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  1. New Audiolense User Comments
  2. How Do You Manage Your Genre Tags In Your Music Library
  3. Alarming iTunes 10.5.2 upgrade notes
  4. Newbie with questions re music software options
  5. Is integer mode relevant for SPDIF converters
  6. Screwed up Metadata WMP!!
  7. Help! Problems with XLD after installing Audirvana and Pure Music
  8. Best way to clone a CD on mac?
  9. XLD with itunes & PM-- set-up guide for beginners needed.
  10. Anyone compared Audirvana Plus and Jplay?
  11. PureMusic 1.83 is out
  12. Problem With Apple Remote App
  13. Player recommendation for Mac that capable of HD and others without iTunes
  14. iTunes and flac files
  15. Airfoil & Airfoil Speakers
  16. Upsampling
  17. Need Help to Extract Individual DSD Files From an ISO Image
  18. SACD .iso how play on mac?
  19. Internet radio for Mac
  20. Direct "select thru" itunes Artwork screensaver....
  21. External Burner For Laptop With EAC
  22. Combining Two Tracks Together?
  23. Problem with flac tagging in Jriver and Eac
  24. Using software volume control
  25. Why do music players sound different?
  26. JRiver Owners' Thread
  27. iPad Remote
  28. Is amarra "neutral" or do you think it is "enhancing" things?
  29. Pure Vinyl 3.0 is available
  30. J-River question
  31. 2 Issues with Pure Music
  32. Mac OS 10.5.8 Audio Midi Set Up -- No 96 Khz ?
  33. Music Tagging
  34. Is there *ANY* playback software out there that caters to the Classical Music listener?
  35. XLD Can't Get CD Info On New Release
  36. iTunes listing by composer
  37. Tube VST's
  38. Is there an easier way to delete duplications in iTunes?
  39. new mac mini and w4s dac2 ,,,what to load that will work with this?
