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    "Peripheral does not appear to be plugged in"

    The power went out last night and when it came back on my computer sound input won't work. I have it hooked up to a receiver, but I tested the receiver with the same cord on my ipod and it still worked. then I just tried to plug headphones into the computer and that didn't work. The driver says it's updated and I can't rollback it. Also when I look up the device it says "this device is working properly", but the speaker icon on the bottom right on the screen has an x over it and when I click it, it says "peripheral does not appear to be plugged in" and then goes on to say that no device is plugged in. I've had in for 3 years and never had problems with this before. I have no clue what to do. Help!

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    It looks like the jack sensing functionality in your Intel HDA codec is broken. Either software or hardware issue. I would try to reinstall the drivers first, perhaps it will fix the codec setup.

    It would be possible to troubleshoot in linux using the hda-analyzer tool A Smackerel of Opinion: HDA Analyzer . Upon insertion of the jack you should see it detected in the corresponding node.

    I could not find a similar tool for windows or OSX.

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    Just a dumb suggestion, but are you trying to access the computer via RDP or something like that? If so, and you have sound routed to the remote machine or turned off, you will get that exact behavior.

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    Another thing to test... heck why not... is run a chkdsk on your HD. Could be the power going out too could've corrupted the driver. I've seen it happen before, not specifically on the input side, but on the playback.. No sound what-so-ever, and chkdsk finds errors and repairs the driver file that's broken.