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  1. Hypotheses?
  2. PS Audio + Bridge + Amarra ?
  3. Possibly dumb MPD/MPoD query
  4. Music player: what is there beyond Bit Perfect'ness?
  5. The perfect music server would have...
  6. Two DAC's off a Mac mini
  7. Multiroom AIFF over 16/44
  8. Cambridge Audio Music Streamer 6?
  9. Minimum System Requirements
  10. Processor speed and antivirus hiccups
  11. Apple Mini (Purchase decision)
  12. Adding ALAC Support to Auraliti and other MPD based servers
  13. Does any one have experience in putting EMI absorption sheets into their computers?
  14. Commercial use of open source project
  15. Apple Mini vs Computer Audiophile Pocket Server 2.0
  16. Using the Oppo95 DACs for my music server
  17. Auraliti PK90 setup
  18. Same 1's and 0's, just different transport?
  19. PSU for PC
  20. Simple USB Remote for iTunes
  21. 2010 Mac Mini USB power during sleep.
  22. Mach2 Music service
  23. Nova Physics Memory Player
  24. Anyone here tried Olive O2M?
  25. C.A.P.S. and remote desktop Windows 7
  26. I'm not really a computer guy but
  27. Irule and JRiver remote controller on IPad
  28. Macmini out of memory
  29. HP Touch Smart computer for music server
  30. 2009 Mac Mini running Parallels and JRiver MC Questions
  31. New Apple TV - 24/96 support?
  32. Ipod and Pure I20 or other Digital Dock as Music Server?
  33. Does a USB Express card slot on a laptop give you a cleaner, better USB connection to a DAC
  34. Is it possible? Boot a Mac Mini from a USB thumb drive with Voyage MPD on it?
  35. Back-Up Strategies
  36. Interesting option for a silent server
  37. CAPS 2 - Question re: startup
  38. 64-bit boot script?
  39. CAPS 2.0 - Can it handle playback of DSD and 32/384 material?
  40. Advice on building a mac-mini based music server
  41. Ehternet cables for connection to a NAS
  42. Best SSD for 2010 and 2011 mac mini
  43. iTunes + Remote App = Internet Radio Error????
  44. MPD + DAC with Replaygain
  45. Auraliti Pk90 (asynch USB) or Pk100 (SPDIF)
  46. Small Green Computer recommendations
  47. convenience / sound degradation pros/cons of ways to control a mac mini remotely?
  48. Mac Mini - Snow Leopard or Lion?
  49. Please help ... Apple TV2 + macbook pro + iPad ???
  50. Mac Mini and an Apple Remote
  51. Where best to sell Mac Mini's?
  52. basic question: when I listen to my computer usb - vlink -dac output what am I listening to?
  53. HD usb Computer usb Grand Pre
  54. Next Steps for Music Server
  55. New cash based system and help needed
  56. No 24/96 on a Mac Mini?
  57. cambridge audio stream magic 6
  58. Can I do what I want with a Mac mini?
  59. SOTM SMS 1000 Music Server
  60. Mac Mini as expensive paperweight....
  61. Itunes on windows to DAC via Bluetooth
  62. Weiss MAN301 or DAC202/Mac?
  63. It's all in my head...right?
  64. Music servers and graphics card
  65. Custom made usb cables/adapters?
  66. core i3 or atom D525 ?
  67. Location of Itunes Music Library
  68. ESI Juli@ and Sandy Bridge
  69. Seeking opinions: What do you feel is the best dedicated Mac mini music server set -up.....
  70. SSD for Mac Mini?
  71. Now I Believe!
  72. caps 2.0 motherboard upgrade to support hi-rez using Jplay
  73. Linear Power Supply for Alix/PK90...Keces-BPT-Paul Hynes-Parts Express?
  74. Has anyone compared the Aurender S10 to the Caps 2.0 server (other than Chris)
  75. Cambrifge Audio Sonata NP30
  76. Maximizing my Mini
  77. Does any one know Chris C's "tweaks" on the Caps 2.0 server?
  78. Music from CAPS v2
  79. Mac Mini driving me nuts
  80. Audioengine D2 Wireless -- anybody tried this yet?
  81. 24/192 music server built as integrated piece of audio equipment.
