• Home Entertainment Magazine Does Computer Audio

    In Home Entertainment Magazine's December 2008 issue Peter Roth writes Computer Audio 101: Revving Up A New Spin For CD Playback. In the article Peter covers some basics for those very new to the game. He also marches up the high-end ladder quite a ways with the Weiss Minerva and the Wavelength Audio Cosecant. Having talked to Peter about the article several months ago I was hoping he would give CA a nod in the article and he sure did. Roth says, "After picking the brains of several industry gurus and surveying on-point forums e.g. ComputerAudiophile.com and AudioAsylum.com..." It's great to see the site mentioned in print.


    As I mentioned Peter covers the Minerva and Cosecant DACs. He also touches on the problems with CD players, the pros of iTunes, and the PS Audio DLIII, Benchmark DAC1 USB, and the Apogee Duet. The article is not a review of the components in a traditional sense, but Peter does speak highly of the Minerva and Cosecant. There is also a little side note about using a nice touchscreen monitor with a music server. For a specific price and model number check out the article. To read the complete story you'll need to pick up a copy of the Magazine in print for now.