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  1. Non destructive downsampling of hires tracks
  2. Best EQ Plug-In for Pure Music in OSX?
  3. Pure Music 1.72 Update
  4. Amarra in different modes, which sounds BEST to you?
  5. Who wants a Amarra iPhone/iPad/iPod app?
  6. New install of J.River or restoration, assistance.
  7. ALAC on PC?
  8. Questions On Pure Music and Gapless Playback
  9. Pure Music 1.71 Update
  10. Black Screen during Bootcamp install of Windows 7, help! (Problem Solved by WHF)
  11. Amarra 2.1.1 and also Pure Music 1.7 question
  12. Conversion of WMA Lossless to WAV / Preserving Metadata / Continued WMP Use
  13. Copy Video DVDs to FLAC or Apple Lossless Audio
  14. Pure Music play nice with Airport Express? Other questions too.
  15. MacOS 10.6.6, Apps and auto sample rate switching?
  16. Help With a New Player Needed
  17. Using Pure Music Software Upsampling Versus Hardware Upsampling
  18. MVI Ripping software
  19. Pure Music 1.7 questions
  20. Ripping 300 CDs on Mac Mini
  21. Pure Music preferences help
  22. The non-dedicated iMac music server...
  23. Pure Music 1.7, Problems Playing FLAC, help required
  24. itunes UNBELIEVABLY slow
  25. Will Max convert DVD audio to Aiff
  26. One iTunes library, multiple devices and sample rates
  27. Pure Music 1.7 not switching sample rate
  28. Flac playback in Pure Music 1.7
  29. 24/192 player
  30. Software interactions?
  31. Pure Music 1.7 Compared to Amarra 2.11
  32. Sharing iTunes library
  33. Adding And Viewing Additional Artwork And Information In iTunes
  34. Remote Conductor app makes iPad a Mac input device
  35. Amarra V2.11, Initial Positive Impressions
  36. iTunes formats
  37. iTunes problem
  38. Pure Music Review at 6 Moons
  39. XLD CD Ripping- what am I doing wrong?
  40. How to Create Virtual CD Drive to Fool iTunes so it will do a GraceNote Lookup?
  41. EAC with Windows 7
  42. voyage-mpd
  43. A Free Mac Utility - Monolingual
  44. Amarra sound quality improvements, a practical view
  45. Linux Audio - Bit-perfect under JACK, a LIE?!
  46. Convert MP4 to Wav
  47. Just getting left channel using ASIO4all with JRMC - help!
  48. using my lap top for music
  49. Back up all my music from Itunes with Tags
  50. Media Monkey vs. Winamp.........
  51. Peachtree Audio Nova - Windows Vista & Windows 7 issues.
  52. Crash on first Mac boot up.
  53. Quicktime 7.6.9 supports Windows Audio Session on 64 bit Windows 7
  54. Album Art, iTunes and new Mac Mini
  55. Will my Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse work during Windows 7 installation?
  56. YellowTec PUC2
  57. Async/ Memory playback and prebuffer
  58. Gathering Audio Track Information
  59. XLD and metadata
  60. can't "see" entire iTunes Library on shared LIbrary with Mac
  61. iTunes 10.1 bug
  62. Bootcamp Instructions
  63. Amarra mini 2.1 does not play FLAC?
  64. Amarra V2.1, Constant Clicking & Popping Sound
  65. Organizing Music in JRiver
  66. JRMC 15 / Win 7 Rip issues
  67. Boot Camp Assistance
  68. Amarra 2.1 vs Pure Music 1.65a Sonic Comparison
  69. Help! I'm getting a "fade in" on WMP and Foobar. How do I disable this?
  70. A little iTunes help for new Mac owner
  71. AAC files don't Play in my Car
  72. FLAC to AIFF conversion for Windows
  73. Amarra Vinyl
  74. Amarra 2.1 Released!
  75. Channel D 15% Off
  76. Basic Ripping Information
  77. Upsampling with PM 165A
  78. iPad Remote App: Fails to accept Foobar library
  79. iTunes and 192khz.
