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    Windows 7 ASIO vs. WASAPI

    A note and a question. First the note: I could not get my Lynx AES16e to work with J River Media when configured for WASAPI: stutter-static. After browsing around a while, I stumbled upon advice to make sure that "Present 24-bit data in a 32-bit package" was *not* set (Tools->Options->Audio->Output Mode Settings). In my case it wasn't, so I set it on, and the result was music. Un-checking the option brought back the static, so I left it on. This is an interaction, I suppose with my particular DAC.

    Here's the question: has anyone else noticed that ASIO mode in Windows 7 sounds a little hot -- that is bright, forward, aggressive, increased sibilance? I find that with both J River and foobar2000, I prefer the WASAPI sound.

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    i *totally* agree. it's

    i *totally* agree. it's funny, i typed "wasapi better than asio" into google, and found your post. first off i think jriver media center is waaaaay underrated, not enough people have discovered it. second, wasapi sounds just a bit more natural to me-- as you said, asio sounds a little too hot. am using jriver 15 beta.

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    Having the need for ASIO for

    Having the need for ASIO for my recording/live monitoring project I ran into issues with J. River and ASIO; it was reported by about 7 users and claimed to have been fixed. I still get a glitch when minimizing JRMC and playing at 192kHz file on my local SSD. Same file in Foobar, while minimizing and maxing JRMC at 1920x1080, results in no glitch.

    Also of interest is how my system and it's gigabit NIC (netwrok interface card) interact with ASIO protocol (files sourced on LAN via giabit connection):

    These older screenshots are very similar to what I am getting now except ASIO is pretty much now all in the red with 192kHz material, and WASAPI is actually much lower after I lowered the pre-buffer. I don't get the digital artifacts on minimize with WASAPI, but do with ASIO. I watched an high resolution mkv over LAN last night at about 10000kbps (using DirectSound or WASAPI) with system latency all in the green. ASIO can have major issues with some systems, and yes, my wireless NIC which makes things much worse (Intel 5300) is disabled.

    Lynx ASIO playback of 192kHz over LAN

    WASAPI to "Lynx Speakers" playback of 192kHz over LAN

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    Yes I prefer Wasapi compared

    Yes I prefer Wasapi compared to ASIO/KS.
    KS is a tad mellower compared to ASIO but if I can, it'll always be WASAPI.

    And yes, Jriver is much better sounding than Foobar2000.
    Current revision JR media 15 is a step up compared to the veiled Foobar.

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    Static issues on AES16 & J River

    I also prefer the wasapi sound. I'm experience the static issue reported as well with J River and my Lynx AES16 card. Anyone find a work around besides checking the "Present 24-bit data in a 32-bit package" box?

    Additionally, it appears the problem is with the Lynx card and J River, because the Lynx console shows the static, I believe, on the mixer screen. I'm also experiencing dropout, if I allow it to play (muted at the amps, of course).

    Just incase it's needed I'm running J River 15.0.174 to an AES16 (build 017RC3) card to my DAC7.

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    I agree that JRiver sounds a

    I agree that JRiver sounds a little hot with ASIO mode. I was not able to get WASAPI to work with my Audio Research DAC8. Audio Research does supply an ASIO driver and maybe I have to run their driver. On my system under current configuration, Foobar2000 does not have this hotness which JRiver is showing.
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    I do not understand

    I do not understand hotness??? This is not a usual audiophile description?

    Please explain...

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    I too prefer WASAPI over ASIO, and I can relate to the "hot" feeling.
    I'm not too good at describing sonic quality with my knowledge but in my own words it feels like it's attacking your eardrums.

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    highly recommend setting the

    highly recommend setting the 'Prebuffering' to 20seconds and not the default 6 seconds in J River. sounds smother to me, less harsh. The prebuffering is not the asio or waspi buffering, it's J River's independent playback buffer
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