• A Gift From Sonic Studio To CA Readers

    Sonic Studio is marking the release of Amarra HiFi v2.4 by giving away 50 fully licensed copies to Computer Audiophile readers. Amarra HiFi offers a simple yet sophisticated interface and auto sample rate control up to 192 kHz. Read more to find out how to obtain a complimentary copy.

    The first 50 readers to leave a comment to this article will receive an Amarra HiFi activation code via Private Message here on Computer Audiophile. Downloads of the new product are located on the Amarra download page . There's no need to wait for the PM containing an activation code as readers can use a full featured trial of HiFi for 15 days.

    Leave one of the first 50 comments, download Amarra HiFi , start listening, and wait for your complimentary code to appear in a Private Message. Pretty simple.

    More information about Sonic Studio and its other products can be found here .

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    1. goldsdad's Avatar
      goldsdad -
      this is a comment
    1. HiFiGuy528's Avatar
      HiFiGuy528 -
      I want it! I just want it simple so HiFi version may be my ticket.
    1. AudioDoctor's Avatar
      AudioDoctor -
      I will reply and give it a shot.
    1. Garf's Avatar
      Garf -
      Same here!
    1. driven -- by sound's Avatar
      driven -- by sound -
      Interesting. I am wondering if the "skipping" issue largely reported here has been addressed. Actually, I'll be able to determine this on my own with a complimentary Hi-Fi Amarra code.
    1. bgreene's Avatar
      bgreene -
      Very interested to try it and see what it does
    1. hiro100's Avatar
      hiro100 -
      Can't wait to try the new Amarra!
    1. got tinnitus's Avatar
      got tinnitus -
      I have tried Amarra but keen to try the latest version.
    1. Bob Stern's Avatar
      Bob Stern -
    1. Moses's Avatar
      Moses -
      I'm delighted to use Amarra, if this post means what it seems to mean .... Will leave further comments on how it sounds ....
    1. CB's Avatar
      CB -
      Count me in. Thanks!
    1. zappa's Avatar
      zappa -
      Nice, i want it!
    1. mitchco's Avatar
      mitchco -
      Aloha! Willing to give it a try.
    1. thadeouszeus's Avatar
      thadeouszeus -
      count me in!!!
    1. smithrob's Avatar
      smithrob -
      Sounds like an interesting new version of the software.

    1. jhwalker's Avatar
      jhwalker -
      Hurrah! Comment # 16
    1. TaJeab's Avatar
      TaJeab -
      Oh! Thank you very much for giving us a chance to see how the new version work.
    1. FarNorth's Avatar
      FarNorth -
      I would be interested in comparing Amara to the player I currently use - Pure Music - and would be happy to post my impressions.
    1. ckpiv's Avatar
      ckpiv -
      Nice to see Sonic Studios is getting serious on gaining some market back. CA users will get the word out!
    1. curly21029's Avatar
      curly21029 -
      A nice competitive price... interesting. I'll be sure to weigh it against the full version.