• More 24/176.4 HRx Material From Reference Recordings Now Available

    This afternoon the Postman dropped off the latest 24/176.4 HRx albums from Reference Recordings. I'm now the happy owner of all seven RR HRx releases. It's really great to see RR expanding its HRx catalog and setting the sound quality bar so high. The latest releases are Thinking About Bix and the Grammy nominated Arnold Overtures. Read more for additional details ...



    These 24/176.4 albums are delivered on DVD-R data discs just like the previous five HRx releases. iTunes on a Mac and MediaMonkey on a PC play these files without issue. The tracks are uncompressed WAV files on the DVD-R disc. They can also be converted to uncompressed AIFF, to support album art, using the MAX program on Mac OS X. The conversion is bit perfect and can be seen in this demonstration 24/176.4 WAV to AIFF.

    For more information about these releases check out the RR Website.



    Thinking about BIX
    Dick Hyman
    solo piano

    Dick Hyman, one of the most accomplished and versatile musicians alive, is especially known as an authority on early jazz. After a lifetime of playing and studying the music of Bix Beiderbecke, Hyman announced he’d like to record for RR a solo program of music associated with Bix, including all five original pieces Bix wrote for piano. (Most likely, these are a recorded first.) Hyman arranged other numbers Bix performed with various groups, and plays and improvises upon these in his distinctive, brilliant style. The title track is an infectious Hyman original reminiscent of the period. An attractive bonus is a piano four-hands performance with Hyman’s friend and stride authority, Mike Lipskin

    TRACK LISTING: Thinking About Bix; Singin’ the Blues (Till My Daddy Comes Home); Ostrich Walk; I’m Coming, Virginia; Jazz Me Blues; Candlelights; ‘Tain’t So, Honey, ‘Tain’t So; Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down; In the Dark; Clementine (From New Orleans); Lonely Melody; In A Mist; Sweet Sue (Just You); Wringing’ and Twistin’; Flashes; Davenport Blues; You Took Advantage of Me, with Mike Lipskin (piano four-hands).



    1993 Grammy® Nominee

    Authoritative first recordings of important works by England's greatest living composer. 1993 GRAMMY® Nominee for Best Engineered Classical Recording. A hi-fi favorite! "A stunning release, by any standard, and definitely Want List material." --Fanfare

    TRACK LISTING: ARNOLD: A Sussex Overture; Beckus the Dandipratt; The Fair Field; The Smoke; Commonwealth Christmas Overture.

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      Hi zerung - RR are really great people. Let me help you on this one and see what I can do to speed up a resolution.
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      Hi again Zerung - You have another on its way to you!
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      Chris.thanks a million. <br />
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      BTW somewhere you had recommended Billy Holiday's Distingue lovers. The Master version of Distinque lovers would make life simply amazing. I cannot help but believe that your influence could also have this available to the world <br />
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      I love this disk.