• The Perfect Vision Merging Into Playback

    The January 2008 issue of The Perfect Vision, the sister publication of The Abso!ute Sound, will be the magazine's last issue. The January 2008 issue of Playback will be the first issue to incorporate the content that would have previously been published in The Perfect Vision. If you're note familiar with Playback, it is a newer online magazine focusing on music almost 100%. Here is a link to the free online magazine. Over the last couple years it was clear The Perfect Vision was floundering. The publishers says the changes in format over that time to include more consumer electronics coverage were met with positive feedback. I'm not jumping onboard with that statement, but you can take if for whatever you want.
    Here is part of the statement from avguide.com:

    Dear The Perfect Vision Readers,

    The January 2008 issue will be the last issue of The Perfect Vision. As you may have noticed, we have been transitioning The Perfect Vision from a home theater magazine to a more comprehensive consumer electronics magazine. The response has been encouraging from both readers and advertisers. As our reader base has grown, we’ve realized that most consumers are interested both in home theater equipment and in the movies and music that the equipment is meant to optimize.

    To maximize our coverage of the world of home entertainment, The Perfect Vision will merge with Playback, our newest online magazine, which offers extensive music and movie reviews as well as reviews of home audio and theater equipment.

    Playback is a free online magazine written for music lovers who care as much about sound quality as they do discovering new music. Playback is loaded with music reviews and artist interviews from across all music genres - rock, pop, classical, jazz, and more. Starting in the January 2008 issue, Playback will also incorporate the same kind of coverage for movie lovers, focusing on the complete home-theater experience - from picture quality to surround sound to new video formats - that makes watching a movie at home more satisfying than going to the movie theater.

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