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  1. Sound Quality with Playback Software vs. No Playback Software
  2. iTunes Home Sharing specs?
  3. Software Upsampling
  4. Fidelia
  5. hiFace driver declared Lion compliant
  6. Jriver Lynx and wasapi issues
  7. OS X Script to move music to SSD drive just before playback?
  8. How to get a "listing" of what's in iTunes?
  9. Installing Snow Leopard on new Mini AFTER SSD install?....
  10. Advice - Lion/RME BabyFace
  11. Max vs XLD
  12. I am ready to pull my hair - I just don't get it about XLD - Your Assistance Please
  13. DVD Audio Extractor for Mac
  14. Copying iTunes Library to new PC: trouble locating music files with New PC
  15. Max Conversion Error "iTunes Got An Error: File Permission Error"
  16. Anyone using DVD-Audio Extractor and dbPowerAmp?
  17. Lion Break-in???
  18. LION and Screen Sharing-NOT!
  19. New to Software players other than iTunes
  20. BitPerfect
  21. Is Apple interested in the pro/audiophile market?
  22. Anyone tried this? Better sound turns ITunes
  23. Audio quality James River MC15 superior to MC16?
  24. Fidelia and Lion
  25. On Which Drive is it...
  26. Pure Music Lion Update
  27. Ram usage under OS X 10.7 Lion
  28. When Doing A Clean Install of Snow Leopard
  29. iTunes 10.4 (Official Thread)
  30. 64 Bit iTunes 10.4
  31. Amarra after Lion
  32. Is There Anyone in the House That Rips with Max? Help, please...
  33. iTunes 10.4 is now a 64-bit Cocoa application!
  34. OS X 10.7 Lion (Official Thread)
  35. BitPerfect 0.24 Beta for Mac OSX
  36. Backing up my music
  37. View Amarra Active Playlist?
  38. Moving files to a new drive with JRiver
  39. iTunes 10.3.1 Clicking Sounds
  40. Is There a Way to Have All FLACs Play in Audirvana?
  41. Anybody Use DVD Audio Extractor ?
  42. OS X Lion and integer mode playback
  43. Help with JRiver 16-sample rate setting please
  44. Getting white noise dropout after upgrade to Windows 7 on my source laptop.
  45. iTunes - Amarra 2.2 sleep issues
  46. PURE MUSIC 1.8 less is more
  47. Decibel User Interface
  48. iMac playback higher than 96kHz
  49. VinylLove iPad app
  50. Looking for the best way to output audio via USB using Linux...
  51. Software upsampling and digital volume control
  52. How to Set up 2 Distinct iTunes Media Folders
  53. Dolby Headphone and Virtual Speaker: Do all encoding/decoding in the pc?
  54. DVD Audio Extractor not recognizing disc
  55. XLD Update Incorporates Amazon Cover Art
  56. JRMC 16 any takers?
  57. Convert FLAC for iTunes with Max
  58. Ripping vs. Copying
  59. Recommended Pure Music Settings
  60. Stream an iTunes Library to an iPhone for $4
  61. Windows CD Player Software - With Upsampling!
  62. ASIO4ALL
  63. Mac Software for Cataloging Vinyl LPs?
  64. This iTunes error is driving me nuts
  65. dbpoweramp - No CD Drive Found
  66. Frustrated
  67. Looking for inexpensive equalizer plug-in for use with Fidelia player
  68. itunes and wav files
  69. AudioTools for iPad/iPod/iPhone ?
  70. Software for scanned PDF Liner Notes?
  71. Amarra skips
  72. What can I use to download music for free? Frostwire isn't working anymore?
  73. Beta version of DVD Audio Extractor for OSX now available!
  74. iTunes 10.5 will be 64 bit. Is this a good thing?
  75. Audirvana and Jack
  76. DSD to WAV converter
  77. Stereophile on Pure Music, Decibel, Amarra
  78. Any audio improvements/changes with Lion and 64 bit iTunes?
  79. Max / XLD bug in conversion to ALAC
  80. wiki to describe hog and integer mode ?
