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  1. What's the best solution for the OS disk ?
  2. SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End
  3. Melco server and DSP question
  4. Bluesound Node 2
  5. Nativ Vita indiegogo campaign
  6. Do I need 2 Music Streamers or are there other options in this setup...
  7. Server ideas for MicroRendu?
  8. Possible to stream to a Squeezebox from a hard drive with no computer?
  9. Baetis Audio
  10. Building with the HDPlex 300W ATX Linear PSU
  11. HTPC / Minimserver build (HDPlex H5 + 100W Linear Power Supply)
  12. Flac from Networked Computer, Oppo
  13. Thin ITX
  14. Caps Zuma WS2012 R2 with Mellanox fiber card reboots every 30 minutes!!
  15. Just received my HD Plex 300W ATX LPS
  16. Anyone use Rasberry Pi as a VNC client for controlling a mac mini or similar?
  17. Auraliti pk90 or?
  18. Basic NAS suggestion
  19. Which computer for music server
  20. 10.11.4 OS X update: "Fixes an issue that caused USB audio devices to disconnect"
  21. Perform a hard reset Auralic Aries Mini
  22. One more time, SSD vs HDD
  23. Making a Mac Mini work like it should
  24. Wired or wireless USB and HDMI?
  25. Etalon strEamer Review via HiFi Pig
  26. Connecting a Aurender N100H to a AV receiver
  27. My Audiostreamer DIY Project
  28. New HD for Oyen Mini Pro Enclosure
  29. LPS proximity to server
  30. New Bryston BDP-Pi Server
  31. Aurender N100 - Ipad Mini v4
  32. New Rasberry Pi Announced. Is this news?
  33. Not sure even what to ask..
  34. Windows stick mini-PC as an audio server
  35. What sounds better a pc usb out to dac or ....
  36. Atlast Solutions Fanless PC with PCI-e slot
  37. is there a windows controlled music server available?
