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  1. wma lossless on a PC to AIFF on a Mac
  2. WMP11 HDCD indicator not lighting up.
  3. Max and FLAC 24bit/96khz to ALAC 24bit/96khz Conversion - Fixed!
  4. Saving 16 Bit Files As 24 Bit
  5. rip dvd audio
  6. Foobar2000 take 10mins to process my 176.4 wav files.
  7. MediaMonkey woes once again...
  8. Need Help playing 24/192 files
  9. Has anybody checked bit perfect output of iTunes 8 on a PC?
  10. My MP3s will not play on my new computer??
  11. HRx and J River---no go? What now?
  12. AIFF on Media Monkey?
  13. Question about EAC
  14. Digitizing my Vinyl collection
  15. How to keep AIFF and MP3 in same Itunes library.
  16. Mac Audio Devices All Gone!
  17. Newbie: Needs a Little Help!
  18. My XP laptop sounds BETTER than a Mac Book - Read !!!!
  19. Switching from Windows Media Player to MediaMonkey: Questions
  20. itunes window size problems
  21. Is Media Monkey w/wav_out bypassink kmixer in xp?
  22. iTunes: multiple users on one iMac and (ideally) one Library
  23. ASIO4ALL, gapless playback & MediaMonkey
  24. Kent Poon's Hi-rez DVDr "Audiophile Jazz Prologue #3"
  25. PC Player with a good integration of directory browsing
  26. a better iTunes for large libraries?
  27. a better iTunes for large libraries?
  28. a better iTunes for large libraries?
  29. Where in iTunes are the art files
  30. RIAA EQ via traditional preamp or post-pro in software?
  31. Need to clarify some questions
  32. Multi Format Rippers...?
  33. Ripping on MACs
  34. Conversion of .wav files without loss of soundquality?
  35. Itunes Library
  36. USB ASIO driver - Is it worth the cost?
  37. What are people using to play audio dvd's on pc's with xp?
  38. Parametric EQ within MAC OS X
  39. Newbie. Music monkey issue w/HRx
  40. Linux: CD ripper / music player: has a point been made?
  41. Lynx Drivers and Firmware
  42. Anyone using Tuneup?
  43. best audio format for itunes
  44. Do i need to run Asio with pc?
  45. Which OS sounds Better for Audiophiles, "XP or Vista"?
  46. Wireless Control of A/V Receiver via Macbook Pro
  47. Hey Chris, I've been having ongoing trouble with the Shuffle function.
  48. Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to copy (very) scratched CDs
  49. Quick question re. ASIO latency....
  50. Is iTunes bitperfect on a Mac mini ?
  51. iTunes 8.02 sound problems...
  52. hello to everyone and question on ASIO/windows volume
  53. Max Settings for Itunes Importing
  54. Best Way To Backup CDs, import .wav files to Itunes
  55. Max Problems with itunes
  56. VLC for audio playback - I hope I'm not imaging it?
  57. ...and HARDWARE? (:O)
  58. Which platform provides the best playback fidelity - Audiophile Grade?
  59. Airport Express Q
  60. iTunes & Airport Express Issues
  61. Clasisic Records DAD24/96 Rip
  62. Itunes Rip Error Correction
  63. iTunes AppleScripts
  64. Winamp tip: Switch on 24 bit
  65. mediamonkey asio plugin
  66. FLAC/CUE >> ALAC separate tracks
  67. kmixer, windows and a pain in the head!
  68. MediaMonkey Always Downsamples to 44.1
  69. Two iTunes questions
  70. This may seem stupid to some....
  71. AAC 256 bit rate, 44.1 sample rate iTunes download sounds better than 44.1 sample rate, 14.1 bit rate AIFF file
  72. Max help
  73. mediamonkey output plugin
  74. Are All Audio DVD Authoring software created equal?
  75. iTunes and storing your music files on a central server...
  76. best media player mac / pc
  77. Best Sounding Sample Rate Converter (SRC) for PC
  78. Metadata for itunes
  79. Output settings
  80. Cmp and Cplay
  81. 24 bit usb audio?
  82. Hi, a little Itunes help needed
  83. Mac Newbie Question
  84. Winamp and High Resolution Audio, some tracks won't play
  85. Ripping SACDs in itunes
  86. Measuring Speaker Performance
  87. What software are you using for cd covers in itunes?
  88. Import and reading iTunes
  89. Problems with Front Row
  90. EAC WAV to iTunes AIFF
  91. AIF format issues in iTunes and Media Monkey
  92. Can i burn wav files to a dvd-r uncompressed using media monkey?
  93. Good article on digital music, CD's, EAC etc
  94. This board software
  95. Foobar, Super Pro 707 USB Dac, Asio noise/dropouts
  96. Occasional problems with ripping CDs
  97. eac not reconizing songs and album
  98. Foobar, Terrabyte HD and music server (organzing music)
  99. Newbie Questions / Just want to listen to good music!
  100. itunes/foobar/windows2000
  101. Missing Album Artwork
  102. 24/96 and iTunes
  103. itunes volume
  104. iTunes Sound Check question
  105. Max or XLD?
  106. Ripping in Max
  107. Urgent advice for beginner
  108. ITunes and Foobar 2k
  109. Does it always have to be lossless?
  110. Burning copies that sound better than original CDs
  111. Digital parametric EQ
  112. Foobar Setup- problem of keeping the Foobar library updated
  113. New member - Would appreciate direction please
  114. Audio measurement software
  115. How does Apple lossless work?
  116. Max flac to aiff
  117. I Finally Switched
  118. Importing random song selections to an ipod
  119. Changing album details in itunes
  120. question about sound normalize
  121. iTunes artwork for wav files
  122. itunes and external hard drive
  123. itunes volume control
  124. Play FLAC in iTunes
  125. Unstable iTunes Music folder location with multiple iTunes libraries
  126. Two ITunes Librarys - one for HiFi one for Portable.
  127. Which rip is right?
  128. What is the best software to rip cd's to aiff on a pc?
  129. iTunes Helper apps
  130. Export
  131. DVD-A ripping
  132. Advice on itunes for a UK starter!
  133. Rip DVD-A on Mac
  134. Itunes/Frontrow .... multiroom ...... different song capabilites!
  135. Alternative to Audacity
  136. No ASIO In Itunes
  137. iTunes Volume Control on OS X
  138. Apple to Offer iTunes Remote Control App for iPhone and iPod Touch
  139. Check this out!
  140. iTunes Freezing when ripping
  141. Merging iTunes Libraries
  142. A recommendation for audio software on the Mac
  143. Mac equivalent of Daemon Tools for mounting virtual drives
  144. The sound of "digitizing" software
  145. Chris help!! - iTunes conversion
  146. Alloysoft's Signals: a heap of problems
  147. Tagging AIFF
  148. Which flavor of Vista?
  149. Move to Mac? Maybe, if it's easy......
  150. iTunes Shuffle (cooler than I thought)
  151. Ripping audio from a DVD?
  152. Ha! Music From Windows XP & 98 Sounds Only
  153. EAC use regarding .WAV compression
  154. XXHighEnd Application
  155. Auto-Tune Abuse in Pop Music
  156. Using Itunes
  157. Edit Duplicate iTunes Genre
  158. FixTunes looks like a dream come true. Is there a catch?
  159. Best Sounding Software?
  160. Another iTunes 7.5 bug detected...
  161. One iTunes Library Multiple Hard Drives
  162. Worlds Largest iTunes Library
  163. VLC for Mac OS X
  164. Mac OS X iTunes Replacement
  165. FLAC on Mac OS X