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  1. Print List
  2. Pure Music Question
  3. Cleaning up Genres on iTunes
  4. Anything new on the DVD/DVDA music ripping techniques or software?
  5. iTunes problem. Does not start. Please help!
  6. iTunes keep changing my media files location
  7. Rookie w/ JRMC copy/archive questions
  8. J River cover art from iTunes
  9. iPhone app for media players
  10. Volume Normalization
  11. Play (OS X)
  12. hiFace v1.03 & WASAPI
  13. high res Apple Lossless?
  14. Twilight & Amarra 2: disappeared?
  15. iTunesRemoteControl
  16. FLAC on the Mac with Remote Control Options
  17. Astound Sound
  18. I am converted to using Mac for music playback!
  19. I like iTunes
  20. Ambiophonic Audio... anyone?
  21. Tool to change sample rate of FLAC's for Windows
  22. Media players comparision
  23. MM, Asio, HFX mini, Lynx AES 16, Alpha DAC...
  24. Album Player
  25. Knowing bit rate and khz specs of Blurays and DVD's before purchase
  26. XLD help please
  27. XLD help please
  28. How Do I Load HRX DVD-R Data Disc On To My Music Server
  29. How do I rip 24/96 DVDA to FLAC?
  30. JRiver Media Center Problems Solved
  31. How do I convert 24 bit WAV to 24 bit FLAC?
  32. J River Media - Touch Screen Capable
  33. A first test and some food for audio thought
  34. Applescript to convert iTunes playlist to m3u playlist
  35. Struggling with J.River Media Center & Plugplayer
  36. Pure Music Rollback?
  37. iTune's equalizer window
  38. Pure Vinyl with Apogee Duet
  39. iTunes, Apple Audio Midi: newbie question
  40. AIFF with a sample rate of 48000kHz ??
  41. Not happy with I-tunes sound quality, suggestions?
  42. iTunes refusing to import/add music to library
  43. Spectrum Analyzers
  44. Amarra 2.0 Preview At AES
  45. Syncing files based only on changes to file tags
  46. Pure Music vs mac mini system requirements?
  47. Music software for Mac Mini
  48. iTunes DPSPlugin
  49. Most of HD Tracks.com seem to be in FLAC Only
  50. Configure ReClock for bit perfect with WMP
  51. Topic Withdrawn
  52. music playing software for Mac mini, recommendations?
