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  1. Anyone know how to unbind F8 (play/pause) from Apple's iTunes?
  2. PM Comments On Direct Mode and Integer Mode
  3. An XLD First. A NG on an entire new CD!
  4. iTunes expected to get much-needed makeover by end of 2012
  5. Official OS X Mountain Lion Thread
  6. Amarra Versions. (And versions of other products...)
  7. Would you use a BitPerfect, Amarra, PureMusic iPhone app?
  8. iTunes Corrupts 10% Of ALACs?
  9. Amarra 2.4.1 Q&A thread
  10. Alternative iTunes Remote?
  11. Amarra HiFi updates to 2.4.1
  12. Amarra 2.4 incompatible with Cambridge Dacmagic Plus
  13. Fostex HP-A8C DAC - SD Card File Structure Needed to Play DSF (DSD) Files
  14. JRiver Media Center and DSD
  15. JRiver Media Center on Mac
  16. Ripped CD/DVD/Blue Ray Lossless Audio Compression
  17. Windiow Services necessary to CAPS 2.0
  18. Mac-based audiophile setup
  19. How to remove duplicate proxy iTunes DSD files for A+ in iTunes mode
  20. Question for iTunes gurus...
  21. iPod/iPhone interfaces
  22. M2tech Hiface mac driver & Integer mode
  23. Clone CD .img / ripping
  24. (Mac OS X Only) What Playback Software Do You Use?
  25. Bluray Audio Extractor
  26. XBMC - AudioEngine
  27. iPad to control music server?
  28. JRiver problem: Help Please!
  29. Audirvana Plus: Direct Mode
  30. Any new Mytek products coming up?
  31. Recordings software for 96/24 vinyl rips
  32. A question for Amarra users...
  33. Can't play 16/44.1 on Audirvana Plus
  34. TT Dynamic Range Meter on Lion
  35. dbPoweramp question...
  36. Phase Inversion
  37. Porthole?
  38. XXHighEnd
  39. ISSUE - Mac OS X, XBMC & DAC - Craklings
  40. JRemote Version 2.00 Issues / Questions
  41. OSX Player Usability Review May 2012
  42. Amarra got silent a couple of seconds the last ten seconds of a track
  43. No luck with Pure Music and DSD, help???
  44. DSD tag editor found; another vote for DSF
  45. Jplay
  46. iTunes IR remote control during screen saver/screen sleep
  47. Amarra 2.4 Source settings.
  48. Is BitPerfect usefull for me?
  49. Amara Hifi trial uninstaller won't work!
  50. Amarra 2.4 or HiFi
  51. Calling all software/Drivers experts! I need help!
  52. Amarra Preferences 2.4
  53. AU and jitter...
  54. New Amarra Version And Gapless Playback
  55. "SoundBest" - very interesting concept - custom equalization based on hearing test
