• More 24/192 & 24/96 content from 2L

    The very cool Norwegian website 2L is offering more high resolution content. If you haven't browsed the site yet I highly recommend it. In addition to Marianne Thorsen / TrondheimSolistene in full stereo and 5.1 surround at 24/192, 2L is offering a download of the first Bluray Audio album. No need to purchase a Bluray player when you can just download the content! Checkout the album booklet for some detailed information about high resolution audio from 2L.

    Here is a link to some very good high resolution content and a link to the neat album booklet for the first Bluray Audio disc.



    PDF Booklet.




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      Here's the direct 2L link if anyone is interested http://www.2l.no/2L.htm