  53. .aif in JRMC
  54. Itunes undate takes so long to update Itunes Library
  55. J.River Media Center 15 is out, anyone tried?
  56. Amarra mini - how does it actually work?
  57. Itunes and loss of music
  58. iTunes song skipping does not work
  59. advice on good programs for converting cassette tapes to digital audio
  60. advice on good programs for converting cassette tapes to digital audio
  61. Apple releases iTunes 9.1 with support for iPad
  62. SQ degradation in file conversion?
  63. HELP: Al cheapo laptop fails to run ASIO4ALL and WASAPI
  64. ?marra vs Pure Vinyl 3 months Later
  65. Cover Flow does not work
  66. Issue with Pure Music
  67. Non Destructive Level Matching?
  68. jriver JUKEBOX
  69. iTunes and pauses between CD tracks
  70. Errors in Ripping CD's
  71. CD Freezing While Ripping With XLD
  72. Multiple Outout Formats with dBpoweramp
  73. WAV files won't accept missing art replacement in iTunes 9.03, OSX Snow Leopard
  74. How to Stream Internet Radio using Pure Music????
  75. Pure Music Player
  76. Audiophile opnion needed - Better Sound Quality.
  77. Good place to buy Mac OS 10.5 cheap?
  78. Adding cover art myself: sub standard quality
  79. WMA 160kbps from Classical Archives
  80. WMA 160kbps from Classical Archives
  81. DVD Audio Explorer help
  82. Impressions of Pure Music vs Amarra?
  83. (1st post) Wow, what a difference Vista64/Itunes made vs SnowLeopard/Itunes
  84. Amarra Is Offically A Thing of the Past.....Thanks To Pure Vinyl's New Pure Music for just $99
  85. Pure Music
  86. Can I use JRiver with M2Tech Hiface?
  87. Problems accurately copying iTunes library
  88. Anyone Using Ecoute?
  89. Succesful DVD Conversion
  90. Itunes Import art problem
  91. Ripping Hirez from blu-ray
  92. ? on Itunes labeling for files ripped from DVD-A
  93. Question about log files
  94. DVDA question
  95. DVDa Explorer Question
  96. noob with WIN7
  97. MediaMonkey: Remote Speaker Output vs. Airfoil?
  98. Maximum iTunes Library Size?
  99. "Pops" between tracks when using itunes to rip CDs
  100. A basic question about XLD
  101. Finding corrupt music files
  102. Batch ripping in itunes
  103. Need help on how to get audio track only off DVD for Mac
  104. TVersity
  105. Itunes on Mac vs. Pc
  106. AIFF ain't AIFF
  107. Massive problem after creating second iTunes library
  108. Is J.River WASAPI incompatible with Benchmark DAC1?
  109. Which metadata management software?
  110. iTunes volume
  111. Audio Player Software Wiki
  112. New mpd feature = cleaner signal
  113. Pure Vinyl Volume Control
  114. I figured out how to get soundflower to work at 88,176 and 192 sample rates...and what I want in a OSX music player
  115. iTunes and Apple Remote
  116. Using 2 drives with iTunes
  117. ripping to i-tunes
  118. Foobar DEL 820 3G Memory, XP Pro/SP3, ASIO4ALL, problem with setup and Proton
  119. iTunes, sharing, NAS and that kind of thing
  120. Foobar 2000 and AIFF
  121. WAV file tagging and artwork in iTunes (Guide)
  122. Need recs -Easy Vinyl ripping solution for Mac
  123. foobar2000 Album Art - Sometimes there, sometimes not
  124. Combining iTunes Libraries
  125. RazorLame 1.1.5/LAME 3.98.2 comparison to dBpoweramp Music Converter
  126. Twilight?
  127. dts-hd (24bit/192kHz) into wav (24bit/192kHz) - (pixies - minotaur)
