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  1. Mac laptop as a server
  2. USB drive connected to music server vs. NAS for music storage
  3. Aurender Media Manager for Mac
  4. HDD Audio remote app for Sony HAP Z1 ES
  5. 8 GB RAM in CAPS V3
  6. 2014 MacMini (entry level) - one step for a drastic improvement
  7. EQ plugins with servers and streamers: Aries, Aurender, Antipodes, etc. -- possible?
  8. 2 PC system...whats your playback architecture?
  9. 2015 Mac Mini vs Mac Pro Tower
  10. Benefit to Dual Hard Drive CAPS (OS and Music)?
  11. 12 battery vs high end PSU to mac mini
  12. Mac mini 2014 PCIe vs 2012 boot OS from SD card
  13. Re-purpose CAPS V3 Lagoon as iTunes Server?
  14. Open Source in Commercial (Audio) Products.
  15. Upgrading iMac - or actually rather not
  16. Micro vortexbox from small green computer?
  17. i7 4930 K on ASUS P9X79 LE LGA 2011 race horse, recommendations please for over clocking and memory
  18. Mac Mini (Late 2014) - audio dropouts
  19. Alternative to MacBook / iTunes?
  20. Antipodes Reference Series DX Music Server
  21. Internet/bluetooth woes with CAPS V3
  22. Aurender X100 & USB to SPDIF convertor
  23. CAPS v2 randomly turns off
  24. Unexpected behavior: JRMC under VMWare
  25. Ipad Mini with Seagate Wireless Plus
  26. JCAT vs SOTM USB card
  27. Qnap HS 251 Ethernet configuration advice
  28. Lumin vs Oppo
  29. Upgraded the internal SSD today...
  30. New Mac Book Air
  31. Ipad/Hard drive
  32. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread
  33. Help required building my first C.A.P.S !!!
  34. Replacing hard drive in Sony Hap-S1 anyone?
  35. Searching for a product
  36. splashtop question
  37. Ultra low noise linear power supply
  38. Is the Pico really noisy for audio?
  39. Red Wine and Zuma build question
  40. migrating new ripped CD's
  41. mac mini server control
  42. Headless Mac Mini Startup
  43. Controlling Mac mini music server with another Mac
  44. Mac w/i5 or i7?
  45. Mac or PC for Serving the Music?
  46. Who's tried the Teradak LPS for Mac Mini?
  47. SSD Power
  48. PLIXIR: power supply for mac mini
  49. 3rd party testing of 3rd gen Airport Express
  50. three choices..
  51. Upgrade CAPS V3 for upsampling PCM to 2xDSD (DSD128) ?
  52. Streacom FC-10 case - how to remove the back panel ?
  53. Which Mac?
  54. CAPS Build CPU Choice - Lower TDP or Higher Frequency?
  55. minimwatch path format
  56. Dedicated Liner Power Supply for the SSD just rocks!
  57. 2014 Mac Mini with FD
  58. PPA USB Card v2 operating problem in linux
  59. Can I add SATA ports to CAPS v3 with Marshalltown MB?
  60. DIY Music Server Audio Card or what ? ?
  61. Any reports on the Auralic Aries' usb-only playback of DSD256?
  62. JRiver ID
  63. Mac Mini out, Sony Hap-S1 in.
  64. mSATA as noisy as SSD HD?
