1. wdw
    Hello Gents,
    Wondering what USB and XLR (and maybe power) cables you are using between your DAC and Alpha USB?
  2. accwai
    I don't yet have an Alpha USB. I have a Cables to Go glass toslink from an Oppo-95 and Wywires Blue RCA-BNC from a Krell CD-DSP, which is my primary transport at the moment. I have compared the Wywires against a Nirvana T2 between an Oracle transport and an Alpha DAC. The Wywires is at a disadvantage here as it has to go through a male BNC to female RCA adapter. Result? The Wywires is so spectacular that when the Alpha USB shows up, The USB and XLR cables will be Wywires Silver.

  3. wdw
    You guys are no fun...had to make this decision on the oddy knocky.
    Purchased Nordost XLR and USB.
    Cheers and happy listening....WDW
  4. Lowlands
    Sorry mate, I missed your raised topic. It seems I need to subscribe to this group after becoming a member of it to receive notice of stuff happening in here...?
    Anyway, I just subscribed.... :-)
    How do 'them cables' sound? Content with your choice?
  5. wdw
    Hey Lowlands...I'm just reading Bill Bryson"s "in a Sunburned Country". Are you ...strine?
    In answer to your question, yes. I'm convinced that Nordost cabling just ...rides? breathes? ...lets the music play wonderfully. I recently swapped out a balanced analogue MIT interconnect of some considerable cost in it's day for a balanced Heindall and my system just sings.
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