  82. Using my linux sat-box with my Hi-Fi?
  83. Firewire Card
  84. Problems hFX PCIe riser cable with Lynx AES16e
  85. New to Audiophile had some questions!
  86. Does an external PS help for the Caps 2.0 server?
  87. What is the difference between the Caps 2.0 and this Zotac Zbox for $319 plus SSD plus RAM?
  88. Does a dedicated file server's clock supersede a DAC's "reclocking" duties?
  89. Re: Computer Audio - can i 'split' a laptop?
  90. Sound Card for Music Server?
  91. ISRC codes - What are they? - Can I do anything with them?
  92. sound quality (not reliability) of wired vs. wireless
  93. New server to feed a BADA
  94. PCIe SOtM USB
  95. Comments on this System Please - Would it Work? Allow me to Expand?
  96. Can you use the IPAD with Caps 2.0 Server?
  97. "remote" app for control of digital volume control?
  98. C.A.P.S 2.0 buid or buy built
  99. Mac Mini I5 or i7
  100. CAPS 2.0
  101. C.A.P.S. v2 and IMON VFD
  102. soundcard with 3 or 4x SPDIF output (preferably external)
  103. cheap android as remote only
  104. The best high resolution playback solution for iTunes on a PC
  105. JRiver Question
  106. ATV1 with Lion and iTunes 10.5?
  107. BitRemote
  108. Mac Mini Fan Activity
  109. SotM tx USB Card
  110. can you have an "empty" usb hub on a mac mini 2011?
  111. Mac Mini Accessories - Suggestions Please
  112. Help Building Music Server - C.A.P.S v2 a Possibility?
  113. Mac Mini digital output via optical or HDMI?
  114. CAPS v2 case fans
  115. CAPS 2.0 diy
  116. USB 2.0 isolators that work
  117. Voyage MPD Album Art Info
  118. New & Clueless
  119. Mac Mini output question
  120. simple vs complex---need or want
  121. MacMini Music Server? NAS? USB Direct? Too many options...
  122. Lion vs SL in SQ
  123. Auraliti PK100 - linux questions (distro, mpd version, nas, ssh, etc.)
  124. PLEASE review this player!
  125. New Music/Video Server
  126. Can anyone help??? ; )
  127. Installing Snow Leopard on mac Mini 2011
  128. Latest firmware kills ISO support on Oppo! 93/95!!
  129. RaspberryPi- possible music server?
  130. Hi and some help
  131. So my music server died the other day
  132. windows 7 quick configuration suggestions
  133. Windows XP laptop configuration
  134. think I'm nuts?: I thought mac mini 2.3ghz (599$) sounded better than 2.5ghz (799$)
  135. Auraliti and Client MetaData Sync
  136. ALAC/AIFF and Metadata
  137. CAPs v2 With AES output?
  138. iOS devices and 24-bit playback
  139. Rookie topic
  140. User interface experience
  141. Want to Wirelessly Stream 6 channel 24/96
  142. NEW, Simaudio Moon MIND
  143. Specs for Mac Mini server
  144. C.A.P.S. v.2 question
  145. Thinking about building a music computer
  146. “Repurposing” of an old laptop
  147. Logitech Media Server / Compatibility between Linux and Windows
  148. Used C.A.P.S. Servers for sale?
  149. Is C.A.P.S. V 1 up to J River MC 17?
  150. Is it worth the extra money? Better CPU? SSD or HDD?
  151. Ipad Controllable Mac Mini Server
  152. Mac + Parallels & J. River 17= ?
  153. SRT Tranquility Base
  154. iPad time capsule or NAS interaction question?.
