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    Become a CA Subscriber Today!

    Computer Audiophile Subscribers Enjoy Special Access

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    Computer Audiophile Subscriptions are $4.99 per month. Subscribe at the yearly rate of $49.99 and receive two months free!


    Ad-Free browsing - Allows you to display more content on the page, making it more fun to use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. This premium experience is better than using an ad blocker because most banner space is replaced with content.

    Buy/Sell Forums - A safe place to buy and sell audio gear from other CA Subscribers! Buy or sell as much as you’d like without any fees. Only CA Subscribers are allowed to sell equipment but there are no restrictions on who can purchase equipment.

    Extra Subscriber Only Discussion Forums - A long overdue off-topic forum in addition to a forum for sharing experiences and opinions with your friends on CA about the dealers, manufacturers, and places from which you purchase audio goods. Subscriber only forums help keep spammers and unscrupulous marketers out.

    How To Subscribe:

    Logged in users can simply click HERE

    Or, follow the Step by step instructions below.

    1. Login to Computer Audiophile or create a Computer Audiophile account.
    2. Browse to the user settings control panel by clicking Settings in the top right corner of the site.
    3. Select Paid Subscriptions on the left side of the user settings control panel.
    4. Select your preferred subscription length and click Order.

    Important Details:

    All Computer Audiophile Subscriptions are billed automatically either monthly or yearly, unless you cancel your subscription.

    Audiophile Style LLC may, at it’s sole discretion and for any reason, cancel subscriptions at any time and offer a full or prorated refund to the subscriber.

    Audiophile Style LLC does not have access to your PayPal account.

    Subscriptions are an arrangement between you and PayPal to automatically send Audiophile Style LLC money on a yearly or monthly basis. Audiophile Style LLC does not bill you or "charge" your PayPal account. Audiophile Style LLC does not have control over this.


    Note that these instructions have been taken from the PayPal help section. If these instructions are no longer valid please refer to the PayPal help site for an updated guide.

    Question : How do I cancel a recurring payment, subscription, or automatic billing agreement I have with a merchant?
    Answer :
    Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click Profile at the top of the page.
    Click My Preapproved Payments in the Financial Information column.
    Click View the Agreement next to the merchant agreement you want to cancel.
    Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.