  81. Mac OS X Lion: What you need to know
  82. How to convert 24/176k files bought from HDtracks to WAV. Files for iTunes to play?
  83. Playing music from my iphone directly through my laptop?
  84. Tag editor for Mac + AIFF
  85. Help with using computer and new headphone setup
  86. PM 1.8 wouldn't take 36K flac files
  87. SACD ripping using your PS3 (part 2)
  88. Updated integer mode capable device list
  89. Billboard.biz On What iCloud Means and Doesn't
  90. Word is that OSX Lion iTunes is 64 bit
  91. iTunes 10.3?
  92. Foobar for OS X MKPG-trying it
  93. iCloud announced
  94. Quicktime with Windows Audio Session Option – Am I Bit-Perfect?
  95. Ripped DTS CD to itunes with itunes, but no sound?
  96. Massive Music Libraries
  97. Amarra 2.2 Activation Code
  98. JoeSoft HEAR for MAC
  99. SACD and dsd files
  100. itunes not remembering my ipad & remote problem--help!
  101. Amarra 2.2 full version DSD conversion
  102. Alternative ripping methods for MAC iTunes?
  103. Foobar+W7+DELL=problem
  104. Windows 8 Video - I don't know if this version will be audio friendly or not but it's very cool
  105. JPlay - a Player for Windows
  106. Amarra NEEDs to be updated to compete with PureMusic, PureMusic 1.8 is coming with nice features
  107. New Ipod, what now?
  108. Geektool and Sound Quality
  109. Cover art in FLAC
  110. dedicate one cpu to audio on double cpu mac ??
  111. 31-band EQ for JRiver Media Center
  112. Use XLD to validate old rips
  113. iTunes strange behaviour with 24/96 files
  114. iTunes Sync issue
  115. Pure Music 1.8
  116. does an app like this exist.?
  117. how to convert 5.1 flac to stereo (flac or aiff)
  118. Pure Music Console Message
  119. Pure Bit???
  120. Please help me with Amarra Mini Perferences Settings
  121. Integer mode
  122. Apple Remote App alternative? Not VNC apps.
  123. jriver and xp
  124. I like what I hear with Foobar2000
  125. Music files organization software for Mac?
  126. help a newbie
  127. Rip error or Burn error?
  128. Miro 4
  129. MAX
  130. Music GUI - how to compare, search and look for....
  131. Pure Music volume control vs. DAC's (digital) volume control
  132. Apple's own Screen Share program to control Mac Mini Music Server ??
  133. Is Pure Music still alive?
  134. Need help with Plugplayer and JRiver
  135. I-pod recognition
  136. volume @100%
  137. Will MAX convert DVD Audio to AIFF?
  138. New 3D Software
  139. I-tunes vs. XLD vs. MAX
  140. Software Shoot-Out!
  141. Audirvana Not Working ...
  142. Using EQ plugins for speaker development
  143. Amarra 2.2 Full Version versus Mini
  144. Matching Playback Levels
  145. JR river remote control
  146. Is there any Mac software out that will rip from CDs higher than 44.1?
  147. J. River MC / iTunes / PM / Frontrow
  148. How to put album artwork into iTunes
  149. iTunes - dramatic difference in sound quality when playing the same AIFF file
  150. Does Pure Music Auto-Switch Bit Depth Now?
  151. Airfoil and Pure Music
  152. "Keep iTunes media folder organized" select or not???
  153. Has anyone choked XLD with too large a rip?
  154. Audio Heresy
  155. Converting FLAC to AIFF/Apple Lossless
  156. iTunes 10.2.2 update is available
  157. Fidelia - Plugins?
  158. How to enable Foobar to read AIFF files
  159. Amarra 2.2 Announced
  160. Pure Music with FLAC VS. AIFF
  161. audio midi on mac
  162. Fixing iTunes Metadata
  163. Fixing iTunes Metadata
  164. Downloads-Tedeschi Trucks Band
  165. Cd 24 software
  166. Has anyone used Audiolense in a Mac Mini set up?
  167. > High resolution ripping
  168. DVDA-Explorer question
  169. Surround 5.1 in OS X Issues
  170. Is FLAC the only High-Resolution File Format?
  171. Music server software/driver question?
  172. VNC Vista on iPad
  173. Ratings and Fidelia
  174. Why third party players?
  175. XLD: Preferences
  176. iTunes appearing every new song
  177. Another person with ASIO and MM problems
  178. Media Monkey and M-Audio Audiophile 192 Downconverting high res files to 44.1k ?
  179. Apple lossless to FLAC
  180. Importing song ratings into i-Tunes
  181. Confused about ripping Classic Records HDAD+ with DVD Audio Extractor
  182. Software that will take multiple CD drives and rip....?
  183. iTunes on PC formatting issue?