  40. Clicks when using Audirvana Plus with DSD file and non-DSD DAC
  41. Sorting and duplicate finder
  42. Powermac G5 - what player software would you recommend, and whether Tiger or Leopard is preferable please.
  43. itunes Home Sharing
  44. Testing PS3 SACD compatibility
  45. Ripping CDs in Mac Mini with Amarra--the very first steps
  46. XLD and cover arr
  47. Feature rich tag editor for Mac/ALAC
  48. Edit ID-Tag
  49. MAX, XLD, xAct FLAC encoding software questions
  50. Splitting multi-track FLAC files
  51. How to set up MPD on Ubuntu 11.04
  52. JRiver is a Little Faster
  53. Managing DSD library for Audirvana Plus
  54. HDtracks Sergio Mendes
  55. Question on album artwork when converting files from ALAC to AIFF
  56. Does anyone use a Juli@ with JRMC in Win7?
  57. Ripping CD's in mac mini.
  58. Mp3HD
  59. How to split iTunes library
  60. What has been found to be the best ripping/tagging software for Linux?
  61. Playing FLAC files in Audirvana Plus with iTunes integration
  62. How to split large WAV file into songs that iTunes can import / iTunes not importing 24/192 WAV format
  63. iTunes 10.5.1 help
  64. Mac Mini: What unnecessary functions should I turn off?
  65. StreamToMe app vs. iTunes Match?
  66. Yet another Mac Music Player...
  67. Amarra Maintenance Release Today?
  68. S24_3LE with Linux MPD
  69. J River equivalent for mac? Amarra not good at managing files?
  70. iTunes Match Now Available
  71. dBpoweramp Music Converter Staying Open
  72. Cannot Add Artwork to iTunes
  73. Value of Amarra EQ Feature
  74. Question for DAC 8 Owners regarding MAC Players
  75. Audirvana Plus
  76. Problem with Max
  77. Poweramp for Android
  78. Want to rip/convert DVDs to AVI, DIVIX, ETC... simply!
  79. amarra settings
  80. Pure Music outputting multi-channel 24/192 via HDMI to a receiver - possible?
  81. iTunes store AAC to AIFF file conversion using iTunes itself
  82. Metadata editor for OS X?
  83. Comparing Pure Music with Audirvana Plus
  84. Is it Possible to use Jriver with Apple's "Remote" app?
  85. transfer of software to new computer
  86. Enqueue: Another entry in the OS X music management/playback software category
  87. Software Comparison: How Do They Sound?
  88. Anyone figure how to "easily" configure Amarra headless?
  89. Windows 8 SQ improvements over Win 7
  90. Which software will give me the resultes that I am looking for?
  91. XBMC and external audio players--Anyone make sense of this?
  92. iTunes AppleScript/Process to Extract Album Art to folder.jpg
  93. PCM to AIFF
  94. SQ degradation when converting FLAC
  95. When difference scares me
  96. iTunes vs Music Players
  97. Lion. Yet another problem. Album Art.
  98. Not able to play 96/32 files with Pure Music or Decibel
  99. Plex 0.9.5 excellent sound
  100. Puremusic user-- thinking of adding Amarra; but not hearing much difference
  101. Audirvana Plus with iTunes Integration
  102. Problem - What is Amarra Trying to Tell Me?
  103. Amarra 2.3.2 - Unwanted "Clicks" and "Pops" during playback
  104. Is it possible to have Amarra and Puremusic to be in the same Macbook PRO ?
  105. dbPoweramp ripper . . .Not getting artist or song titles
  106. Windows 7 and Surround Sound
  107. Apple Lossless Becomes Open Source
  108. Apple opens ALAC
  109. J River Media Center 17
  110. ALAC now open source. Any thoughts?
  111. Would someone mind giving me some recommended settings for Fidelia Basic?
  112. Equalizer for Pure Music?
  113. Need help in ripping CD's and choosing right software to play them!
  114. Amarra Mini Users - Is this an Existing Issue or Is It Something I'm Not Doing Right??
  115. no sound from iTunes?
  116. Need a roadmap to bit perfect
  117. Techie: How does music player software make bit perfect data streams sound different?
  118. Best Upsampling Software (not on-the-fly)
  119. Sample Size in itunes "View" Options
  120. JRiver MC skipping during playback
  121. How Siri, the Apple iPhone 4S's 'Virtual Personal Assistant,' Could Transform Music
  122. Amarra won't unlink iTunes
  123. XBMC HiRez Playback
  124. How to copy HRX dvd's to hd?
  125. iTunes 10.5 "in the cloud"
  126. DVD Audio Extractor 6.1.0 Issue
  127. Wavelab 6 Click Repair
  128. Sound Quality of OS X 10.7.2
  129. Amarra and DAAP
  130. Amarra 2.3 - CPU Usage
  131. Ripping DSTOM BluRay on Mac (no Parallels - no BootCamp)
  132. foobar dynamic range meter
  133. MAX and XLD with Lion?
  134. Fluke no longer works
  135. "Audiophile" sound recorder?
