• The Importance of Aesthetics

    LaCie has released an awesome looking new external hard drive. The LaCie Golden Disk has to be the best looking external hard drive I have seen yet. It was created by designer Ora-Ïto and comes in 500 GB ($190) and 1 TB ($500) models. It is limited to USB 2.0 unfortunately.

    Most of us audiophiles are concerned with sound quality first and aesthetics second. We'll have to wait for the user reviews to come in before we know if this hard drive is quiet enough for an audiophile music server. However we are almost guaranteed the Golden Disk will pass the wife test for its good looks.

    Image: LaCie.com

    More information available at LaCie's website.
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    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      Thanks for the input Dave! We really value informed opinions on this site and it sounds like you have hands on experience with HDD technology. I can't wait for the day when solid state drives with high capacity are reasonably priced. This will be a huge step for music servers. I look forward to you comments on the site!