  56. Help with DVD Audio Extractor
  57. Settings for PURE Music w Ayre QB9
  58. Audirvana+ 1.34 forces playback in 44.1k
  59. Backup help please
  60. Golden Ear iPad App
  61. FLAC Bit Rate Question
  62. Free Mashduo app quickly compares iTunes libraries
  63. New amarra pricing
  64. Weird Discovery iTunes Cover Flow View and Pure Music
  65. Amarra Just Published Build 4374
  66. Amarra HiFi impressions
  67. A J-River Gizmo question...
  68. Fidelia 1.2.0 Released May 01, 2012
  69. A usefull Applescript code for audiophiles (?)
  70. Differance WAV <-> ACC
  71. XLD with MPaD
  72. Izotope Spectrogram Settings?
  73. Please help! Conversion problems with Max
  74. Question About Information When Using ITunes Get Info Summary Tab
  75. Which Playback Software do you Prefer on Mac?
  76. Weird behavior with iTunes Remote
  77. Confused about Itunes downloads.
  78. Desert Island Player
  79. Reducing ripping speed in dBpoweramp
  80. Wadia 121 setup, JRiver, Parallels problem
  81. Is Scrobbles still here?
  82. RealVNC for remote access to your music server
  83. Preview sounds better than iTunes in OS X
  84. Embed metadata in wav files for Avid editor
  85. Does VLC on Win7 sound better to you guys than iTunes?
  86. full conversion of FLAC to ALAC
  87. dbPowerAmp and Virtual Machines
  88. Audirvana+ and DSD
  89. VLC question ?
  90. Amarra/iTunes question
  91. A J-River question/Gizmo
  92. A Question On Peak Values In Dynamic Range Reports
  93. Apple Lossless to AIFF same as ripping a CD directly to AIFF?
  94. Ripping cds via itunes yields ... speaker-destroying static on playback
  95. Stupid question about downloading, file formats and itunes
  96. The Beast that is JRiver
  97. iRule and NEW iTunes module
  98. Silent pause between songs on a playlist
  99. Files for Testing Bit-Perfect-ness
  100. Windows 7- easy way to select sound output?
  101. Which audio engine software seems to be the best?
  102. Mac OS 10.7 Lion and Pure Music - do you use PM up sampling?
  103. copying files files with iTunes Home Sharing question.
