• Off To Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2008

    I'm off to Denver to cover the 2008 Rocky Mountain Audiofest. I'll be blogging live from the show, updating the site via iPhone right from the suites. That is until my battery is gone. I'll also be posting frequent articles and photos of everything at RMAF 2008. Feel free to request anything you want me to cover and I'll see what I can do. Check out the RMAF 2008 website for a list of exhibitors and more details. In addition the Computer Audiophile RMAF 2008 Readers's Thread is now open. Those of you attending the show please share your experience with the rest of us. Read more for the links.

    Computer Audiophile RMAF 2008 Readers's Thread

    Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2008
    click for the RMAF 2008 site

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    1. phunge's Avatar
      phunge -
      You have to listen to the new scarlatti system via USB!!! The holy grail of digital audio!!!<br />
      <br />
      Also, the byrston BDA-1 USB Dac is going to be there, check it out and let us know for the more down-to-earth folks
    1. PaulC's Avatar
      PaulC -
      Chris, If you get the chance please take a look/listen and comment on the Red Wine Audio Isabella valve preamp with NOS DAC. <br />
      <br />
      Cheers,<br />
      <br />
    1. Afveep's Avatar
      Afveep -
      Chris-<br />
      It will be very interesting to hear your thoughts on the new PS Audio "Ultra" series components- the "Perfect Wave Transport (PWT)" and Ultralink- which will be shown at RMAF. PS has a very interesting roadmap, including a server with built-in ripping drive, plus network bridges that will fit inside either the PWT or DAC. They certainly seem to have a very progressive view of a complete one-manufacturer solution. We can all debate the benefits vs. the more generic computer-based solutions, but there certainly is some cool stuff going on here.<br />
      Enjoy the show!<br />
    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      Hi Guys - The official start of the show is in about two hours. I will certainly be checking out all the components you've suggested above. Thanks for the input!<br />
      <br />
    1. curious_george's Avatar
      curious_george -
      Ditto the new PS Audio digital products. Ultralink DAC and PWT. Gather news about the Digital Lens while you're there.<br />
      <br />
      Also, curious about the new Bel Canto amplifiers. 50% increase in price from original Ref1000 to Ref1000 MkII. Interested to know if equally significant improvement in performance. Nice touch, factory upgrade to MKII available.
    1. ggking7's Avatar
      ggking7 -
      I'm sure you won't, but please don't forget the Proton! Gordon said he was probably going to release it in Denver.