  80. Volume Controls
  81. Trying to understand iTunes Library placement?
  82. PS Audio new FREE Music Manager tagNplay
  83. music transfer from my ipod
  84. SACD versus 24/88
  85. How do I use the Pure Music crossover?
  86. Wrong metadata when ripping CDs to iTunes?
  87. J River Mediajukebox set up question
  88. PUre Music and remote library on a Disc Array connected via Lan
  89. Amarra Udate?
  90. OSX player choice
  91. Itunes And dBPoweramp Questions
  92. Software for Multi-zone playback
  93. What ever happened to Twilight?
  94. Playing Apple Lossless in a Linux program
  95. Playback option in J River 15
  96. Web based interface for iTunes
  97. iPad and Foobar 2000
  98. Pro Software For Music Player
  99. iPad Remote app anomaly
  100. Audiogate
  101. iTunes 101 help
  102. Reducing Vocal Loudness using Adobe Audition 3.01
  103. Big iTunes announcement tomorrow
  104. New OSX Opensource audiophile player : Audirvana
  105. equalizer plug in for mac mini
  106. Managing simultaneous MP3 and FLAC versions of library in Media Monkey
  107. Best music organiser/player for PC?
  108. J River Media Jukebox Wont Play WMA
  109. Itune won't recognize my music from my G drive. Help....
  110. Volume control
  111. Help on black iTunes Cover Flow
  112. Best Media Center Software 2010
  113. J. River Media Center v15.0.142 Massive Memory Leak
  114. Help with iTunes file organization
  115. Applescript geekout: auto sample rate switching and afplay
  116. Amarra 1.2 and Motu Ultralite - Output problem
  117. Amarra and HiFace
  118. How to install Driver Software for M2Tech EVO?
  119. Pure Music Integer Support
  120. J River, FooBar, XX with NAS (Twonky) do any actually work reliably?
  121. J River Bells and Whistles but no reliability
  122. jRiver MC15, Windows 7 and WASAPI
  123. FLAC files missing metadata
  124. Booting Amarra
  125. Linux as a music platform
  126. Convert FLAC to AIFF
  127. Issues with XLD & Sample Manager
  128. A remote for AyreWave... maybe
  129. iTunes OS X: Sharing music files among several users or computers
  130. J River 15 and Lyrics
  131. JRMC 15: No comments
  132. Conversion from wma.
  133. Strange Amarra / Mac Mini thing going on
  134. AyreWave- A New OSX Audio Player Released AT RMAF
  135. Please Report on Amarra Complete from RMAF!
  136. JRiver Media Center - does it actually work?
  137. Pure Music 1.65A
  138. Songbird / iPhone remote app
  139. Who does the upsampling??
  140. Recording CDs from an audio CD player to MAC
  141. Google OS for Audio and Media
  142. JRiver Media Server 15 and Apple Lossless
  143. Stealth Audioplayer (software for a memory player).
  144. Does iTunes Sound Check feature work with Pure Music?
  145. FWIW IMHO The Dharma 2 Beta of XBMC is a big deal...5.1 flac, 5.1 DTSWAV, AIFF, WAV, Remote Support
  146. Pure Music New Features Coming Soon
  147. which amarra should I choose ?
