Preparing for Mountain Lion

  1. dave_kiwi
    So, how will you handle the forth upcoming Mountain Lion upgrade [sic] ?

    As I use my MacBook Pro at work as well as at home, I need to ensure I don't break " nuthin' " - so I ordered a 60gig SSD and OWC DataDoubler to allow me to replace my optical drive with SSD whilst retaining my 320 gig HDD. The SSD will be used for Mountain Lion.

    (Mean time, OWC have a case so optical drive can be re-used).

    Was thinking of just " aliasing" my user folder on my HDD with Mountain Lion on the SSD, but not sure if am asking for trouble .... any opinions on the wisdom of this????"
  2. wgscott
    The post-Steve Jobs Apple is actually being much more open about what will be available, and when. I think this will be a much easier upgrade than the 10.6 to 10.7 transition.

    OS X 10.6 in many ways achieved perfection. Although I have always been a slobbering Apple fan, I have to say that 10.7 was a real let-down in many ways. Half of my computers became hopelessly bogged down. It was the first time I actually reverted an OS update. On computers we (me, family, people who work in my lab) purchased since the release of 10.7, it has run smoothly, but on earlier hardware, it hasn't been an improvement by any means.

    My long term hope is that 10.8 will be kind of like 10.6 in that regard.

    On my machines that currently run 10.7 with no problems, I will probably upgrade the first day it is released. I have an iMac and two 2009 mac minis and one 2010 mac mini (the latter has a 10.7 partition as well, and is my music server). Those I will not upgrade. .
  3. dave_kiwi
    Thought I gaven't had any issues with Lion, am hoping that the ram needed for me to " function" at work won't "double"

    A trend since 10.5 is that I have always needed to increase ram.

    10.5 -> white MacBook 1 gig installed --- increase to 2 gig
    10.6 -> MacBook pro 2009 2 gig installed --- increase to 4 gig
    10.7 -> MacBook pro 2011 4 gig installed --- increase to 8 gig
    10.8 -> MacBook pro 2011 8 gig installed --- increase to 16 gig ???? hope not.
  4. AudioDoctor
    I think I am going to take a wait and see approach, specifically for my mini acting as a music server. Unless there are benefits that make it worthwhile, I see no reason to rush.
  5. dave_kiwi
    Well, after some "open heart surgery" I have replaced my optical drive with a 60gig SSD. Did a new minimal 10.7.4 install, enough to function at work plus Audirvana Plus.

    1. Response / reboot / restart times are very fast :-)
    2. (Of course [sic]) I now have all the advantages of the "improvement" in sound quality <grin>
    3. Battery life duration seems to be longer - hard to quantify but that's the feeling I get -- need more observation.

    So, now with a clean install I think am ready to "embrace" Mountain Lion when it's released. (as have my fall back 10.7.4 install on HDD).
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