI)
  249. Displaying Chinese and Japanese Character at JRiver
  250. Itunes doesn't show all albums on external hard drive - help please!