• Beck Covers Bowie Beautifully

    An email came in today from a friend directing me to this video of Beck covering David Bowies's Sound and Vision. I'm thrilled I clicked the link! This is a very cool production sponsored by Lincoln Motor Company. It's a 360 degree experience with more than 160 musicians, binaural microphones, and face recognition to enable each viewer to control the "camera". Viewers can manually select different cameras that constantly rotate around the stage, audience, and musicians or even watch the linear version if desired. There's a series of videos explaining the creative process and providing behind the scenes looks into this production. I'd love to know what Lincoln spent on this whole thing. Something this cool doesn't come cheap. Enjoy.

    Here's a link to the Full 360 Degree Experience on lincoln's site. The full linear version of the video is at the bottom of this article.

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    1. KDinsmore's Avatar
      KDinsmore -
      Beyond cool. I'm praying they'll release this in Binaural HR!
    1. findog3103's Avatar
      findog3103 -
      Yes, Beck covers Bowie beautifully, but I was a little bored by the whole thing. For me, it lacks passion of what sound and vision should do: move me.
    1. bleedink's Avatar
      bleedink -
      I felt he did an excellent job with a mediocre bowie song. I would love to see something like THIS released as a blu ray. Wow.
    1. Joebah's Avatar
      Joebah -
      I found watching it in the linear mode to be the most moving and involving: very cool! And even a mediocre bowie song blows most others away.