Building a 8260A system to support both 16/44 and 24/192 playback

  1. spectral7
    Hi DigiPete,

    I'm contemplating assembling a system around a pair of Genelec 8260As, but I'm a bit confused how you achieve both 16/44 and 24/192 playback in your system. I took a look at the 8260A manual, and it seems to imply that transmission of 192khz sample rates requires dual-wire mode. Is this the case? If so, how do you wire up your system, seeing that the 8260A only has a single AES/EBU input? I'm guessing it has something to do with the Weis AFI-1. If so, can the same be achieved with the Weis DAC 202 (which I already own)?

    Thanks for your help,
  2. PeterMacColeman

    I'm not the Peter you were hoping for. I wanted to mention to you that the Genelec 8260A supports the Single/Dual Wire AES/EBU over the one cable. The way that AES sends the data for stereo speaker systems is over a single digital cable. AES/EBU Supports up to two channels per cable might be an easier way to think about it. You will use your Genelec DSP Software and set it up with the rapid cabling wizard. The step by step process allows you to designate placement right, left, center etc thru a menu. You can also add a Subwoofer into the set up but it really isn't necessary, depending on material and room size you mileage may vary. That being said. Matching a sub to the 8260's in the long run is a 500 mpg kind of deal. You can't get a much better setup.
  3. PeterMacColeman
    I've been using the DSP Genelecs since they first came out and would be happy to help if I can. So if you have any further questions feel free to give me a buzz. If not enjoy your system. I'd also suggest a TC Electronics BMC-2 as a great stereo controller for your new system.
  4. Perlik
    Hi Peter,
    Do you mean the TC Electronics BMC-2 does a better job than the DSP ? I understand the output of the BMC-2 being analog you then use the 8260 in analog mode ?

  5. PeterMacColeman

    the BMC-2 supports digital AES/EBU output. It is one of the few monitor controllers that you can use to attenuate levels for a digital signal.
  6. herculepirate
    Hello Genelec'ers.
    I am about to get myself 8260A speakers for stereo use.
    Would you recommend in investing in the 7270A subwoofer for Stereo use with the 8260A speakers ????

    I have an M2Tech EVO where I can use to send AES/EBU signal to the Genelec directly. I may have a few other devices that i can add as well but will need to unplug everytime....
    Can anyone suggest a device that I can use which can be used as a switch to switch between 2 - 5 AES/EBU inputs.

    I am also looking for a device that can be used if I need to add more channels i.e. 5.1 Audio....I have few options here like the Lynx 16SE sound card installed in this Thunderbolt expansion chassis. I can see DigiPete using the Weiss AF-1 but that is really expensive and this Sonnect can give me flexibility to change PCIe cards whenever I need.

    I am also looking for a Remote Control. I can see a person who got a USB Digital remote for the Genelec's. Is the a Remote control version for the same..... ???

  7. DigiPete
    Hi herculepirate

    I am not using my sub when I run the system in stereo mode and my 8260's do deliver down to 19Hz in the room with DSP.
    I have used my 7271A sub at times, but the improvements are small if any.

    Somebody here uses dual subs (7260 or 7270) with a 8260 stereo setup.
    That is how I would do it, placing the subs in the adjacent corners of the room.

    I think the M2Tech EVO will give you sterling service
    You can find AES/EBU switches in the post-production / Broadcast arena, I have no personal experiences.

    I use the Griffin Technology USB remote, but have not sought a true wireless remote.

    The 8260's are a truly fantastic piece of technology and a blast to listen to.

    All the best of luck and keep us up to date on your project

  8. DigiPete
    Dual post deleted
  9. herculepirate
    Thanks Digipete,

    I will look for the stuff,

    Another query about the 5.1 AES EBU sound card. AF-1 is an expensive option. Any other option.
    I have tried to look at the Sonnet thunderbolt expansion with Lynx AES 16SE soundcard.

    let me know if I have any other options for this.


  10. herculepirate
    Digipete and other Genelec users,

    Any input on the 5.1 AES/EBU Sound Card.... Is the Lynx AES 16SE with the Sonnet PCIE expansion, the only option ?

    I have also been looking for stands for the 8260A.... Prefereably adjustable.
    The Genelec stands are INSANELY expensive... Also I get a feeling the the Isopods are not fixed and the speakers may fall when nudged.....
    Can anyone give me any secure stands recommendations..


  11. DigiPete
    AES/EBU Cards 1/3

    Hi Alwyn

    I find the 8260's and related equipment quite cheap, as it offers a lot compared to the price.
    That does not change the fact that it is a lot of money to the most of us deadly people ;-)

    Stands and wall mounts
    First, I use the 8260-414B Wall mount for 8260A and similar for my rear 8250's.
    This is safe for both the speakers, people and their feet and very esthetic and convenient.
    The wall mounts are also quite pricy, but i looked around the internet and found mine for EUR 120,- a piece.
  12. DigiPete
    AES/EBU Cards 2/3

    AES/EBU multi channel Sound Cards

    The AES/EBU (AES3) standard is widely used in studios, broadcast and for other professional use.
    You will find a broad verity of equipment, none of which will be very low price.
    Most will have some AD/DA that may be unnecessary added cost.

    Cables on the other hand will be of surprisingly high quality for the price, just make sure it is proper AES/EBU cables (110ohm digital XLR).
    10m (35ft) cable - EUR 25.

    Cards with approx. price:

    Weiss AFI1
    USD 1900

    Lynx AES16 (Internal)
    EUR 650

    Lynx Studio Technology: Aurora 8
    Aurora 8
    EUR 1900

    Lynx Aurora 16 VT with Trim Pots for digitizing vinyl
    Aurora 16-VT
    EUR 2900

    RME HDSP AES-32 (Internal)
    HDSP AES-32
    EUR 900

    Apogee Symphony I/0 8x8
    Apogee Symphony I/O 8x8 Configuration
    USD 2995
  13. DigiPete
    AES/EBU Cards 3/3


    Neutrix NANDITBNC-M
    S/PDIF -> AES/EBU converter (75 -> 110ohm transformer)
    NADITBNC-M - Neutrik
    EUR 45

    Sonnet - Echo Express Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis
    Solution for PCI cards if running of a laptop
    (PCIe 2.0 Cards Over Thunderbolt)
    Sonnet - Echo Express Thunderbolt PCIe Expansion Chassis
    USD 500

    Wrap up.

    The list AD/DA cards with AES/EBU output could have been much longer.

    I found that my choice divided in 3:

    - Internal card with breakout box
    - External AD/DA card
    - External card without AD/DA = Weiss AFI-1

    I personally did not plan to use the AD/DA capabilities
    I did not fancy the internal cards much
    The Weiss AFI1 just came out on top with my personal priorities

    Pick your poison and good luck

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  14. DigiPete
    Hey Alwyn

    Congrats on the 8260's, hope they do everything for you that they have done for me!
    Keep us posted!

  15. DigiPete
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