  104. Windows 7 Settings for Sound
  105. Software at the Montreal Audio Show
  106. Is Amarra no longer being updated? It's been so.... Long
  107. Integer Mode playback on Mountain Lion OS
  108. Help with Itunes and external hard drive?
  109. Almost a year later, is OSX Snow Leopard still a better OS than Lion for music playback?
  110. For several days no longer plays Lion
  111. WAV support for a MAC
  112. JRemote volume control
  113. Audirvana Plus oddity...
  114. WTF is Apple doing screwing up iTunes for Snow Leopard users
  115. Making Audio CD Archival Copy using XLD? Using Toast? Using Disk Utility? (Mac user)
  116. Pure Music 1.86 and Track Skipping
  117. Need to Un-install PureMusic 1.86 -- now!
  118. Rip VCD discs on a Mac?
  119. Pure Music and Flac + Cue Sheet
  120. Software For Gathering Metadata From Sound Signatures
  121. OS X Lion Integer mode/bit perfect.
  122. Update to iTunes 10.6 loses control of full screen Cover Flow
  123. XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro
  124. Amarra mini playback
  125. Move to Lion/Mountain Lion and Lose Integer Mode in Pure Music
  126. No Sound -Foobar - WASPI - Win 7
  127. iTunes Convert High Bitrate to Lower Bit Rate New Options
  128. Ripped CDs with XLD, added to iTunes, now want to burn CD with correct pre-gap
  129. Windows 8 preview anyone?
  130. Not able to get preferred field headers with Windows 7 on USB drive
  131. adding default cover art file using XLD or MAX for CD ripping for MPad use
  132. PureMusic 1.86 for Dummies
  133. A dumb Pure Music question...
  134. JRMC17 Wasapi Event Style and FLAC
  135. JRMC17-Wasapi Event Style - does the sound card matter?
  136. Cross-platform media manager?
  137. Amarra usage questions
  138. HD Tracks downsampled in Amarra
  139. Eliminating Duplicates in iTunes
  140. HiRes Letdown
  141. Ripping discs - differences between "audiophile" releases vs. "standard" releases ?
  142. R8Brain
  143. OSX 10.4 Tiger / 10.5 Leopard + G4 playback software options
  144. Mastered for iTunes
  145. A J-River Gizmo Question...
  146. Using Audio Hijack Pro with Audirvana & Bitperfect
  147. Poll: MAC users that would like to see JRivers MC available on OSx
  148. Audirvana switching to internal speakers
  149. Importing DVD rips into iTunes--bits truncated?
  150. One more time lion and integer mode
  151. New Latop and experiencing some noise
  152. menu help . . .JRiver Player
  153. Please Help Select Me, Select An iTunes Integrated Player!
  154. Importing copy-protected cds
  155. WebRemote or JRemote for Jriver Media Centre
  156. Amarra Mini 2.3 can not play any file has double quotation mark
  157. nothing
  158. JRiver Clarification?
  159. OS X 10.8: Mountain Lion
  160. Amarra can not recognize file which has been ripped by XLD
  161. Pure Music 1.85c
  162. Max, FLAC and the Mac
  163. m3u playlist generator
  164. Engineering the best audio player
  165. High-end playback with integrated parametric EQ
  166. Is There a CD Ripper Program for the Mac on Par With E.A.C. or dBpoweramp?
  167. iTunes Media Organization
  168. Can a computer's electrical noise be heard?
  169. Help with Pure Music
  170. Can memory management be heard?
  171. Converting ALAC to AIFF
  172. Any problems with Jplay on a PC?
  173. Is there a good music player for Windows (7 or XP) that is compatible with Itunes?
  174. Is iTunes the best app to burn CD from ripped audio tracks from DVDs?
  175. Amarra Hifi for Weiss DAC202
  176. Pure Music 1.8.5 DSD import problem
  177. Basic I-Tunes Question
  178. What software to playback high res using iTunes on a PC?
  179. Audirvana Plus: Can't get artwork in DFF iTunes proxy files in beta 1.2
  180. Anyone had experience with Elgato products/EyeTV software and Pure Music?
  181. Pure Music Customer Support
  182. Bit Perfect + Soundflower + iTunes help.
  183. DRC ARC vs. Acourate vs. XX
  184. MPD/GMPC have begun playing albums in reverse order...
  185. Recommendations for software to play .dff files from ripped sacd's using win7 and CAPS pocket server 2.0
  186. 24/96 tracks not playing
  187. iTunes/Pure Music/HD Tracks question from novice
  188. How to merge two iTunes Libraries - I re-ripped all my CDs in Apple Lossless, and want to overwrite any MP3's or AACs
  189. Windows 7 + and Media Monkey Setup Strategy
  190. Howto Extract album artwork from embedded music files and save as cover.jpg in the same folder?
  191. Pure music and apple remote
  192. HD Tracks Download problem
  193. JR Media Centar 16 problem with AE
  194. Setting Up J. River Media-Center Issue
  195. Album Name Tagging Strategy
  196. Expreience with ARC System from IK Multimedia
  197. iTunes Match - User feedback and some questions
  198. PURE MUSIC: Failure to collapse window to sidebar
  199. any software (PM etc) with equalization (type stuff) to use to (sensibly) make a too digitally sounding CD sound better?
  200. J River Connection Problem?
  201. will any android app run iTunes like Apple Remote App does?
  202. Disc optimization and defragmenting applications
  203. Anyone want to guess why Audacious will not play some AIFF files?
  204. Clicking Sound during playback with PM Integer Mode?
  205. Topic removed
  206. Problem with ALAC files in Hires
  207. DVD-Audio - rip to burn
  208. amarra -HELP-- no sound!.....(i think it must be a device selection problem)
  209. Entry for vinyl in J River Media Centre
  210. v1.85 anyone
  211. Better SQ using software like Amarra vs iTunes alone to DAC?
  212. Bit perfect DVD Audio Disc Playback via Foobar2000?
  213. cPlay with CAPS2?
  214. DVD-Audio Creator
  215. dBpoweramp Compression, No Compression, Negative Compression?
  216. Pure Music Integer Mode Wow!!
  217. CD Ripper Modes for XLD?
  218. Blu Ray burning software
  219. iTunes on External Drive
  220. Use Amarra? Have Mac Mini 2011ish?
  221. TT Dynamic Range vs Pure Music
  222. Asus ASIO Control Panel
  223. MusiCHI Suite
  224. Pure Music Goodness
  225. TAS Audio Quality Article Series
  226. Pure Music Questions
  227. Setting up XLD first time user
  228. Amarra MINI problems
  229. Ripping Software Comparison
  230. Current Artwork Issue(s) With Amarra's Current 2.3.3
  231. MPD De-coders (generic - non platform specific)
  232. Music players for Android Tablets
  233. Recommended FLAC converter
  234. any foobar(like) for MAC ?
  235. iTunes Metadata Problem
  236. odd issue with latest download of Amarra
  237. Computer mouse visible in Pocketcloud on iPad
  238. Dynamic Range Analyzer for Mac
  239. Grrrrrrrrrr, a linux update automatically downloaded and installed...
  240. Players that allow playback in multiple zones?
  241. A simpler solution for a blockhead with a very low Mensa profile :-)
  242. Best audiophile music player for Mac for 2012?
  243. How to play Pandora through my JKenny HiFace USB -SPDIF to DAC?
  244. Fidelia beta
  245. Can I only convert DSD to 88.2 kHz PCM in Foobar?
  246. MPD on OSX 10.7.2 because I ....
  247. The "Pure Music" crossover
  248. MPD client for Mac
  249. XLD issue - ideas wanted.
  250. Deadbeef