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  1. ACOUSTIC REVIVE LAN isolator RLI-1 1 235USD
  2. First items ordered for CAPS music player in a M350 universal case (fanless)
  3. CAPS Lagoon build
  4. Anyone else have a problem with their SOtM USB Board?
  5. CAPS Lagoon Server Build Beginning!
  6. Trouble Streaming Radio Via JRMC18...
  7. SOtM dx USB HD sCLK=2224
  8. My new Revo/Musical Fidelity based server
  9. Interesting board from Asus. Any views/thoughts? There's got to be demand for a board designed with audiophiles in mind...
  10. Building a music server using my Lynx AES16
  11. Any alternatives to SOtM pcie card?
  12. CAPS vs M50 from NAD choice
  13. My First 6 Months of Streaming
  14. Help! Having trouble deciding on new server and more.
  15. Lampizator DAC with Windows 8 64-bit - Driver Install Issues
  16. Appliance servers with ability to recognize two connected internal or external HDDs
  17. How to play downloaded 5.1 flac or wav files
  18. New CAPs Build
  19. Auraliti PK90-USB won't recognize DSD128 files
  20. CAPS and Services Question
  21. strange problem
  22. In Dual PC/Streaming Jplay/JRiver Mode, does Music Via NAS or Esata make a difference in SQ?
  23. Antipodes DS2 Music Server & Chordette DAC
  24. Playing 96/24 and 192/24 on Raspberry Pi through HDMI
  25. Building a C.A.P.S. 3.0 system with a Juli sound card.
  26. Power switch and LED cable
  27. i5 or i7
  28. Newbie Question: Pure Music / Onkyo 709 question
  29. Why not just use optical Toslink to isolate the DAC from computer noise - rather than tweaking?
  30. micro vortex box from small green computer
  31. CPU Thougts?
  32. Everyone lost interest in appliance servers?
  33. SotM SATA Power filter - remove?
  34. Mac mini question
  35. A rough guide to how to use the SOtM mBPS-d2s double battery charger
  36. CAPS Carbon arrived today
  37. Fanless Computer Case with 2 Expansion slots
  38. How do I use the Sotm mBPS-d2s Battery Power Supply?
  39. Question about Trigger cables!
  40. Sotm tx USBexp card and Intel dn2800
  41. one server for music and movies
  42. Keyboards and Monitors?
  43. SMB/Samba vs NFS for serving audio tracks
  44. Help needed: how to connect my stored music to my Zuma: ESATA vs. NAS
  45. Which of these laptops would make for a better server?
  46. MC17 On Network Server?
  47. Where does Overkill start?
  48. XBMC frodo 12.1 and bit parfect
  49. Question on Battery supply for SotM USB card
  50. Music and HomeTheater PC
  51. Lynx AES16 in External Exclosure via Thunderbolt to Mac Mini
  52. Carbon Playback Buffering Issue with SACD Files - Is This a Server Design Flaw or Config Issue?
  53. Your experience with the C.A.P.S. v3 Carbon?
  54. Ipad only system
  55. DIY C.A.P.S. Battery power supply.
  56. CAPS Server
  57. Esata vs NAS
  58. Caps Latency
  59. Mini iluminated keyboard?
  60. My CAPS V3 Carbon and My Problems with PCIe Mini
  61. Laptop for ripping Blu Rays
  62. Question for Chris.... and other all
  63. CAPS V3 Carbon: Media Center stops playing and displays "Buffering"
  64. iUSB vs Server "Linear Power Supply"
  65. Screen Sharing Problem in Mountain Lion
  66. Converting 2012 Mac Mini for Use w/ External Power Supply
  67. HT-DVR-CAPS-PC Possible?
  68. Looking for some Mac Mini setup assistance
  69. C.A.P.S./JRiver & PSA PWD Network Bridge Question
  70. SOtM sMS1000 vs classical music
  71. Can I Improve Macbook Pro as Music Server?
  72. Planning New Sever
  73. Sound quality CAPS 3 or other music server
  74. assistance with Mac Mini dropping network connection
  75. New to CA...Need help to put together a C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma based computer audio system.
  76. Something wrong with my SOtM tx-USB card install, please help
  77. Mac Mini Audiophile Server: What's the Best Sound I Can Expect?
  78. Mac Mini Server defaults to 24 bit while playing 16/44 files
  79. Stuttering issue with CAPS3 Lagoon
  80. Mac Pro sound
  81. iPad for system control, what are the options?