  148. Amarra 2.1 Announced
  149. Pure Music with iPad as Remote
  150. The cost of reinstalling Amarra Junior
  151. Alternatives to "Remote" to run my stereo from an iPhone
  152. XLD cue
  153. Do you let iTunes managed your library?
  154. Amarra Demo Buggy?
  155. Pure Music vs Amarra?
  156. New Player for OS X Released (plays flac, ogg, dts wav with no problems) NOOBS may want to start here?
  157. Configuring Asus Xonar Essence ST for best results
  158. Player Suggestions Wanted
  159. What's the deal with Amarra? Software choice for recording and playback
  160. A friend came round and showed me his XX High End!
  161. Step by step for converting FLac to Aiff with XLD
  162. Transfert album (Flac) in Itunes with Fluke
  163. Audio Research DAC8 Driver v. 1.28 For Mac Download
  164. FYI: Apple has just released updated Remote App
  165. Any problems with iTunes 10?
  166. iTunes volume control
  167. Will Pure Music work with and through Foront Row?
  168. Redline Headphone Soundstage Software
  169. New J River WASAPI Event Style
  170. Apple iTunes 10.0.1 Is Out
  171. Mac Mini OSX software NOT using playlists?
  172. iPad remote for Win7/JRMC15
  173. Drag and drop Music from iTunes into Play (OS X)
  174. J River Media transfering files from iTunes folder
  175. Cover Art in LXD/ iTunes
  176. Amarra issue
  177. New App to remote iTunes on iPad
  178. New App to remote iTunes on iPad
  179. Finally I have music - but Weiss tells me it's not transparent :(
  180. Amarra and ILOC
  181. Applescript to match Audio Midi and iTunes sampling frequencies and auto-restart iTunes if needed
  182. dBPoweramp Update
  183. Pure Music 1.63
  184. flac in itunes without Amara or Pure Music
  185. Is there a way to trigger a script upon pressing the iTunes play button?
  186. Pure Music - no seeking and requires you to press the play button for each song?
  187. Is this a new iTunes feature or did I just discover the obvious?
  188. Problems with XLD and metadata
  189. izotope ozonemp
  190. How to send audio through USB
  191. Pure Vinyl Update
  192. iPhone app for iTunes
  193. itunes library across bootcamp?
  194. iTune album art help
  195. Sample Rate Converter Software
  196. File name length for ITunes on PC
  197. PS Audio tagNPlay
  198. Fix vertical button layout in iTunes 10
  199. Any Drive Recognition Problems With HD Tracks?
  200. J.River "Keep Media Organized"
  201. Converting WAV with Cue to FLAC?
  202. Mac OS X users : announcing the bliss beta programme!
  203. iTunes 10
  204. Amarra 2 player (without iTunes)
  205. Amarra EQ settings
  206. Need a recording program to take optical input from BR player to record audio disks on mac.
  207. 88,2 and 176,4 sample rates not working in Asus Sonar Essence STX/JRMC 15/Asio output
  208. Thank goodness for free trial periods: Amarra and Pure Music
  209. Pure Music signal gain and iTunes volume
  210. Converting .wv files to Apple Lossless for use in iTunes on an iMac
  211. iTunes visualizer and Amarra/Pure Music
  212. Is itunes really inferior to XLD for ripping?
  213. iTunes - what's going on here?
  214. MAC Playback software - Why?
  215. iTunes: creating a Play Now queue
  216. JRiver Media Center 14 and Theater View Question
  217. JRMC15 with ASIO output to Weiss DAC 202 doesn't work correctly
  218. IT Paper on EQ, Headroom & Other Digital Audio Stuff
  219. Preaching to the choir to post it here I guess but still good to see this in the "mainstream" hifi press.
  220. Fluke for FLAC
  221. iTunes EQ and Level controls, part 2; does anybody use them to improve their listening experience?
  222. Playback/Library software roundup
  223. Volume issues using Pure Music
  224. OS X Leopard
  225. Pure Music and Audio Midi
  226. Amarra questions
  227. m2tech Highface drive problem. With Mac
  228. Pure Music headache
  229. Amarra 2.0: Reduced?
  230. Foobar irritation
  231. Pure Music with SqueezeCenter?
  232. i am a Linux user,looking for a software
  233. OS-X Version and Pure Music
  234. Using iTunes, Pure Music, and Max to convert files for mac mini. Won't play correctly.
  235. All players sound the same right?
  236. HDCD & pre-emphasis: two special cases
  237. Lost music in iTunes
  238. iTunes - listening while ripping?
  239. Amarra Playlist & Beatles 24bit FLAC
  240. Best player for computer audio
  241. Apple Remote
  242. songbird vs itunes for Mac
  243. XMBC
  244. Audio Editing on Mac OS X
  245. I'm interested in opinions on Plex and if it's possible to get bit perfect output
  246. Opinion Poll - Reaching out to Mac users who Use "Play" as their front end application.
  247. Help please I am fast loosing the will to live!!
  248. iTunes maxing out start up drive (from outboard drive?)
  249. Multi-Platform Media Center ... pipedreams?
  250. Which Software?????