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    Warm Sounding DAC

    I recently blew my audio budget springing for a beautiful new pair of Monitor Audio PL200 speakers and doing some upgrades on my hybrid integrated amp. The weak link is my 10 year old Shanling CD player. Was hoping to find an outboard DAC to hook to the CD player and use it as a transport and to find a DAC that is on the warmer end of the spectrum as the speakers tend to be a bit on the bright side. Looking to spend around $1k. Reading various sites, I get the impression that the Burson DA160 and Eastern Electric Minimax Plus or even the Wyred 4 Sound Dac1 may fit the bill. Don't need a pre-amp or headphone amp. Haven't committed yet to a computer server, but want something that would fit the bill when I make the leap. Something that does the realism thing well would be great. Appreciate any advice.

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    The Rega DAC

    Might really suit you well. Detailed, configurable, and tube like sound.

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    Another vote for the Rega

    Another vote for the Rega DAC.
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    Warm DAC

    Appreciate the comment from you and the subsequent person. This unit wasn't on my radar screen.

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    Warm isn't the word I would use. Good Dac, but the others you mentioned are probably more what you are looking for.
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