• Computer Audiophile Symposium Ticket Giveaway!

    Got Symposium Tickets? We do and we'll be giving one winner two tickets to the Computer Audiophile Symposium on Sunday June 28th, 2009 at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California. When was the last time this hobby allowed you to do something without explaining the price to your significant other? Now is your chance to get into the event free of charge! Read more for details.

    As the Symposium dates approach we thought we'd run a contest to give away two tickets to the Sunday session on June 28th, 2009. There is no need to be a Computer Audiophile member to enter the contest. Simply send an email to symposium@computeraudiophile.com with Ticket Giveaway in the subject line and your name and contact information in the message. The contest starts right now and will end Sunday June 14th, 2009. This gives the winner two weeks to gear up for the event. The winner of the two tickets will be announced right here on computer Audiophile Sunday evening. Must be present to win and no purchase necessary. Only kidding about the "must be present" comment :~)

    In addition to the ticket giveaway I thought I would let you in on some of the playback systems Symposiums attendees will be able to evaluate. We will have the ability to A/B any of these configurations for attendees and answer any questions about the systems as well.

    - Mac Pro w Lynx AES16e and solid state hard drive running OS X Leopard and Amarra
    - Mac G5 w Lynx AES16 and solid state hard drive running OS X Tiger and Amarra
    -Zalman fanless PC w Lynx AES16 and solid state hard drive running highly tweaked Windows XP (this is the same computer used in the TAD suite as CES this year)
    - MacBook Pro with solid state hard drive and Sonic Studio FireWire interface running Amarra
    - Mac Mini w Sonic Studio FireWire interface running Amarra
    - Complete Sooloos system
    - Matan Arazi's all-out-assult music server

    These are some of the configurations that will be used at the Symposium. If you want to compare the difference between SSD and HDD or Amarra and iTunes through extremely resolving playback systems this is your chance. Enter the contest today.

    Good Luck!


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    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      Hi Glenn - There will be time to get a lot of stuff done. After the formal presentations all of us will spend time with the attendees and be able to use the two wonderful high-end playback systems we will bring into the Studios for additional demonstrations like you've mentioned. We are dedicated to making this an event to remember so if physically possible we'll get it done.
    1. hifisoup's Avatar
      hifisoup -
      It would be great to have a show like this in the northern IL area. Centrally located to Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison (WI), we could host it here in Rockford, IL. I'm up for volunteering to help with logistics, show prep, etc.