  128. Bit perfect with Windows 7 Media Centre
  129. Need an all in one video converter software!
  130. Lynx AES16e SynchroLock
  131. Play - higher sample rates
  132. JRiver Set UP
  133. Foobar2000 app for iTouch/iPhone
  134. Testing the Genesis CD Burning Theory
  135. Converting FLAC to WAV questions
  136. Converting FLAC to AIFF with MAX
  137. How to copy Chesky Records disk
  138. Converting wav files in iTunes to AAIF to allow tagging in iTunes, Possible ?
  139. Pure Vinyl sample rate switching with Weiss DAC2
  140. How to Rip DVD and Convert Video on Mac OS X?
  141. Pure Vinyl Impressions and volume dithering (advanced settings)
  142. Pure Vinyl 3 Gapless Issue Solved
  143. MP3+Cue lossless split in MAC
  144. My listening "impressions" of Pure Vinyl
  145. Continued issue with PV not playing AIFF files
  146. Problems directly accessing iTUnes library upon start-up
  147. Mac music player software - Play, PV, Itunes and system resources/configuration
  148. How to convert DRM protected music and movies to MP4/AVI/MOV/MP3/WMV/AAC...
  149. How to convert my ALAC music files saved in my PC to WAV?
  150. alternatives to itunes
  151. More on the sound of Pure Vinyl, and time to Play
  152. One Person's Journey: The Software
  153. Any Inexpensive Products to Compare with Amarra at this time
  154. My initial experience with Amarra Mini
  155. A New and very good AccurateRip software on Mac: RIP
  156. Why no formal Amarra review from CA?
  157. Volume in Foobar2k
  158. Some newbie questions re Amarra
  159. my initial experience with Pure Vinyl
  160. How to Transfer SMS/ Contacts for Windows Mobile Phone
  161. Amarra sound enhancement
  162. Converting from 24/192 to 24/96
  163. Rowmote
  164. MAX vs. iTunes 9 in Snow Leopard
  165. iTunes Library
  166. Anyone tried Samplitude 11?
  167. Help with Max
  168. Total Mix and Solo Buttons RME 9632
  169. Best way to manage multiple versions of songs in iTunes
  170. Unable to rip CD to WAV format using Vista/WMP 11.
  171. Inspecting Audio File Properties (sample rate, bit depth)
  172. Wasapi Foobar Popping Help, please
  173. Unmapped Drive
  174. Potential Snow Leopard Tip
  175. what is the best sounding media center software
  176. How to convert WAV files with CUE sheets to FLAC without re-ripping
  177. Max Ripping & Tagging
  178. Amarra 1.2 Available for Download
  179. How do you select an iTunes library on a PC?
  180. Ripping methodology dbPoweramp vs. Max
  181. Best sound from Windows 7
  182. Benefits of Ripping with XLD versus iTunes
  183. Ripping files with 24 bits on Mac
  184. High resolution Audio Playback from Video Layer of DVDs
  185. Christmas Festival's sales of 40% off for iPod to computer/iTunes transfer
  186. How to disable journaling on a mac HD
  187. Pure Vinyl versus Amarra
  188. JRiver Client
  189. Confused and frustrated by PC options
  190. ITunes and user acounts
  191. MediaMonkey new release 3.2
  192. Using McIntosh 300 Servers with a MacBook Pro
  193. Understanding iTunes Cataloguing Logic
  194. Verify Bit Perfect Playback iTunes9 OS X 10.6?
  195. Windows 7 and J. River or Snow Leopard?
  196. iTunes Album Art
  197. Lizard King has a Mac - Alert the media!
  198. DAC losing SPDIF signal when I spark my gas stove!!!! Please help
  199. iTunify
  200. J. River and wav cover art
  201. iTunes Bit Perfect tests in OS X
  202. DVD-Video audio extractor
  203. An Experiment for Mac Users
  204. New here
  205. Software to convert 24/96 wav to aif?
  206. download vinyl to itunes
  207. XLD
  208. XLD
  209. XLD
  210. Best settings for Mediamonkey & Win7
  211. King Crimson Reissues in Hi res
  212. God Damn Amarra !
  213. J.River Mediacenter 14 - Playing files from memory
  214. Clicks On Track Selection
  215. Windows 7 ASIO4ALL SPDIF
  216. best/easiest way to transfer my vinyls into Itunes?
  217. Problems ripping "Enhanced CD's"
  218. Help with Custom Grouping/Sorting in iTunes
  219. Next wave of Amarra issues
  220. what recording software available on Mac to capture firewire audio
  221. VLC Mac AC3 downmix optical out to 2ch DAC voice too loud
  222. Download Manager Suggestions Please
  223. Bit Perfect playback with Windows 7 x64 iTunes and Lynx AES16 possible?
  224. Upsampling software Weiss SRACON Vs iZotope
  225. Downsampling
  226. How Do I Rip a 24/96 CD?
  227. Open source decibel (VU) meter
  228. Open source decibel (VU) meter
  229. Foobar2k doesn't seem to read metadata from AIFF files ripped via iTunes
  230. Best iTunes Burn Settings?
  231. Help!-- pointing iTunes to new music file location
  232. AIFF Encoder files to ipod
  233. Migrating to Mac from Windows
  234. Need help running Airport and ethernet concurrently on MacBook Pro
  235. ?Need Help? Older DVR audio file...
  236. Assessing accuracy of ripped files after ripping
  237. USB to DAC vs soundcard to DAC
  238. Anyone using a USB dac and Windows 7 as your OS (64 bit)
  239. Amarra Release 1.1 Available NOW
  240. dbPoweramp settings
  241. Amarra Mini
  242. When 24/192 iTunes
  243. Play music from command line in OSX
  244. Itunes in sharing mode: make a difference?
  245. Mediamonkey
  246. Running Eac or Dbpoweramp on a mac
  247. Database
  248. Lost Album Artwork in iTunes 9
  249. Jriver Media Jukebox help needed.
  250. Windows 7 - anyone using it yet?