• CES 2009 The Lost Footage

    According to Wikipedia, "In film and video, footage is the raw, unedited material as it had been originally recorded by video camera, which usually must be edited to create a motion picture, video clip, television show or similar completed work." The follow four videos are definitely in the footage category, but the word lost might be a bit of a stretch. It sure makes the title sound more important though. This footage has been sitting on my MacBook Air since the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show back in early January. As usual other topics have jumped the queue and made the front page of Computer Audiophile before I had a chance to publish these videos. Since this stuff is raw and unedited I hope it at least gives the readers/viewers a feel for what the show is like if nothing else. Some of the footage is blurry, but video of the Manley suite is always good considering the very cool vibe that perpetuates in there year after year. Other footage includes Kimber Cable, Boulder, PS Audio, dCS, and Red Wine Audio. Enjoy.




    Higher resolution download (58.2 MB)




    Higher resolution download (66.5 MB)






    Higher resolution download (80.7 MB)






    Higher resolution download (58.2 MB)


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      Hi Haiku1 - The Aura stuff is very good and the people are extremely nice. I'll be publishing my Aura Note review fairly soon.