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  1. AudioLinux - a new OS for HQPlayer
  2. OSX Mavericks vs Yosemite
  3. Newbie Mac mini, NAD D7020, Amarra sq. volume issues......
  4. Decibel having problems with dsd128 (5.6MHz) files
  5. Merge dsd files any help?
  6. JRiver Media Center DSD Output Question
  7. JPlayStreamer
  8. Is A+ and Amarra falling behind?
  9. Do I need to be concerned about Asio or Wasapi?
  10. Auralic Lightning DS app - won't index library?
  11. NAS + iPad. What software?
  12. Holy crap Batman! Change a little metadata and look at that backup time!
  13. AIFF Encoder in EAC
  14. Extracting Track Listing From Audirvana 2.0 - Is It Possible?
  15. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi
  16. CUE sheet format conversion on MAC
  17. OS2 Audiophile Class Audio Player?
  18. Best Blu Ray PLayback Software?
  19. JRMC Users Do You Use The Ripping And Tagging Features Or Another
  20. JRiver ... Android Edition
  21. Which player for "Album Guys"?
  22. Cyberlink and other regions
  23. How to sync two music files on two independent Jriver libraries
  24. Audirvana Plus and Pandora
  25. MakeMKV
  26. JRiver Media Center 20 on Mac
  27. is "windows media player" good enough for 44.1 k > USB DAC
  28. Pure Music upsampling vs Amarra - is there a way to convert CD files to hi res?
  29. Not sure this is the right sub-forum, but need some help please
  30. Successful HQ Player Embed Install?
  31. No movement in JRemote when play is pressed
  32. Linux Based OS Users - What is your go to reference for Ripping CD's to .WAV/FLAC etc?
  33. Can't Get JRiver20 to Play Tunes
  34. Audirvana shuffles tracks when shuffle is turned off
  35. Player difference
  36. Deadbeef - Lubuntu- Aiff files in Playlist -No Artist / Album info
  37. Decibel vs Audirvana ???
  38. I'm Looking for Better Sound (Mac OS X User)
  39. Audirvana complete newbie
  40. Software to Remove Embedded Art from Flac Files
  41. Anyone else have problems w/ Pure Music using streamthrough?
  42. Album Art, Jacket Notes/Details
  43. Are Amarra 3.0 and Yosemite Compatible
  44. iPad Control of Mac Mini Music?
  45. mpd breaks after shutting off external dac
  46. Using Audirvana or Amarra
  47. Audivarna 2.09 index the library yourself or use Itunes XML?
  48. SACD ISO -> DSF, no clicks?
  49. The truth about bit-perfect and how some audiophiles misunderstand it
  50. The Slim Down
  51. Audirvana support page
  52. Channel balance/gain control for Audirvana Plus
  53. Amarra upgrade question
  54. Audrivana 2.09 making duplicates
  55. JPlay 6 Beta program
  56. Scanning a music library for HDCD encoded tracks/albums
  57. trying to burn a dvd from HDTracks
  58. Apple Remote - help!
  59. Passkey Blu Ray not available for US. Need suggestions
  60. Software library with Amarra
  61. problem with damaged iTunes library
  62. Audirvana 2.0 help needed
  63. PCM to DSD Upsample Playback Issue
  64. FAT partition for Amarra Music library
  65. Album files don't show up in iTunes
  66. Audirvana + Airport Express
  67. MediaTomb for Linux Mint 17.1
  68. quick (or maybe not) question - jriver vs Volumio
  69. Best player on OSX Yosemite in terms of SQ?
  70. Metadatics
  71. Audirvana not responding?
  72. Instruments changing position using Amarra or HQPlayer with EMM Labs DAC 2x
  73. PureMusic & Audirvana co-existing on one system
  74. Help with BitPefect and Apple TV
  75. Writing some software - does anyone use WAV files?
  76. Virus protection for Windows server 2012?
  77. Audirvana 2.09 DSD cutting out
  78. PM 2.03 released
  79. Install music player on external hard drive?
  80. Digital volume control (Audirvana, HQP, Amarra): Good to use?
  81. Audirvana + 2.0: ANY real change in sound quality or is it just about the new iTunes-like skin?
  82. DN2800MT to windows server 2012, what BIOS and specific drivers?
  83. anyone here ever dare use the EQ in itunes?