  38. Buy an Aurender N100H or wait and try the micro-Rendu
  39. Auralic Mini Problems
  40. So, if I am going to go the Mac Mini route, what should I buy?
  41. RAM and Performance
  42. HD Plex 100w vs 300w?
  43. Need Help - Computer Audio Noise Problem
  44. Questions about optimizing my computer for sound
  45. Science project- cheap Windows 10 music server
  46. Will Roon run on CAPS V4 Pipeline?
  47. Basic equalizer Data Base (DB) of a song
  48. Synology NAS for Dummies?
  49. Another HDPLEX H5 Gen 2 build
  50. Ferrite cores on DC cables?
  51. My Second Audio PC (PPA + Teradak + HDPLEX H5 2nd + JCAT+SOtM Absorber)
  52. More dynamics, attack and energy?
  53. Embedded style motherboard good/bad idea?
  54. SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition
  55. Can Atom D525 cpu be run without a fan?
  56. small linear power supply for audio interface
  57. What are the mechanics of streaming?
  58. Mac Pro server vs. Mac Mini server
  59. Audiopraise Vanity HD card for Oppo BDP-103
  60. HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Silent Music Player Build
  61. JRiver DLNA problem with DSD streaming to MARANTZ NA6005 from a Mac
  62. Odd behaviour from PPA v4 USB card
  63. Streamer in the ~$3000 range
  64. Buying a PPA v2 card in the UK
  65. I need a music player with its own operating system
  66. Running Win OS purely in RAM
  67. Fanless Computer with PCI-E Expansion
  68. DAC - PPA Music server with PPA V4 usb card connection problem.
  69. Streamers vs PC
  70. Diskless Windows 10 PC Setup Procedure
  71. Disappointment with Teradak
  72. Thoughts and suggestions for implementing Roon into my system
  73. Auraliti PK100 - can't get albumartist tag displayed
  74. Should I build my own music server
  75. Opinion: Class of Music Servers
  76. Supplying clean power to my wireless bridge = good results (crazy!)
  77. Paul Pang musicserver/pc my experiences
  78. Acopian linear power supplies - opinions?
  79. The "best-value" solution to "clean-up" USB chain on CAPS/HTPC?
  80. Aurender x100L vs N100H
  81. LAN Cards for Media Servers - What's the recommendation
  82. Cary Audio DMS-500
  83. This "Airtop" looks like it has potential
  84. SOTM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition with Roon and Word 10 mhzClock input
  85. Audirvana + 2.0 v. Pure Music 3.0.6
  86. Anyone using a Macbook or other Core M laptop as a music server?
  87. Going Mobile - Digital Audio in a Car
  88. Windows Server Core Running NAA
  89. pointers needed - new home built music server system
  90. How to improve sound quality from here?
  91. How do design a server for A/V as well as audio
  92. Clementine-PCLinuxOS Server
  93. Aurender and MQA announcement
  94. Windows Server 2012 Core + AOptimizer + J.River v21 for HTPC?
  95. Medical grade regulated power supply?
  96. Linux distribution suggestions for headless MPD server?
  97. Any body using Remote Control with Windows 2012 R2 and HQPlayer?
  98. Problem wih Bottlehead DAC and XMOS on NUC D5420WYB
  99. from the What's Best Forum - Cool News from Auralic
  100. Teradak PSU
  101. Running Minimserver on QNAP vs dedicated PC..difference in sound?
  102. My little experiment - Belleson versus LT1963 DC regulator
  103. PC audio server needs help
  104. USB and Hardware Issues
  105. New Mc Mini Configuration
  106. Schiit Wyrd Upgrade to Raspberry Pi Player
  107. 2 PC Jplay setup - how important is the control pc to the sound?
  108. iSCSI boot for diskless NAA, workstation etc.
  109. Anybody running Paul Pang USB card from battery?
  110. Paul Pang v3 vs v4 USB Card
  111. HDPLEX with some modification for TeraDak.
  112. Paul Pang v4 USB...any issues with Server Essentials + AO + Fidelizer
  113. Trouble with HP eHome IR remote, making it work with 2012 R2 and HQPlayer
  114. CAPS v4 Pipeline - Need inputs
  115. 2 computer configuration - how to do please? Need a configuation for dummies tutorial please
  116. Where to buy JCAT USB card
  117. NAS and NAD D 3020
  118. CAPS versus RoW
  119. Sony HAP S1 problem
  120. Mac Mini Interface
  121. Best upgrade for me??
  122. I have a strange intermittent PS issue... 5 secs on 5 secs off.
  123. New Plex H5 gen 2 server HTPC
  124. About Softperfect Ramdisk?
  125. LAN Driver install problem on Server 2012
  126. USB cable between MediaCenter and DAC
  127. For all you Electrical Engineers: LM317 vs LT1963 voltage regulator
  128. upgraded from picopsu to HDPlex 250w HiFi ATX psu...my impressions
  129. If i want to upgrade SSD, which one should be the first? OS SSD? MUSIC SSD?
  130. CAPS Pipeline v4 vs. SonicOrbiter
  131. next upgrade opinion: another lps or Paul Pang v4 usb?
  132. SOtM sCLK clock for tx-USBexp
  133. time for a new computer - NUC? MINIX? anthing else?
