• Welcome to Computer Audiophile 3.0

    Computer Audiophile has been completely overhauled. Everything from the server that runs behind the scenes to the software that CA readers see every day has been upgraded. The site now offers much better functionality and many new features that were nearly impossible to implement until now. Some highlights of the new site include both desktop and mobile user interfaces, easier navigation of reviews and articles, better search capabilities, user groups such as U.S. CA Readers, U.K. CA Readers etc., user and group photo albums, an audio events calendar, "real" user blog capabilities and much improved navigation of those blogs. Heavy forum users will also be happy to know direct links to forum comments within threads that are several pages long are now working perfect. No more scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting page 2 or page 3 just to find a specific comment. In the coming days and weeks CA will be continually fine tuned to offer the best browsing experience possible. To that end a custom iPhone (iOS) and Android mobile Computer Audiophile application will be available in both the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace very soon. I hope everyone enjoys the new look and features of CA 3.0!


    Note 1: Existing registered CA users may reset their password if necessary using this linklink.

    Note 2: The web addresses of all articles, forum posts, and blogs have changed with the site overhaul. I know this will be inconvenient when browsing web search results but please be patient until Google re-indexes the entire site. The internal site search function is already working 100%. If a "Page Not Found" error is displayed please use the internal site search function to locate the incorrectly linked article. P.S. If anyone has friends at Google I'd appreciate a little re-indexing favor :~)

    Note 3: I expect some minor site hiccups over the course of the next week or so. If you encounter something odd please send an email via the Contact Us formlink I'm working on a few formatting details for the articles, but these details don't effect the actual content.

    Note 4: It appears the first comment after each review or main article was not converted over to the new site. Due to the complexity of this conversion and the time required to attempt to retrieve these single comments I've made the decision to let them rest in peace with the old CA v2.0.


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    1. vortecjr's Avatar
      vortecjr -
      got the e-mail, logged in, changed my password...I'm in

      Jesus R
    1. AudioDoctor's Avatar
      AudioDoctor -
      got my email, log in was flawless, changed my password already, no problems!!! Looks nice Chris!
    1. Paul R's Avatar
      Paul R -
      What a massive number of changes, and it all looks good. Will take a while to navigate through all this!

      Only issue I see is I can't seem to get the cursor to move around and select on my iPad. The little magnifying spot comes up, just no visible cursor.

      Still, this looks really great and it is impressive, the number and magnitude of the changes!

    1. daiku's Avatar
      daiku -
      Congrats on moving ahead with an update. Would love to see a separate section in a document format for primers on ripping DVD-Audio, SACD, suggested tools for Mac, and recommended equipment. Much easier to read than a sequence of posts in a forum.

      Thanks for a great site, looking forward to contributing more in the future as I get my server setup.
    1. psychles's Avatar
      psychles -
      The mobile interface is excellent. Well done!
    1. senmurv76's Avatar
      senmurv76 -
      Quote Originally Posted by psychles View Post
      The mobile interface is excellent. Well done!
      Yes -- the mobile version looks great -- thanks for your efforts Chris!
    1. Radiotron's Avatar
      Radiotron -
      Wow. Beautiful!
    1. AudioDoctor's Avatar
      AudioDoctor -
      Only issue I have seen so far is I can't seem to find a way to edit my signature!
    1. Radiotron's Avatar
      Radiotron -
      Quote Originally Posted by AudioDoctor View Post
      Only issue I have seen so far is I can't seem to find a way to edit my signature!
      Settings/My Settings/Edit my signature
    1. AudioDoctor's Avatar
      AudioDoctor -
      Quote Originally Posted by Radiotron View Post
      Settings/My Settings/Edit my signature

      DOH!! Why didn't I see that.

      Thank you.
    1. wgscott's Avatar
      wgscott -
      Yo Chris:

      Link to Google Reidexing
    1. ted_b's Avatar
      ted_b -
      Now that I've gone in and set notifications, etc in "my settings" is there a way to re-create the subscriptions, so I continue to get email alerts that my own current established threads (replied or created) have activity? Or do we need to start those all over again (i.e only my new replies will activate notifications)?

      Hmmm...what happened to my signature...I edited it (weird slash characters came over from old signature), but didn't remove it. ? I can see everyone else's signature on this thread, but only when coming in via forum "article comments". iI viewed via comments directly, no one has a signature, the format is much more sparse...in both cases I don't have a signature. ?

      Edit: So maybe I am mistaken but these comments attached to an article are not able to be "subscribed" (otherwise this should be in my subscription list already)
    1. REShaman's Avatar
      REShaman -
      Experiencing the same slash marks ted_b referred to in my signature profile which I edited successively and saved. Or so I thought, only to discover the slash marks have returned. Perhaps this is an example of what Chris refers to as a minor hiccup. In the spirit of holding my breath, I'll wait to determine if these slash marks are removed eventually or if there is something I can do above and beyond editing efforts, I am open to cleaning up.
      Meanwhile, I am taking the 10cent tour. Enjoying the ride.
    1. targa02's Avatar
      targa02 -
      I love the new look!
    1. ccclapp's Avatar
      ccclapp -
      Hi chris

      Congratulations !!

      I'm also wondering about regaining my subscribed threads. That was an import and reference source,both to look forward and back at previously flagged research.

      Will we regain those?

      Thanks again for your hard work
    1. rtrautner's Avatar
      rtrautner -
      Looks good generally. Must say I miss the section that listed the most recent forum postings.
    1. Enicar's Avatar
      Enicar -
      Personally I find the the new layout difficult to read. Each line in a text e.g. equipment reviews is longer /wider than what you would find in a book or on a letter sized print. This creates a text mass that is tiring for me to read.
    1. One and a half's Avatar
      One and a half -
      will need a few days to explore all nooks and cranny...The wider on screen format is welcome, I miss the NYT font ah I see the button now.

      I don't like the rankings and groupings, Senior Member, newbie etc. That was there at one time, voted off, I see it's back again. I see it causing divisions, we can tell by the number of posts who frequently posts and who's new.

      All in all though, the what's new looks like the best feature. Adding quotes is easier to add in, cause on long threafs it was extremely difficult to follow flat style unless the poster quoted and messed with italic. Easy to login.

    1. Paul R's Avatar
      Paul R -
      Quote Originally Posted by rtrautner View Post
      Looks good generally. Must say I miss the section that listed the most recent forum postings.
      Try tapping the "Forums" link at the to, then the "New Posts" link that appears right under it. You might like that.

    1. Rob Sample's Avatar
      Rob Sample -
      Congrats Chris! As you know, I'm big supporter, but not a frequent "user"... a bit of a lurker. But this has become such an indispensable tool for figuring out the exploding world of Computer Audio - I'm sure the new infrastructure will it that much better! ~ Rob