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  1. HQPlayer License - Switching to new computer
  2. Upgrading Audirvana +
  3. OOYH Software for Mac
  4. iTunes update dilemma
  5. Music Videos, Chapters and Metadata
  6. Roon remote loses library
  7. DVD Audio Extractor and Audio Resoluttion on Concert DVDs
  8. Multiple libraries with different resolutions
  9. Need help with Ponoplayer software and DLNA control
  10. Audirvana Direct Mode?
  11. Question about HQplayer processor usage
  12. Audirvana DSD Suspended!
  13. HQPlayer with Apple Lossless files?
  14. Does your ROON Core system really need alot of resources while streaming audio? - Lets Compare
  15. Viewing PDF Liner Notes / Booklets In JRemote
  16. HQplayer PCM to DSD, please help a clueless newbie.
  17. loading times for ROON and Amarra for TIDAL/?about A+2.5/?HQPlayer
  18. MQA audio software windows 10 compatible?
  19. Audirvana Plus 2.5 outputting 7.1 signal all the time
  20. Roon Multichannel Playback - Request for Feedback and Suggestions
  21. Itunes 12.4
  22. HQPlayer + Roon = No Audio
  23. Best Mac OS app for playing DVD rips?
  24. Is it possible to batch convert multiple flac folders?
  25. Audirvana+ 2.5 with iTunes Shared Library
  26. Recommended Audirvana+ 2.5 SRC settings for Schiit Bifrost 4490 DAC and Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC
  27. Sox (updated by mansr)
  28. Anyone runs Roon on Win Server 2012 Std R2 ?
  29. Dirac + Room Treatments
  30. Need Help With Audirvana Questions
  31. A+2.5 vs ROON vs ROON + HQPLAER
  32. problem with audirvana - need help
  33. HQPlayer + Roon vs. iTunes + Pure Music
  34. Raw DSD and Linux. I'm confused...
  35. DVDAudio extractor
  36. notes about my hqplayer ride
  37. Foobar help?
  38. Safe Driver Download
  39. Windows 2012R/HQPlayer and Audiophile Optimizer
  40. Best players '2016
  41. Sq roon v jriver
  42. Fresh Install of Windows Server 2012 R2
  43. Audirvana Plus 2.5.1 with PCM->DSD Conversion
  44. MinimServer Control Point for Ipad and PS Audio Bridge II
  45. Duplicate tracks in some folders
  46. Windows10 tweak for wasapi only
  47. In A+ DSD over PCM standard 1.0
  48. Positive Feedback Review of JPLAY
  49. Flac encoder for Windows 10 64 bit
  50. Splitting DSD files in only the DSD domain?
  51. XMOS USB and MPD and Linux
  52. Audirvana Plus 2.5 with Tidal
  53. Should I consolidate files in iTunes
  54. Disappointed with roon license structure
  55. Concurrent HQ Player and Roon Functionality Query.
  56. is MQA the new BetaMax?
