• Great Dave Grohl Video Interview

    Just a quick note about a great Dave Grohl interview I stumbled upon the other day. The interview covers items like Dave's documentary Sound City and his thoughts about recording to magnetic tape. Here's my favorite quote from the interview, "Okay, so 15 years ago, if a tape was shredding or a reel broke what would you do? You just play the fucking song again." Another sad but true quote from the interview, "I called someone from management and said we’re going to do it to tape, and they said, “Can you do that?" Not only did the Foo Fighters record to tape the band chopped up the master tape and gave it away piece by piece in the Wasting Light CD cases. You got to love real rock bands. Here's the unedited video of the interview.

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    1. Mikael Östling's Avatar
      Mikael Östling -
      and gave it away piece by piece in the Wasted Light CD cases
      Yeah, that would be Wasting Light
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      Quote Originally Posted by Mikael Östling View Post
      Yeah, that would be Wasting Light
      Thanks Mikael!
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      Thanks Chris. Looks like good fun!
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      Chris thanks so much for sharing this. What rings out from this over and over and over again is passion. Passion for art, music and life. Particularly the passion for creating and listening to music is so rare today and much of what is produced today is out there only for the sake of fame. Dave gets it and I have a lot of respect for what he brings to the industry and his fans.

      Also this really speaks to what so many of us say here in this community, "Enjoy the Music." Sure gear and all of that is cool but if you cannot enjoy the music for music's sake, you are missing the point.

      This was awesome.
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      “Self-knowledge is the only basis of true knowledge.”
      ― John Taylor Gatto