  84. Best way to feed my Metrum Octave II
  85. Optimizing PC sound with free softs
  86. Itunes 12.1
  87. Resampler-V SRC for Foobar
  88. using cue files in foobar2000
  89. Can Audirvana Plus play DVD Audio ISO files?
  90. toslink optical connection has intermittent hum
  91. Master License for JRiver Media Center at a Reduced Price
  92. FLAC Player
  93. Stream JRiver to Android using mobile network?
  94. KaiserTone - iOS HiRes Audio Player
  95. Audirvana 2's iPad app
  96. Determining Offset Correction for Drive with no listing
  97. HQ Player and JPlay Review on CA
  98. "Soap Opera" Effect or the equivalent in Audio?
  99. Jriver supporters are very hostile for some reason...
  100. Remove Display Driver Improves Audio Quality Greatly!
  101. Use Audio Enhancers with Losses Music??
  102. Backing up blu rays
  103. AUDIOPHILE OPTIMIZER 1.3 Further Optimization
  104. Amarra only letting me use 3GB of RAM
  105. EasyTag support for dsf files added
  106. Audivarna 2.0 and file organization
  107. A+ Users: What OS are you using?
  108. DSD Playtback in JRiver
  109. HQplayer the friendly way (and stream Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify...)
  110. DLNA/DSD on a Marantz NA8005 network streamer NOT WORKING with JRiver 20
  111. 4K Blu ray player software
  112. Stream radio from NAS with MinimServer
  113. FLAC to WAV conversion file size?
  114. rewriter
  115. Audirvana Hardware/OS Optimisation
  116. XLD error message
  117. Fidelizer features explanation
  118. Qobuz Desktop App vs Kodi/XBMC Qobuz plugin vs LMS Qobuz plugin
  119. Not all tracks showing up in Audirvana
  120. mpeg4 problems
  121. .TOC and .2CH to SACD-R
  122. Suggested improvements to J River for 2015
  123. How to play DTS 5.1 on Mac?
  124. HQPlayer combined with JPLAY
  125. Recommend Computer Benchmark Software
  126. Audivarna integrated with iTunes v1.5.10
  127. Amarra OSX optimization script, I suspect it does nothing.
  128. Newbie Server/Player and Jriver Questions
  129. DFF to DSF (Native) Conversation on Windows
  130. A Fresh Definition of Audiophile Software for the Benefit of New Users
  131. Transferring tags and album covers from one set of files to another in JRiver
  132. audirvana+ 2.0 won't recognize new files
  133. Praising Linn's Kazoo
  134. Best PC Audio Software Operating System Optimisation and Players
  135. CPU under performing when rendering audio
  136. Pure Music 2 question/help?
  137. I am not sure if this is an Amarra problem or not...
  138. MediaHuman Audio Converter
  139. No Tracks - Audirvana
  140. PCM Upsampling to DSD in JRiver on Mac Mini
  141. Audirvana 2.0.6 Equalizer preset save function
  142. xld album art
  143. Upsampling TIDAL or other streaming service...possible?
  144. DSD to PCM Conversion
  145. Alternatives to JRiver on Windows (with ASIO output for JPlay)
  146. Searching for PC audio player
  147. JRiver Media Center 20.0.45 Is Out
  148. Onkyo HF Player File Transfer Problem
  149. Does PlugPlayer download files to iOS?
  150. DSD volume level- J River 20
  151. A+ 1.5.4
  152. Batch Convert to Mp3?
  153. Amarra Sym title scrolling
  154. amarra SQ version 2.0
  155. Request a refund from JRiver
  156. A+ 2.0 & Mac Mini & Single/Multithread
  157. Dayton UMM-6 Microphone
  158. jriver as a backup
  159. Audirvana 2.0 Question
  160. Bit perfect video player?
  161. JRiver version 20.0.44
  162. Why XLD and not iTunes for ripping?
  163. Audirvana Plus SQ: 2.0.6 vs. 1.5.10
  164. MPDroid 1.07 released
  165. Anyone using BitPerfect
  166. JRMC for Mac versus Win7/Boot Camp
  167. Maddening Audirvana playlist problem (in 1.5.10).