  65. Does a better power supply matter for NAS media server
  66. NAA with Lampi and HQP on Mac Air for DSD
  67. Mac Mini and DAC
  68. Mac Mini - 2012 vs New Model? Dual vs. Quad cores?
  69. Unplug NAS fan for less noise
  70. Is there a better digital Coax cable to run from server or are the good ones all about the same?
  71. Anyone using a Remedy reclocker from Wyred4Sound for better streaming of eg, Tidalhifi.com
  72. Looking to upgrade my PSU for my server, this one looks nice!
  73. Advice on Power Supply design issues
  74. Cache Drive
  75. Has anyone used YFS LPS on a mac mini??
  76. Experienced audiophile, new to computer audio, requests some advice!
  77. Newbie - CAPS help and advice request
  78. An off the shelf ATX power supply worth a look.
  79. powering the server
  80. WS 2012 R2 Essentials, why does it take so long to swicth from one mode to another ?
  81. Mac Mini Software Tweaks
  82. Linear PSU for CPU
  83. Raspberry Pi2 windows 10
  84. WS 2012 Music Server
  85. Paul Pang v2 USB Card and Hackintosh
  86. JREMOTE - Can not add a new server
  87. Battery powered SSD - a tweak that really works !
  88. Thunderbolt networking setup for dual PC with optical Thunderbolt cable
  90. PC power in and cleaning up USB out -advice for newbie
  91. DVD RW type: slim or high front ?
  92. DVD RW types: slim or high front ?
  93. LPSU on a laptop PC : stupid or efficient ?
  94. Products /Techniques to Reduce Computer Noise
  95. What is the basic definition of a "dual head" CA system?
  96. C.A.P.S. v3 Carbon Question
  97. Question on Connection of Mac Mini with DAC and HDD
  98. PC for Music to Stereo
  99. Making compacter and greener
  100. Daphile almost there but slight config problem
  101. CAPS V2 Build Problem Jetway Motherboard Power
  102. REVIEW: CAPS pipeline on budget
  103. On the point to buy mac mini but...
  104. which mobo please
  105. Why does Aurender require AMM to display metadata from songs that are on NAS shares? Here's why.
  106. Aurender File Transfer newbie question
  107. Synology 413j out via Usb to dac
  108. CAPS v4 Maroubra
  109. Streacom NC2 / Heat Issue w. D54250 i5 - BIOS settings?
  110. Optimal Tidal streamer interface
  111. More CPU cores help?
  112. Aurender N100
  113. Paul Pang Audio V3 USB Card
  114. Windows Server 2012 - Hard Disk problem
  115. Using PC as a music server, played by Android, Apple phone/tablet.
  116. Alternative Configurations to the C.A.P.S. v4 Pipeline
  117. Any tips for making a Mac Mini quieter over USB
  118. pipeline server board with video card
  119. SOtM sMS-100 can't connect to my network?
  120. Why is my router shown as a music library
  121. HP Stream Mini
  122. Sound Quality of External HDD
  123. How do I play Tidal through a 2 PC setup?
  124. CAPS related queries from a novice!
  125. Comparing linear psu to IFi usb on Mac mini........any experiences?
  126. Finalmente music-server/network player LUXMAN?
  127. Xeon E3-1241 v3 versus i7 CPU
  128. streacom fc10 psu alternatives
  129. Mini-PC Windows 8.1: GULEEK i8
  130. HARDWARE ADVICE on work/htpc/music server
  131. C.A.P.S. v4 Pipeline build help needed
  132. About to build new system and need advice
  133. CAPS v3 Carbon power supply question
  134. Going to a mac mini 2012 from a 2010 - questions.
  135. Linn ds
  136. LPS powered MBP ( and no battery ), anyone tried ?
  137. New streamers from Aurender!
  138. Macbook or Mac mini for digital front end?
  139. OS X Server
  140. Anybody install OpenUPS on CAPSv3?
  141. Help me troubleshoot my HDD
  142. New Seagate 8 tb Shingled Drive
  143. Current Mac Mini
  144. Bel Canto VBS-1
  145. Audio-PC Components, AES/EBU/XLR to active speakers RME or m2tech?
  146. Digital music transport - suggestions?
  147. BubbleUpnp Server Error 404
  148. How to install - Uptone JS-2 and MMK board (photos photos photos!)
  149. Cambridge StreamMagic 6 v.2 Question
  150. auraliti pk90/100 or Auralic Aries
  151. CAPS with Win Server and AO or NAD M50 or Bryston BDP-1 or Aires
  152. Teradak Supply Accuracy?
  153. Upgrade CAPS V2
  154. Building my HTPC - Concerns about the Sound Card selection
  155. Recommended Mac Mini configuration
  156. Higher-rez files dropping out or not playing at all - Help?
  157. Vortexbox crossfade problem
  158. Some Successful Mods to CAPS Carbon
  159. AES/EBU card or USB card?
  160. Jriver freezing issue
  161. Order of Importance: Digital Chain
  162. Ethernet to DAC Connection
  163. General Sony HAPZ1ES Issues
  164. requirements for laptop server
  165. Attempt at budget minded C.A.P.S. - looking for suggestions
  166. Attempt at budget minded C.A.P.S. - looking for suggestions
  167. MPD audio output configuration for Berkeley Alpha USB?
  168. music server build
  169. CAPS server with Red Wine Black Lightning issue
  170. Aurender S-10 Used or Aurender X100L New
  171. how would you put a system together with these components?