  184. Mac OS 10.6.7 Now Available
  185. iTunes Playing Various Sample Rates Natively On-The-Fly
  186. Post your Audirvana tips here (No general discussion or questions, use the main thread for that)
  187. Does anyone know of a remote control for windows 7 using JRiver?
  188. PC-BSD or Linux Mint or back again with Mac OS X?
  189. To Re-Rip or not to Re-Rip? That is the question - AIFF vs Apple Lossless
  190. Ripping from 24/192 HDAD
  191. Windows lovers unite
  192. how do i use my ipad as my screen for the mac mini
  193. Playing flac files in iTunes / iPhone for windows
  194. Rip DVD Audio on Mac OS X
  195. Itunes 10.2.1 update & pure music 1.74... kernel panic
  196. What about Amarra 2.2?
  197. Any reason not to use Win7 64 bit and use 32 bit OS ??
  198. Burning dvd in dvd-a format from HD downloads
  199. Fidelia Sample Rate w/ W4S DAC2
  200. Do you find a software dithered digital volume control as good as a analog volume control.?
  201. A solution to the iTunes cover art irritation
  202. Pure Player
  203. Software that differentiates between ALAC and AAC
  204. Best Sounding App for Mac OS X 10.5
  205. memory mode/ media player for Windows?
  206. Making ISO copies instead of ripping to iTunes and use Amarra to play
  207. Pops and clicks with iTunes rips in AIFF. Do I need a new ripper and start fresh?
  208. Safari vs Firefox SQ on Mac?
  209. Windows or Linux
  210. VMware unleashes virtual desktops for iPad
  211. Help With Foobar Please
  212. XIPH to get flac files to play In Itunes.
  213. iTunes 10.2.1 Just Released
  214. Help with an all digital DEQX-like solution
  215. MPaD Released For Linux Server Control
  216. Fidelia 1.0.4 Available
  217. iTunes help with View Options
  218. Musical Fidelity V-Link /Win7
  219. iTunes 10.2 Update Stuck
  220. iTunes help...music files not showing up?
  221. Has the CA World put Pure Music in the recycle bin when I wasn't looking?
  222. Amarra future feature idea?
  223. problem installing Fidelia
  224. Fidelizer 1.5 - Now supports Windows XP and 64-bit with kickass features
  225. OSX - Audio Hijack Pro & Optical Audio In
  226. Front Row may be gone in Lion
  227. Macbook as Remote for PC musicserver
  228. Converting 24/96 Classic DAD to CD and other formats
  229. Help Requested with Wavelength Brick and Recent Windows 7 Updates
  230. Windows 7 sp1
  231. iPad Remote>Pure Music and iTunes
  232. Getting tired of Amarra @#!
  233. Forget Amarra. Use Pro Tools 9.
  234. Bit perfect player having differnt sound signatures
  235. Pure Musicīs memory play, expanding memory
  236. Winows 7 64bit SP 1
  237. SqueezePad
  238. Linked article: Linux audio software
  239. iTunes Audiophile Downloads
  240. playback issues - itunes or pure music or what?
  241. Best Windows 7 Software?
  242. Duplicate File Deleting Software Inquiry
  243. Ayre DX5
  244. Pure Music - too bright. Please advise re settings
  245. Best file format for Mac & converter software
  246. Fidelia Officially Released
  247. Apple - Safari Help!!!
  248. 10 OS X Music Players
  249. The Ultimate Mac Audiophile Player Of My Dreams
  250. CD collection ripped to WAV..anyway to preserve metadata?