  168. Re-organizing music files when the folder structure is lost...
  169. New XLD software available!
  170. Audirvana tips, techniques, feedback
  171. SACD ISO converting
  172. For Yosemite Users
  173. HQ player settings with iFI Micro DSD
  174. Article: 6 Free Software Every Audiophile Should Download
  175. Windows 10 will support FLAC audio
  176. A+ 2.0 Deleting Tracks
  177. JRemote 3.10 released
  178. Pono Music Software
  179. Poll: should JRiver remove the JPlay is a hoax warnings from their JRMC product?
  180. Young Dac Yosemite probme
  181. Ponophile: DSD to PCM conversion
  182. Preferred Ripping format
  183. Windows alternative to j river?
  184. Different OSX versions, different sound quality? Older is much better?
  185. Is it worth upgrading to JRMC on OSX?
  186. Browsing album art...
  187. Help with Audirvana + itunes
  188. JRiver on Mac running Windows?
  189. HQ Player Test
  190. Dsd Myth: Busted !
  191. Apple Remote - gone backwards?
  192. Pure Music 2.0
  193. Player Software with (realtime) PCM to DSD conversion
  194. Best Android Player
  195. How to remove AACS encryption from bluray and rip audio?
  196. Using JRiver to manage music in microSD cards?
  197. New Version of XLD.. support DSD
  198. Sound Magic Serenade DAW DXD/DSD512
  199. DSD2FLAC on mac... Can't get it to work
  200. Poll: Audirvana Plus 2.0.4 or JRiver 20 for MAC??
  201. Cover art not showing in Foobar2000/Columns UI (DSF files).
  202. Interesting article on the future of Itunes
  203. iTunes 12 and Artwork (Hints and tips)
  204. What's a better syncing app than Goodsync for padded files?
  205. Audirvana 2 Strange Behaviour
  206. Accuracy of rips by XLD and dbpoweramp for Mac?
  207. Itunes: Do you let it sort your files or not?
  208. Lossless Streaming services (Qobuz/WiMP-Tidal)
  209. Late 2012 vs Late 2014 mac Mini Question
  210. Air Login Remote
  211. Yate vs. Meta vs. Metadatics
  212. CD to FLAC (for Mac)
  213. Dirac noise
  214. iso2dvd doesn't launch on two macs, what's up?
  215. Amarra Update?
  216. Audirvana volume control - need explanation
  217. JRemote 3.09 available
  218. How to use TIDAL with JRiver (Mac) and external DAC?
  219. Sonore ISO2Dsd
  220. Yosemite and MPD - "connection refused"
  221. Audirvana 2.0.2 + M2Tech EVO DAC problem
  222. AIFF tagging problems
  223. Cantata MPD client - can't find cover art - Auraliti PK100
  224. Question on my configuration
  225. Amarra re-design concept
  226. Amarra re-design concept
  227. Why would I want to use Minimserver, it seems to be total PITA...
  228. Great tagging on mac? Yate!
  229. HQPlayer and Cubox-i
  230. HQ Player and Lampi DSD DAC
  231. Official OS X Yosemite Thread
  232. Which version of A+ and iTunes should I use on older Mac Mini?
  233. Scripted tagging app on mac?
  234. JRemote w JRMC 20 on mac
  235. MusiCHI - Columns specific to genre?
  236. Apple People vs. Microsoft People....
  237. OSX Optimisation from scratch
  238. GeekPerfect Playback Software for Mac
  239. Jriver 20 for Mac and Fiio X3
  240. DSD + Audirvana 1.5.12 (I Screwed Up)
  241. Jriver 20: WDM sighting?
  242. Better Rename on sale for $2 in OS X App Store
  243. JRemote 3.08 Small artwork
  244. Help me understand embedding artwork and the use of fodder.jpg or cover .jpg within the file
  245. Mac Mini setting for improved sound quality
  246. What's your assessment of SOUND QUALITY of amarra 3.0 (the basic thing, not IRC or whatever)
  247. New Windows 9/TH
  248. Audirvana+ 2.02
  249. Need Help. Major crash of JRiver 20 For Mac
  250. DVD Audio Extractor - Questions on choosing Titles, How do I understand Title Differences?