  57. Does HQPlayer ONLY Upsample with no option not to?
  58. Duplicate songs, drastically different volume levels?
  59. Roon Membership - Annual or Lifetime?
  60. AUDIRVANA + VER.1.5.10 is STILL the BEST
  61. Roon v1.2 Update Is Huge (in a good way)!
  62. HQPlayer: Settings for jazz, Mac Mini
  63. Software to help correct file naming/tags
  64. Using XLD to convert ALAC and AIFF files to FLAC and maintain album art and metadata
  65. HQPlayer and Ubuntu Studio 16.04
  66. Dff2dsf
  67. Redbook playback with HQ Player (PCM or DSD)
  68. Occasional High-Pitched Whine/Shrillness in Audirvana 2.4
  69. Audirvana Plus 2.2.4 Crashing
  70. Pure Music Version 3.0 vs Audirvana Plus 2 or Other Music Playback Software for Mac Mini Server
  71. Yosemite, M2Tech Young Dac, Audirvana reverts to Built-in-speakers and or the Mac to HDMI or Built-in-Speakers
  72. Roon Users: Can you listen with your remote device?
  73. ROON what a nightmare for me.
  74. Older applications not being updated to run on new Operating Systems. What to do?
  75. Optical, USB, Integer Mode, rambling about players and adjustments
  76. SQ of Audirvana Plus 2.4 vs. previous versions
  77. Restoring an ID
  78. Question Regarding Support For AIFF Files In JRemote
  79. JRiver Media Centre for Mac
  80. Audirvana Plus 2 & A+ Remote feature requests
  81. Legit Comparison of JPlay versus Other Players
  82. Linux for the Audiophile - Snakeoil OS
  83. Amarra
  84. 64bit multistage algorithm - DSD to PCM
  85. iOS 9.3 Upgrade - Big Trouble
  86. Audirvana 2.4 + remote app 1.5
  87. Windows 8 vs 10
  88. PEQ for MPD
  89. Using the Play/Pause Forward/Backward Buttons on an Apple Keyboard to Control Fidelity
  90. Audirvana 2.3.3 - no more DSF?
  91. How to convert SACD ISO images to PCM without pops between tracks
  92. XLD with more than one transport?
  93. Volumio - do I need it ??
  94. Can iTunes or JRiver produce a list of albums in the database?
  95. You can purchase FLAC music files from Tidal
  96. Best Music Player
  97. wtfplay
  98. JRiver Amazon Echo Integration
  99. windows media player
  100. What are your favorite HQP upsample & filter/modulator settings for iFI iDSD (nano or micro)?
  101. how to rip my CD-s from an external player's digital out?
  102. HQPlayer networkaudiod Batch File Query
  103. Dynamic Decompression?
  104. Which platform should I choose?
  105. Anyone using Roon on CAD script optimized Mac mini
  106. Convert playlist in J River to MP3
  107. I now own all of the Major playback software for Mac...
  108. Audirvana & replaygain
  109. Mpad - can't get it to see the mpd active on my music server
  110. Audirvana with Highresaudio integration
  111. Advice
  112. HQPlayer with Roon vs standalone sound quality
  113. El Capitain for Mac and Chordette Qute Ex
  114. FYI...Linn Kazoo control point app for Android with Minimserver and Jplaystreamer
  115. 16 vs 24 bit ? Playback settings ?
  116. Software to find basic Equalizer Data base of a song
  117. What do you use for editing and/or splitting music files?
  118. Lumin App not showing Tidal tag
  119. Audirvana - some general questions from newbie
  120. Problem iInstalling PC Version of TIDAL
  121. Best software to finish ripping 1000 cd's
  122. Cover Art Software for Mac
  123. JRiver audio device output
  124. Transferring digital library from a PC Window Media Player to Mac (El Capitan)
  125. Would like to upgrade from iTunes but need to sync and play on an iPhone
  126. Best Nvidia CUDA Card for HQPlayer
  127. Remote Desktop + USB Dac
  128. roon Remote App 1.1.00099 Released
  129. Just cleared 10,000 tracks!
  130. HQPlayer - Favorite settings?
  131. Dual PC's Config Tuto
  132. iTunes and Album Art
  133. Audible differences between Squeezelite and MPD?
  134. New Update for iOS from Apple, 9.2.1
  135. Audio optimizations on bit-perfect playback demonstration
  136. I Need Cross Feed For Mac OSX
  137. Audirvana 2.3.3 QS
  138. Onkyo hf player iOS
  139. New Apple USB Superdrive and XLD - detecting prep taking longer than previously
  140. Audio Drivers for Win 7 ? Nvidia & MS ?
  141. Amara for Tidal 2.0
  142. Unlocking native app performance by disabling UAC completely
  143. Exact Audio Copy problems with Windows10
  144. Small but confusing problem with JRiver19
  145. Getting started. Help!
  146. XISRC upsample software
  147. jriver causing PEAKING on Marantz sr7001
  148. Help with JRMC 19 stutter/latency issues
  149. Problem with Audirvana Plus and Integer Mode
  150. Songkong
  151. How - Shuffle all songs in Lumin Control App?
  152. Audirvana+ problem: random muting
  153. Plex
  154. Onkyo HF Player for Android
  155. Audirvana 2.3 Weird Library Behavior
  156. Hq player
  157. MinimServer - Superlative support from Simon Nash
  158. How Do You Undo Audirvana "System Optimization" Volume Controls???
  159. JRiver for Mac "Media Center 21 Quit Unexpectedly" since 21.0.25
  160. intermittent stops in DSD playback JRiver Linux
  161. Version 3.0 of Lightning Streaming Platform From Auralic
  162. Windows 8.1 Admin Password Reset
  163. iTunes downsample to iPhone?
