• The Abso!ute Sound Digital Issue

    If you're looking for some basic information on a Squeezebox Duet or Apple TV, and some very basic diagrams check out the newest issue of the Abso!ute Sound magazine. It covers some convenience products for music servers.

    In addition there is a review of the Benchmark DAC1 PRE. I own a DAC1 PRE and I really like the unit. It delivers really good performance and a ton of features.

    Here is the table of contents for TAS issue 183 and a link to download the issue.

    From avguide.com:

    Issue #183: August 2008

    * The Digital Issue
    * Munich High-End Show Report
    * Music Servers for Audiophiles
    * Naim's New Integrated Amp
    * State of the Art From DCs
    * More Equipment Reviews and Music Articles

    Products Reviewed In This Issue

    * Focal Chorus 705V Loudspeaker
    * Dynaudio DM 2/8 Loudspeaker
    * Sunfire CRM-2 Ribbon Loudspeaker and SubRosa Subwoofer
    * Naim Nait 5i Integrated Amplifier
    * Bryston BCD-1 CD Player
    * PrimaLuna Model Eight CD Player
    * Benchmark DAC1 Pre Digital-to-Analog Converter and Preamp
    * Classé Audio CDP-502 CD/DVD Player

    Here is a link to download the issue