  134. HDPlex DC ATC power supplies questions
  135. Announce: Daphile 15.12 version released
  136. My BIOS SETTING for Audio Optimized.
  137. Same LPS rail powering picopsu and cpu..defeating the purpose?
  138. Anyone else having issues with Marantz NA8005 DSD streamer DAC?
  139. Dedicated 12V Power Supply for CPU
  140. Install psu in a Mac mini
  141. Motherboard Question for Xeon Processor
  142. Auralic Mini vs Apple TV vs Chromecast Audio vs IPhone/Gravitas
  143. The new SOtM music server is Wins based!!? What do think?
  144. Which quad core cpu(in a NUC) for JPlay and AO.
  145. Mac Mini vs. Audiophile VortexBox
  146. Should I use SOtM In-Line SATA Power Noise Filter for CD ROM as well?
  147. Paul Pang Audio Parts
  148. Can i use this thing for PC? (instead of Clock upgrade)
  149. Any Recommendation for a CD ROM for CAPS Server?
  150. HDMI out vs USB out - Which sounds better
  151. Appreciable Sound Quality Improvements Over the Mac Mini?
  152. PPA USB card v2 install problems
  153. Has anyone compared iFi - Micro iUSB 3.0 Power Supply to Amber Regen
  154. What is ideal length for a USB audio cable that runs from music server to DAC?
  155. Is the I2S output on the Wyred 4 Sound MS-2 compatible with the I2S input on the PS Audio Directstream DAC???
  156. EMI Absorber - How to read the graph chart.
  157. Easiest way to stream from iMac to Oppo 105
  158. Will a Pico PSU work well with a Windows/ Intel Music Server?
  159. PPA usb twin cable vs Audioquest Diamond?
  160. Newbie needs a easy to use nas: My Cloud EX 2 8TB Personal Cloud Storage at $320?
  161. Any preference between SSD Pro verses M 2?
  162. Some pics of my audio server build
  163. Is there another USB card better that SoTM USBexp?
  164. SOtM EMI Absorber Sheet. Does it really work?
  165. Which PCIe extender should I use?
  166. did someone tried to connect like this clock to mobo
  167. Does CPU cache relate to sound quality?
  168. Build me the ultimate Music Server
  169. Headless Mac Mini Music Server (except when I want to use it for something else)
  170. CAPS or Laptop?
  171. Can't make decision about cpu+ram+mb
  172. Low performance PC VS. High performance PC + BIOS Mod (Paul Pang concept) What do you think?
  173. Which computer to buy as Music server?
  174. Sound card for my Linux Server: Asus or Juli@
  175. Vbus Isolator from Sbooster
  176. Arires Mini Question
  177. Which OS should I use to turn Mini ITX PC into a Music Server player
  178. Mac Mini recommendation
  179. Best media center motherboard
  180. My Custom Designed Music Server for under $500 that matches $3,000 Servers
  181. I think my bios broken. How can i fix it?
  182. Positioning iMac used as music server?
  183. microsoft-windows-kernel-power >> critical!! What happened?
  184. Recommendations on USB Cable/Device Upgrade
  185. SATA Cables.
  186. Golden Gate Lampizator
  187. What do you hate most about servers? What should they do--but don't?
  188. SSD upgrade? OS SSD or Music SSD?
  189. Linear PSU 100W to power CAPS ver.3 Zuma pc
  190. CAPS 2 tweak - internal or external SSD
  191. What would be the minimum computing power for smooth DSD playback - netbook sufficient?
  192. Is this sufficient?
  193. SSD Storage
  194. Would just like an explanation if possible
  195. GA Z97M-D3H Can't Play 24/192
  196. New ones available: Mac Mini Quad Core 2.6GHz with 256GB SSD and 8 GB RAM
  197. Im a noob pls help
  198. HPET killed my bass... wth?
  199. Streacom & HDplex alternatives?
  200. Clock on Server MB, Which one is Main Oscillator Clock?
  201. OS X 10.11 (El Crapitan) and SIP
  202. Replace mainboard original clock with PPA OCXO? Need help!
  203. Best AES/EBU Audio card to replace my Lynx AES16 ?
  204. Do those digital player components (i.e. Bryston BDP, Auralic Aries) sound better than a computer?
  205. good card with optical output?
  206. Experiences with elfidelity products?
  207. Aurender N10 a/B to iMac
  208. SOtM USB ad Jitterbug
  209. SOtM fanfilter
  210. Cambridge cxn won't connect to network over wifi
  211. Mac Mini Keyboard/Control Question
  212. Qnap file organization
  213. Sound Galleries Music Server
  214. Building a Music Appliance - Newb Needs Help!!!
  215. Windows 10 problem with CAPS Zuma and pci-e 1394 Firewire card.
  216. TeraDak LPSU 400W - Did anyone ever order it from this link?
  217. Can laptop sound as good a PC tower through a good dac?
  218. Aries and Jitterbug
  219. Batter /LPS powered SSD-what cable/adapter to use?
  220. Suggest the best available cheap power supply for CAPS or Mac Mini
  221. Roon vs JRiver
  222. Help me change my Lacie based system
  223. CPU Capability for Upsampling to DSD
  224. I2S Computer Build
  225. REGEN with SPDIF Convert
  226. I am totally out of my comfort zone
  227. IPower Mac mini's internal ssd with LPS?
  228. Is this industrial grade ECC RAM?
  229. Aurender n100/s10/x100 vs CAPS Pipeline
  230. I need a fast boot music server with a head.
  231. Mac Mini as a Music Server, HOW
  232. Schiit Audio Wyrd , Uptone Regen and the Audioquest Jitterbug
  233. Review about AudiophileOptimizer on SoundStage! Ultra
  234. CAPS Pipeline DSD HQP query
  235. Fix: Mac USB port stopped working
  236. Using iPower on External HDDs or Other non-Regen Devices.
  237. Double Uptone Audio Regens
  238. Uptone Audio Regen - Clock Mod
  239. Put mac mini into PC HTPC case with hard drives - Advice
  240. Odroid or Raspberry Pi2 vs PC for audio
  241. Underclocking an i5-4460T CPU
  242. Newbie Question?
  243. With apologies to William Graves - I got microsoft'd - streamers?
  244. Raspberry Pi + Hifiberry Digi+ as a Streamer
  245. CAPS Intel DN2800 Windows 10
  246. Same music on hard drive vs cd
  247. CAPS requirements thought over for real life conditions
  248. NUC troubleshooting, ODD issues
  249. Sonore μRendu
  250. Power supply questions