• High Definition Tape Transfers Update

    Hey guys if you haven't been over to the High Definition Tape Transfers site recently I suggest you click on over there. HDTT has, "...introduced a new download site that has many improvements including making your own user account so you can redownload your purchases at any time, secure online checkout, more reliable downloading, and better navigation..." Says Bob over at HDTT.
    High Definition Tape Transfers really has a unique thing going. HDTT offers recordings unavailable in other formats. Plus, these are some of the best sounding recordings around. Why not hop over there and download an album right now? Top quality music without leaving your listening chair. What more are you waiting for?

    If you missed my review of some HDTT downloads here is the link.

    High Definition Tape Transfers can be found at http://www.highdeftapetransfers.net/