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    Power Galaxy Note 2 while using USB DAC, how please?

    Hello Members
    I'm now going to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone for all my music storage, and I've just purchased an external portable USB DAC by HRT, the models the Headstreamer Mobile to improve sound quality, which will then be fed through to my Hifi system

    Does anyone know of a way of powering the smart phone while using the DAC, given the fact that the phones only 'microUSB' port is being used by a OTG host adapter lead to connect to the HRT Headstreamer Mobile DAC.

    Is there anyway of supplying power that will work for the phone, while still feeding music data to the DAC?

    What have other members done to get round this, or a similarly related problem?

    Any help, product links or ideas would be great, I've looked into the new Samsung Smartdock, but apparently this new accessory doesn't work with external DAC's.

    Kind regards

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    It's possible to charge the phone while using a USB DAC:
    Android phones and USB DACs
    It’s up to us to require Google & Android device manufacturers to enable standard USB audio!