  172. Anyone Compared Mac Mini 2014 vs 2012 for Music Server Application?
  173. Windows 8.1 better than Windows 8?
  174. Linux-based End-to-End Music Server
  175. Recommendation on a touch screen for JRiver
  176. 24/96 streaming from Synology?
  177. Looking for best sounding Music Streamer
  178. 2014 Mac Mini: Do all of them have the PCI-e SSD capability?
  179. Mac Mini vs Synology
  180. Resolution Audio Cantata
  181. Can some one direct me to a link on how to SIMPLY install a NAS to my Mac Mini?
  182. Thunderbolt out of a Windows PC? Good idea vs USB?
  183. Building a new PC
  184. Music Server
  185. Coolest little PC I've seen
  186. Vortexbox Help
  187. Which Mac Mini Late 2012 or Late 2014?
  188. Aurender X100L Display Contents
  189. An "attached storage transport" - does this exist? TEAC PD501HR?
  190. MacMini Owners: The Headless Mac Video Accelerator
  191. System without a system.
  192. New mini vs previous gen?? Help please.
  193. Power PC fans separately?
  194. Does a CPU fan add electronic noise, and how much?
  195. CAPS / Mac Mini / Auralic Aries?
  196. Need recommendation on best sounding external drive.
  197. 2014 Mac Mini for music
  198. Auralic Aries: Where to buy?
  199. Logitech Media Server 7.7.3 Killed by Yosemite
  200. Touchscreen recommenations for JRiver on a C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma?
  201. Ia there an excellent but not cutting edge fanless. PC available at "reasonable" expense
  202. Android 5.0 Lollipop
  203. NAS to USB DAC
  204. Fanless?
  205. Is a Dedicated Music Server Better?
  206. Build Streamer for $350
  207. Do I need a top quality internal USB sound card if I have an external DAC?
  208. Music Streamer/Source
  209. CAPS v.3 build using iFi iUSBPower question?
  210. My Windows 8.1 computer won't see my network.
  211. VNC Viewer & Mac Mini
  212. Auralic Aries: Recommended file sources?
  213. Help me select an Audio PC
  214. Help with new Mac Mini sound/volume level issue
  215. CAPS Carbon Question
  216. output interfaces for a music server/player
  217. Completely stumped
  218. Best alternative to MacMini as music source?
  219. Marantz SR5009
  220. QNAP Qfix 1.0.1 may be problematic
  221. Power LED on Streacom FC10
  222. Differences in SQ: Some people hear them, I do not... Why?
  223. Upgrading Laptop - Steps to Take
  224. The Role of a good Power supply and high-end soundcard in a digital output only system
  225. My new 2014 Mac mini is a real veil-lifter, soundstage opener and all-around puncher beyond its pricepoint
  226. IPad digital audio out via USB
  227. QAT MS5 music server
  228. Networking a Hard Drive - Mac
  229. Group Buy for full ATX Linear PSU from Teradak
  230. IUsb Purifier vs LInear PSU for Paul Pang USB
  231. jriver id
  232. Integral ripping + NAS
  233. Anyone serving music from Compulab Utilite?
  234. Intermittent File Play back (MB pro/ Lacie HD)
  235. Provenance of a SACD Player
  236. WOW TWEAK! - Turning off the video capability from the BIOS
  237. How to uninstall Logitech Media Server on Mac OSX 10.9?
  238. 5 seconds being clipped off all my tracks from NAS server
  239. Full size Desktops vs Laptops - 6 system shootout, questions
  240. New product: Bryston BDP-1USB
  241. Usefullness of a external quality power (linear PSU or Battery) for USB Pci card (SOTM, PPA,...) for use with an Asynchronous, completely 5V decoupled DAC ?
  242. LPS question: What ampere should I use?
  243. Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 - DAC found & lost, cannot load drivers
  244. How to get Oppo 103 to show up as a playback device in J River
  245. laptop docking station USB vs direct output USB
  246. Power Supply for Mainboard and Sound Card
  247. Mac Mini (late 2012) sound is fine for me.
  248. SQ comparison: roll-your-own vs. commercial servers
  249. Requirement for SOTM USB Card
  250. NAS to DAC Connection preferred