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    Hello Everyone, I'm currently out of town at an audio event in Italy, but still want to let the CA Community know about a new podcast in which I participated in a show about high resolution audio. The podcast is called The Next Track, and it's hosted by Kirk McElhern and Doug Adams. Mac users will likely be familiar with both of these guys. Kirk is a Senior Contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Ask the iTunes Guy column. He has also written more than twenty books. Kirk has been kind enough to mention CA in both print and digital editions of Macworld and on his site Kirkville. Doug Adams is the guy behind Doug's Scripts, a site dedicated to AppleScripts since 2001. If you're an iTunes user on CA and haven't used at least one of Doug's scripts, I'd be very surprised. Doug is also a media / voice-over producer.

    The Next Track is billed as, "a podcast about how people listen to music today... We discuss music and how it’s consumed, whether it be analog or digital, downloaded or streamed, audio or video. We also look at some of the hardware we use to listen to music: speakers, headphones, portable players, and home audio equipment."

    I was recently a guest on Episode #6 titled What Is High-Resolution Audio? Having listened to this podcast before I knew these guys would be great hosts and truly interested in discussing high resolution audio, rather than pursuing some audiophile witch hunt. Many of the CA faithful already know much more about high resolution audio than we discussed on the podcast, but I still encourage everyone to check it out and the other episodes. This is a more real-world podcast that can get one out of the audiophile bubble. I enjoyed participating in the show and think I got my point across that high resolution audio as a whole isn't a black or white topic. In other words, high resolution is neither all good nor all bad. I tried to represent the CA Community and let people know that we aren't just a bunch of fan boys who jumped on the high resolution bandwagon just because the numbers were higher and it was supposed to sound better. Anyway, I hope you like The Next Track podcast and think I represented our interests and the facts well.

    P.S. I flubbed a couple answers because I couldn't think of the exact terms I wanted to use on the spot. Oh well, Al Gore said he invented the Internet when asked a question on the spot. I think I'm still in good standing around here :~)

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      Will give this a listen for sure. Great opportunity to share and extend the CA community. I think the mission of discussing "how people listen to music TODAY" is a great topic and perspective to explore.
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      Chris, well done! Very informative and instructive. I appreciate your perspective, informed by your experience and passion. Chapeau!