  82. Sound Quality Issues From Numerous Windows Servers - Sounds Thin
  83. Mac Mini (late 1012) USB ports
  84. Carbon FireWire Interface Design Question
  85. ...furious...
  86. Does the Carbon Have Enough Computing Power To.....
  87. New Mac Mini, is SSD worth it?, 8GB or 16GB RAM?
  88. Need help with brand new CAPSv3 Zuma
  89. New Audio PC, Similar to Zuma - Does not start - Help needed
  90. Help me please
  91. New to Mac questions
  92. new 2012+ macmini as music server(all ssd vs ssd plus hdd ie fusion)
  93. ASRock D2700 motherboard and sotm tx-usb pci card
  94. CAPS Topanga - Advice for Stopped Playback
  95. ATV1 - 24/96 - am I losing it?
  96. CD Playback vs Computer Audio
  97. Fun with CAPS
  98. My new Mac Mini and audirvana plus
  99. Is Topanga + iFi USB Power >= Lagoon/Carbon + SOtM tx-USB?
  100. Sonos or Mac Mini?
  101. Medical grade PSU for CAPS or Mac
  102. Dedicated controller for Zuma Music Server
  103. Music Server Options: Baetis, Musica Pristina, Music Vault? Please Help!
  104. Ideas for a player?
  105. Core Audio and Mojo - is it the same company??
  106. Getting ASIO, Kernel Streaming, or Wasapi Event Style to work
  107. berkeley USB software and foobar in Carbon
  108. HELP Please! Just Completed Carbon Build But No Display
  109. Gefen HDMI Detective Plus - Yay!
  110. J River in CAPS Lagoon: USB DAC issue
  111. Two SOtM tX-USB Cards in same server?
  112. J. River for PC. ? and MAC
  113. battery power supply for Sotm tx USB exp
  114. Music server - boot times
  115. CAPS Ver 3 - Intel DN2800MT Video Driver and Firewire Card
  116. Best way to control macmini from ipad
  117. MY Music Server search. Q1: ability to search web and download hi-rez files- Is that bad for SQ?
  118. OT: Mac Mini graphics problem
  119. Amplified DAC Core Audio Tecnnology: Silent music server like CAPS or normal Computer as source?
  120. High quality, non battery powered PSUs for CAPS V3 Lagoon
  121. Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD for CAPS designs in Europe
  122. Moon 180 Mind setup
  123. Remote Access Server (audio driver) problem and Solution:
  124. Mac mini USB sometimes won't recognize usb inputs
  125. Pros and cons - music server vs streaming device?
  126. Noob confused about C.A.P.S.
  127. Easing into Computer Audio
  128. Any one have any real-world experience with the linear power supply from Keces - the DC-116 Regulated Power Supply?
  129. with SOTM filter SSD not getting detected
  130. Mac Mini: SSD or Fusion Drive ???
  131. Advice on the best sound cards?
  132. Newbie - your advice requested
  133. Trying to turn an unused cheap Gateway desktop into a music server until I can upgrade
  134. Power Supply upgrade for CAPS v2.0
  135. SOtM USB Card: what's the point?
  136. Programmable interface
  137. What tweaks should one make in Windows 8 for best JRiver playback with Zuma server?
  138. McCAPS or Hackintosh Mini or Mac flavoured C.A.P.S.
  139. Microsoft Serface Pro - Hmmm....
  140. Newbie Question About Music Servers and Wired/Wireless Music Systems......
  141. SOtM pci tx USB card
  142. Juli@ XTe Soundcard "Clock Select"
  143. always get 192khz from a mac mini and don't understand why
  144. Music Server Advice Requested
  145. Caps zuma guide
  146. No infrared on new Macs
  147. Heading the headless Mac Mini?
  148. Topanga Question
  149. SOtM USB problems
  150. Best computer source for USB connected DAC
  151. Zuma or...
  152. iFi iUSB vs. SoTM USB card
  153. CAPS V3 comparisons
  154. SOtM tX-USBexp audiophile PCIe to USB audio card vs. Adnaco-S3B USB 3.0 Over Fiber Optic Expansion System
  155. Magnetic screening... Mu-metal
  156. Microsoft Surface Pro
  157. SOTM USB PCI vs PCI-e card?
  158. Battery Powered Hot Rod Server
  159. Nice aluminum computer cases
  160. Zuma Issues
  161. Core Audio Server Ryan Mintz
  162. My DIY custom case (pics)
  163. MolexT with SOtM card
  164. New to this game and trying to sort out my plan of attack
  165. multi-channel audio over USB?