  136. iOS 5 Available
  137. OS X 10.7.2 Available
  138. iTunes 10.5 Now Available for Download
  139. Very basic question on computer audio vs CD playback
  140. iTunes Autofilter
  141. Amarra 2.3 Corda Stage DAC HRx sampling problem
  142. PlayPcmWin, Opensource audio player for Windows
  143. Pure Music and Integer Mode on Playback Designs
  144. 24 bit from hdtracs wont play on ipod . . .help
  145. Which is the best audio converter?
  146. How Do You and Can You Rip DSD files?
  147. Analyzing files for clipping
  148. Decibel remote app ?
  149. Most reliable iTunes compatible player - MAC OS only ?.....
  150. winamp player problems
  151. New ALAC problem, but not affecting playback in iTunes, Decibel, Fidelia and Audirvana
  152. Ripping cd's; XLD+upsampling ALAC vs iTunes ALAC. Listening-test.
  153. Itunes : Change files music directory (Without Itunes media)
  154. iTunes vs Finder vs Multi Channel Tracks
  155. SACD Ripping
  156. Channel D Special Offer for Amarra Users
  157. Audirvana Plus 1.01
  158. Exposing Hardware-Offloaded Audio Processing in Windows
  159. AIFF and Apple Lossless - 1st post by a newbie
  160. Problems With Pure Music - Fixed
  161. Solid state…best playback software?
  162. Amarra v2.3.2 experiences
  163. BlueRay & MKV HQ Lossless audio: How to send to my M2Tech Young
  164. Integer Mode Support in Lion O/S
  165. Amarra 96, 192 or 384KHz version?
  166. Choosing a Lossless format for digital music reproduction
  167. Windows newbie... Foobar2000, Emu0404, HDCD..... bitperfect, Kmixer?
  168. Software upsampling to 176.4 & signal polarity selection for each cut
  169. Amarra cannot play 192000 music files
  170. Sound quality of Windows 7 + JPlay via Bootcamp on Apple Computer?
  171. Amarra 2.3 - Feedback & Trick
  172. Lyrics metadata tagging with Songbird
  173. AudioGate 2.2.0 released
  174. Will there be a "SACD-ripping-using-your-PS3-For Dummies?
  175. DVD Audio Extractor Questions
  176. iTunes Permutations & Combinations
  177. playing hi res files
  178. Ubuntu - how to achieve bitperfect playback
  179. Mac menu bar audio switchers
  180. My Lion vs. Snow Leopard Comparison
  181. Converting png files to jpeg for use in iTunes Library
  182. Amarra 2.3
  183. Snow Leopard vs. Lion -- sound quality?
  184. Splashtop
  185. Cplay/Cmp still available?
  186. Cplay/Cmp still available?
  187. How to play music from external hard disc when using Vista and iTunes
  188. Why is Amarra so expensive?
  189. Amarra 2.3, for release on October 1
  190. iTunes Manual
  191. Has anyone tried contacting Sony about....
  192. HDCD and ripping
  193. Pure music 1.82 released
  194. Bootcamp Drivers for Lion
  195. Gapless Playback / Dumb thing?
  196. Amarra 2.3: Did I miss it?
  197. Amarra: Continuous disk activity despite using CACHE mode
  198. FLAC & Iomega problems
  199. Dynamic Range Meter For Foobar
  200. Amarra can't start a track on the right foot
  201. Burning the Beatles
  202. Best app for batch convert 600gb of AIFF files to WAV?
  203. XLD Secure Ripper overly sensitive?
  204. What am I doing wrong?
  205. Amarra Mini 2.3 Screen Shot
  206. JRMC and ALAC
  207. BitPerfect, Amarra, Pure Music et al… what do they do?
  208. New Version of XLD Not Out-Putting in Album Folders - Any Clues???
  209. OS X Lion Optimization Thread (Official)
  210. rip/burn, playback, Itunes, Host
  211. ITunes "Remote" application
  212. A SuperDuper Question for Knowledgeable SuperDuper Users... Please If You Would
  213. Does OSX Lion Now Include Integer Mode?
  214. Rating music in Itunes
  215. Lion + Amarra/PM/Fidelia => clicks when playing 24/192 AIFF
  216. Disabling Internal USB Hardware on MBP
  217. Is Bit-Perfect Always Better?
  218. Amarra VS Pure Music
  219. album art from flac files displayed in itunes using amarra?
  220. Foobar2K: Converting SACD iso to PCM
  221. Average volume levelling
  222. Is It Possible to Access the Embedded Metadata
  223. Down-Sampling Software Windows
  224. Sound Quality with Playback Software vs. No Playback Software
  225. iTunes Home Sharing specs?
  226. Software Upsampling
  227. Fidelia
  228. hiFace driver declared Lion compliant
  229. Jriver Lynx and wasapi issues
  230. OS X Script to move music to SSD drive just before playback?
  231. How to get a "listing" of what's in iTunes?
  232. Installing Snow Leopard on new Mini AFTER SSD install?....
  233. Advice - Lion/RME BabyFace
  234. Max vs XLD
  235. I am ready to pull my hair - I just don't get it about XLD - Your Assistance Please
  236. DVD Audio Extractor for Mac
  237. Copying iTunes Library to new PC: trouble locating music files with New PC
  238. Max Conversion Error "iTunes Got An Error: File Permission Error"
  239. Anyone using DVD-Audio Extractor and dbPowerAmp?
  240. Lion Break-in???
  241. LION and Screen Sharing-NOT!
  242. New to Software players other than iTunes
  243. BitPerfect
  244. Is Apple interested in the pro/audiophile market?
  245. Anyone tried this? Better sound turns ITunes
  246. Audio quality James River MC15 superior to MC16?
  247. Fidelia and Lion
  248. On Which Drive is it...
  249. Pure Music Lion Update
  250. Ram usage under OS X 10.7 Lion