• Media Monkey v3.2 Update Now Available

    Today Ventis Media announced the release of MediaMonkey version 3.2. Over 200 improvements have been made to the new version. The most exciting improvement is the free version of MM now monitors music folders for changes and has the capability to add the changes to a library automatically. Ventis Media is touting the ability to sync MM with many new smart phones as the biggest part of this release. Some Windows 7 features are now supported and CA readers using Lynx AES cards should be able to use this official release instead of hunting for a pre-release beta version in the MM Forum.


    Click HERE to get version 3.2.




    To see the list of fixes in version 3.2 follow this link. I know one CA reader should be happy about the WAV file popping problem being fixed :~)

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    1. eoms's Avatar
      eoms -
      Has the resolution of this been verified? I've hesitated to upgrade<br />
      <br />
      Thanks<br />
      <br />
    1. James1776's Avatar
      James1776 -
      I have used this program on an old XP machine for a couple of years and still have a vast number of problems. It periodically decides to reorganize my file so compilations become random, it is even worse than iTunes for metadata, it ate an entire playlist into computer limbo...<br />
      <br />
      Put another way, it is awful<br />
      <br />
      Now compare that to Pure Music on my iMac...everything works as advertised, updates to my operating system do not sent it into fits of random actions, and it is VERY easy to use, supports upsampling and HiRez and sounds better.<br />
      <br />
      If Pure Music ever sells product that works on PC's, I will dump MM in a heartbeat.