  166. CAPS as Network Server
  167. CAPS Zuma with JPlay
  168. Caps v3 carbon vs macbook pro/w-audirvana sound quality?
  169. CAPSv3 Carbon - Functionality Questions
  170. Some tips for building music server
  171. Synology DS412+ > HiFace 2 vs. MB Pro, PureMusic > HiFace2
  172. Opps ordered wrong USB Card for CAPS v3... any help
  173. How do I enclose and power an external SSD boot drive?
  174. Mac Mini/Macbook Air / Mountain Lion vs. Macbook Pro / Snow Leopard
  175. Smallest possible windows server
  176. Running Dirac Live on CAPS
  177. Hel selecting format for new NAS Drive
  178. Understanding The RAM And CPU Relationship
  179. Windows 8, MacMini and audio: feasible? interesting? no go?
  180. Windows 8 Customizations
  181. C.A.P.S. storage question...please help!
  182. Interesting and Possible Music Server
  183. Newbie Questions - Vortexbox
  184. My C.A.P.S. V3 Build - Boekeloo
  185. C.A.P.S v3 Lagoon Review
  186. Anyone successfully installed graphics driver on Caps V3 (Intel DN2800MT) MoBo ?
  187. A PC Based Variation
  188. Vortexbox and M2Tech Evo
  189. Building an audio server....
  190. System Requirements for HD Playback
  191. mac mini hdmi - 24/192?
  192. USB wireless network adapter on caps v3
  193. Some Questions .... the Intel DN2800MT
  194. Atoll ST200: Streamer Transport from Atoll Electronique
  195. Splashtop J River question
  196. Jetway NF96-525-if
  197. Audiophile Linux 1.0.2 Distro
  198. Sales of Intel DN2800MT MoBo suspended in Europe
  199. Need help understanding 'headless' concept for controlling music server.
  200. Music Server recommendations needed
  201. Need help loading Windows 8 onto Lagoon!
  202. SOTM sata filter
  203. Self contained server
  204. Caps3 Lagoon - Small Green Computer
  205. Help getting our setup tuned
  206. My CAPS V3
  207. Wanna Free Mac Mini? Linn has a great offer running!
  208. Noise From The DN2800MT Board?
  209. Question for Paul Hynes linear PSU owners
  210. Anyone Buy A Carbon from Small Green Computer?
  211. SOtM tx-USB Question
  212. Mini Windows music server build w/ questions
  213. A Quiet Switch Mode Power Supply For CAPS?
  214. SOtM tX-USBexp precision oscillator USB card
  215. CAPS v3 Zuma and Synology DiskStation DS412+ Setup
  216. CAPS v3 Zuma vs Carbon
  217. CAPS 3.0 upgrade, what to do with PCI SOtM USB card
  218. Mac Mini headless setup
  219. CAPS v3 listening impressions
  220. Caps V3 Carbon vs Bryston BDP-1
  221. Does the whole battery powered CAPS concept need a re-think ?
  222. The CAPS Linux "self installed" but what to install thread.
  223. sharing iTunes between Mac's
  224. Benchmark (speed)
  225. Linn Akurate DS or Aurender S10/soTm SMS-1000
  226. How do you access JRiver over the network?
  227. CAPS v3 CPU Question
  228. Can a Mac mini battery-PS benefit if...
  229. Macbook - Linear Power Supply !....
  230. PowerMac and Lynx PCI card
  231. Which is Better - Music Server (such as Wyred 4 Sound MS-2) or Mac Mini?
  232. Power supply to use with FC5/E4
  233. Poor Man RWA Black Lightning alternative
  234. Q's on the CAPS v3 mobo: Intel dn2800mt
  235. Controlling CAPSv3 server
  236. CAPS v3 Troubleshooting
  237. CD Transport?
  238. Olive ONE
  239. Lacie NAS Problems with Cover Art AIFF
  240. Cubox any one?
  241. Problem with C.A.P.S. 2.1
  242. CAPS V2+ USB 3.0 anomaly
  243. 2012 Mac Mini - The Processor for the best sound ?
  244. I need some clarification answers from the wise please
  245. which one, Snyology 413J or 413 or...?
  246. Synergistic tranquility base for mac mini. Any experience?
  247. Interesting New Audiophile Player
  248. HTPC: How do I setup WASAPI for 2 CH and bit steaming for HD audio on Blu-ray?
  249. Is there a niche server missed by the Hifi market?
  250. Help AV7005 and new music server