  155. Can I build the CAPS V2
  156. remote control of C.A.P.S. V2.0
  157. ATV2 and HD Tracks
  158. Sonus or mac mini
  159. budget music server under 500
  160. XBMC + Audirvana+ ?
  161. Silent PC Music Server RealTek HD - S/PDIF Question
  162. Alpha USB /Alpha DAC running Windows 7 and JRMC 1 problem
  163. Balanced power for Mac Mini 2010
  164. Software vs Hardware
  165. Add a fan to this system?
  166. Suggestion needed for quiet PC power supply
  167. Issues with J. River 17 running on a CAPS 2.0 server
  168. Battery Power Source For Low Powered Music Servers
  169. Which Mac Mini
  170. Link to Aurender brochure with S30 and R10 specs
  171. Apple Mini does not have sound output sometimes
  172. Olive Music Servers
  173. File Format Redux
  174. Linux 101
  175. Hard Disk connected to motherboard or usb?
  176. Advice with PC music server config
  177. jplay on CAPS 2.0
  178. Naim NDX vs Naim ND5 XS vs Mac Mini vs Bryston BDP-1
  179. Hackintosh with Metric Halo LIO-8
  180. CAPS v2 noise ?
  181. finding music directory on mpad from Auraliti PK90
  182. Raspberry Pi PC
  183. Put computer to sleep with Apple's aluminum remote
  184. Windows Embedded
  185. Anyone Tried A Passive Cooling PC Case?
  186. OSX Bus-Powered Raid 1 reliability?
  187. CAPS 2.0 vs Bryston BDP-1 vs What else?
  188. Aurender S10 with Weiss DAC 202
  189. Can anyone help me in building a small music server?
  190. Auraliti and MPaD Cover Art
  191. 2011 Mac Mini fan always on
  192. Adding partitions to Mac Hard Drive for optimal music use....?
  193. Best to update internal PSU or use external mains filter?
  194. Mac Mini or MacBook Pro?
  195. How to strip a G5 for best results
  196. Webradio on the Auraliti ?
  197. Help setting up a server?
  198. Recommended Music Server w/o Internet Connectivity
  199. Odd question abt Mac mini/iPad server setup
  200. C.A.P.S.v2.0
  201. Power converter for CAPS2; power cords for the converter
  202. Your thoughts on this? Musical Fidelity server M1 CLiC
  203. RAID 0 in a server: Is this crazy?
  204. Pro-Ject Stream Box DS
  205. My music server build ideas
  206. Mac Mini.. best way to operate??
  207. Bryston BDP-1 with Metric Halo LIO-8 sync question
  208. The Big Question: Can CAPS2 equal a top transport?
  209. Hardware minimum for JRMC and CAPS 1.0
  210. Best connection between NAS and PC?
  211. USB-->AES/EBU (or S/PDIF->AES/EBU) Converter from Server to DAC: Any recommended?
  212. AES/EBU 50-75' from C.A.P.S.v2 to Bel Canto DAC 1.5: Mistake?
  213. How do I turn off services on my MacBook?
  214. Product information: budget cases for CAPS variant
  215. Mixed Up Track Order from db Poweramp Ripped CDs
  216. iTunes on a Windows Home Server machine
  217. Going from Mac/Amarra to either Bryston or Auraliti
  218. Remote turns on iTunes but not pure music
  219. Salk Audio Player and Server
  220. iTunes server
  221. Nice Power Cable for Mac Mini
  222. Paradigm Shift That Maybe Chris could chime in on?
  223. Small, iPod-like device that can "serve" hi-res. music files without a monitor or keyboard
  224. iTunes Remote Apps for Kindle Fire?
  225. Another Mac Mini newb with questions
  226. Creating a new computer server - proposed set up advice
  227. Aurality PK 90
  228. JPlay anyone using this software yet?
  229. Turn On the Server. It’s Cold Inside.
  230. Mac Mini question
  231. Mac mini problem
  232. A real quandary regarding dedicated Music Server vs. Mac Mini
  233. Mac Mini -- the very first steps
  234. Sb touch vs. airport express vs. Mac mini
  235. Music Server vs. CD Player with External DAC
  236. Improving the Apple Remote
  237. Favorite MPD Client?
  238. Mac Mini: No Optical Drive? Fan?
  239. Qsonix vs Sooloos - Speed comparison?
  240. New to HTCP and quality sound, help, I'm drowning....
  241. Mac mini or Mac mini with Lion Server
  242. Fanless MACmini?
  243. Sonore Signature Series Music Server and DAC
  244. mini running w7 with boot camp experiences or alternatives
  245. OSX System Profiler USB Bus Info
  246. HP Slate 500
  247. Bryston BDP-1 vs. CD transport
  248. Aurender listenng session
  249. Mac Mini - upsample/upconvert before Bryston
  250. Auraliti PK90 versus PK100 sound quality