  164. Audirvana 2.3 with Qobuz Integration
  165. Hysolid - New Free Software with DSD 256 Playback
  166. piCorePlayer = piCore Linux + Raspberry Pi + Squeezelite
  167. Audirvana Plus crashed and won't run
  168. Audirvana plus - slow loading times
  169. Roon / HQPlayer Integration
  170. Amarra Symphony and Audirvana crash after El Capitan upgrade
  171. How to achieve bit perfect running foobar2000 under Wine in Mac 10.11
  172. Anyone know how to disable Windows 10 Updates?
  173. A+ Fail, Yate Fail, MacMini2009(4GB) Fail or More Likely User Fail
  174. Preferred PicorePlayer Build List?
  175. Audirvana Dynamic Range plugin
  176. What? Ffp not reliable??
  177. Amarra Tidal quits unexpectedly
  178. Searching for an app
  179. iTunes 12.3.2 has been released...
  180. JRMC21 from JRMC20...
  181. Experience with JRiver Internal Volume?
  182. Remote control iTunes on an Mac mini from another mac
  183. El Capitan 10.11.2 released
  184. Slimming down Windows 10 installation experiment
  185. Tascam Hi-Res Editor (dsdapp.exe error)
  186. Ripping and Playback Software Question
  187. Windows to Linux. Considering the change.
  188. Help Get Roon to Add Dithered Volume Control
  189. Hi Res Audio and Linux Mint
  190. Teac HR Audio Player finally has support for El Capitan!
  191. Problem with mpd => Yulong DA8 DAC
  192. QNAP and JRiver Media Center
  193. XLD now converts to DSD64 and DSD128
  194. MPad and iTunes
  195. Media Monkey Does Noy Play AIFF
  196. Sound Quality of Win 7 Vs Win 10
  197. Roon Labs discount offer for new gift subscriptions
  198. JRiver on MAC saving new view!!!
  199. Best Music Server App/Software
  200. Audirvana Plus 2.2.5 Audio Units set Up
  201. Dynamic Range readings from Jriver...
  202. Whats's New in A+ 2.2.5
  203. Any body tried Musoware with HQ-Player?
  204. Audirvana: is System Optimizer Extreme priority always preferred?
  205. Contracting for a custom Linux driver
  206. iTunes 12.3 Nightmare: Apple replacing all my HQ tracks with 256kbps!
  207. PLaying 4xDSD on foobar
  208. alternative to jriver: no support
  209. Amarra SQ+
  210. Convert from iTunes to JRiver
  211. Audirvana+ playback stuttering
  212. Volumio as second OS
  213. JRiver custom metadata SYMBOL?
  214. Audirvana and iTunes problem
  215. Ramdisk Software
  216. Issue Handing Special Characters with XLD and El Capitan?
  217. I Keep Geting A SELECT A LUMIN Message
  218. OSX Optimizer and El Capitan
  219. Mac OS X players that can read SACD ISOs?
  220. Look for advise on Iphone 6s Video and photo beautifier
  221. repeat topic: sacd ISO -> DSF conversion without clicks
  222. Pure Music is giving me astonishing Dynamic Range readings.
  223. Roon on Mac
  224. Spotify premium - no audible difference in sound quality.. Help?
  225. Using Foobar instead of Korg AudioGate for DSD upsampling
  226. HQ Player: So I guess you are at your own if you buy HQ Player
  227. Software to verify Sampling rate
  228. Better USB audio quality with later versions of OS X?
  229. DSD256 Playback Mac
  230. Difference in JRiver under Playing Now of a Renderer versus a Server.
  231. Tablet UI for elderly (for remote PC -> USB D2A)
  232. HQPlayer: Need help with some basic functionaity.
  233. Software that increases dynamics
  234. foobar2000: ASIO vs. WASAPI - I have huge background hiss playing music
  235. Best Software for PCM Multibit DACs?
  236. linn kazoo
  237. Audirvana Problem
  238. ASUS Essence ST sound card makes clinking sound when iTunes opens
  239. Adobe: Aftermaster
  240. FLAC Question
  241. JPLAY license?
  242. Spotify
  243. Mac control question
  244. Audirvana Plus and El Capitan do not work well.
  245. Fidelizer : License unlock?
  246. Pure Music has released a point update to 3.0.3
  247. Amarra remote
  248. Managing Genres In Your Library. How varied do you get?
  249. MultiRoom Audio With JRiver problem
  250. Burning 24/96 FLAC files to playable DVD-R