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The Tracer battery has a separate charge socket and does not take a charge from the output terminals so I've setup a two way and a 3 way switch. The upper switch allows pure battery output when the lower switch is in the middle "off" position and the charger is competely out of circuit. With the lower switch flicked up charger power is sent to the output terminals. With the lower switch flicked down charger power is sent directly to the charge circuit of the battery. Both switches in the up position allow for continuous listening without battery run down. I really cannot be sure whether I do notice any audible difference between pure battery power and power via the charger supply combined. There was a real positive difference changing from a single 12v switch mode "wall wart" supply to the battery and external USB supply but this may be down to the SPower module as much as the battery or it may be that the battery is "buffering" the output from the charger.

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C.A.P.S. Battery Power
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