• Western Digital My Book® Mirror Edition™

    Yesterday Western Digital released its new MyBook Mirror Edition. This could be a really nice option for audiophiles looking for more storage and audiophiles just jumping into their first music server project. A couple highlights include automatic data mirroring in 500 GB or 1 TB (usable space) options and even better this is a fanless design that uses less power and produces less heat. This unit also allows the drives to be upgraded in the future. If you're looking for simple direct connect USB storage this could work really well in your audio system. Read more for all the details.



    Dual-drive System Automatically and Continuously Duplicates Users' Data

    LAKE FOREST, Calif. - June 18, 2008 - WD® (NYSE: WDC) today introduced its new My Book® Mirror Edition™ dual-drive storage systems, which can automatically store valuable personal content not once, but twice, to maximize data safety. This RAID-based continuous data protection feature, called mirroring, makes WD's My Book Mirror Edition storage systems the safest place for storing irreplaceable data.

    Personal collections of digital content, such as photos, music, and videos, continue to grow on desktop and notebook computers around the world. Consumers are increasingly aware that taking precautions to protect their data is vital and are looking for a simple solution.

    When users store their personal content on a My Book Mirror Edition system, their valuable data is automatically mirrored for extra protection - making it easy and economical to benefit from the data redundancy typically found in corporate data centers. This mirroring technology makes the new dual-drive systems an ideal storage solution for photographers, home users and small offices and anyone looking for extra assurance that their data is safe.

    Consumers can also use the My Book Mirror Edition storage system and the included backup software to automatically and continuously back up their personal computers. The mirroring feature provides users the added assurance of a redundant backup of their data.

    Jim Welsh, vice president and general manager of branded products and consumer electronics groups for WD, said, "Personal and business content are extremely valuable - both emotionally and financially. Our new My Book Mirror system helps users sleep easy, knowing that their data is safe."

    Formatted for Windows® computers, these new storage systems feature:

    * USB 2.0 interface for flexibility and convenience;
    * Configured out-of-the box in RAID 1 (Mirrored) mode [RAID 0 (Striped) configurable];
    * Available in capacities of up to 1 TB and 2 TB, the My Book Mirror Edition storage systems ship in Mirrored mode and use half the capacity for file redundancy;
    * Cool, eco-friendly operation with GreenPower™ drives that consume approximately one-third less power than standard dual-drive external storage systems and efficient convection cooling architecture and power-saving mode;
    * Designed without a fan for whisper-quiet operation in a home or office environment;
    * Automatic and continuous backup software that allows users to simultaneously save a change and have it backed up on the second drive for the ultimate in data protection;
    * User serviceability1, enabling owner to open the enclosure and replace the drives inside;
    * Capacity gauge to see at a glance how much space is available on the system;
    * Intelligent drive management features, including automatic power-up, Safe Shutdown™ and LED status and activity lights; and,
    * 3-year limited warranty.

    RAID 1 (Mirrored)
    Using RAID mirroring technology, this system automatically and continuously duplicates your data for the ultimate in data protection. If one drive in this two-drive system ever fails, the My Book Mirror Edition system continues to run and your data is safe. The My Book Mirror Edition storage systems ship in Mirrored mode and use half the capacity for file redundancy.

    RAID 0 (Striped)
    Users can choose to use the full2 capacity of this system by reconfiguring the drive to RAID 0 (Striped) mode. With RAID 0, users can have up to 2 TB of storage in an elegant, small footprint design that offers plenty of room to store an entire digital photo library and hundreds of hours of HD movies or digital video (results will vary based on file size and format, settings, features, software and other factors).

    Cooler, quieter, eco-friendlier
    Designed to use only WD's GreenPower drives, this system, with its efficient convection cooling architecture, fan-less design, and power saving mode, consumes up to 33 percent less power than standard systems, is reliably cool, and remarkably quiet.

    Pricing and Availability
    My Book Mirror Edition dual-drive storage systems are available now at select retailers and WD's online store (www.shopwd.com). MSRP for My Book Mirror Edition with 1 TB is $289.99 USD; MSRP for My Book Mirror Edition with 2 TB is $549.99 USD.

    Back It Up
    Backing up data is no longer the chore that it once was. In an effort to educate and build awareness among consumers about how to best protect their precious memories and important files, WD has put together some tips and tricks to make it easier than ever to back up data. Visit www.backituponwd.com to learn more.

    About WD
    WD, one of the storage industry's pioneers and long-time leaders, provides products and services for people and organizations that collect, manage and use digital information. The company produces reliable, high-performance hard drives that keep users' data accessible and secure from loss. WD applies its storage expertise to consumer products for external, portable and shared storage applications.

    WD was founded in 1970. The company's storage products are marketed to leading systems manufacturers, selected resellers and retailers under the Western Digital and WD brand names. Visit the Investor section of the company's Web site (www.westerndigital.com) to access a variety of financial and investor information.
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    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      I believe the list of non-sharing file types is only for WD Anywhere Access which is for the WD My Book World Edition NAS. So the files can't be shared over the internet. <br />
      <br />
      According to the <a href="http://www.wdc.com/en/library/usb/4079-705015.pdf">Quick Install Guide</a> (pdf) it supports Mac right now.<br />
      <br />
      <br />
      <br />
    1. xvimbi's Avatar
      xvimbi -
      Indeed, I was talking about the World edition, which sounds like a very cool device. The normal version does support Macs. With the World edition, I could store my music library in one spot and could listen to it wherever I go (i.e., wherever the network connection is sufficiently fast). Best - MM<br />
    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      Hey MM - Considering your knowledge wouldn't you be better off just getting the standard disk and configuring your router to allow this traffic through?
    1. airdronian's Avatar
      airdronian -
      The 2 things that jump out at me is the lack of a nic on the WD - USB only. For that matter my D-Link does not have a USB connection for other than a printer. <br />
      <br />
      Both devices would probably benefit with both interfaces, but price point always plays a factor.<br />
      <br />
      Nice warranty coverage on the WD though - 3 yrs.<br />
    1. TheRocker's Avatar
      TheRocker -
      Drive upgrade options may be limited:<br />
      <br />
      <cite>Designed to use only WD's GreenPower drives,</cite><br />
      <br />
      Perhaps other drives run too hot for the fanless design?
    1. xvimbi's Avatar
      xvimbi -
      Chris, I totally agree, but some of these NAS devices come with rather nice management tools. It's no big deal to make the necessary configurations in Mac OS X, or Linux for that matter, but I do appreciate software that makes my life easier. I don't know, though if the software that WD has on this device would actually be any good. Best - MM
    1. Innertuber's Avatar
      Innertuber -
      What I liked was the no fan which is my only real critique of Drobo. You can hear it.<br />
      <br />
      What I think the Drobo does better is 4tb storage and it's a bit cheaper. 2tb isn't that much when mirrored.<br />
    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      I agree. 1 TB usable space isn't much when you add a few 3 to 4 GB HRx albums!
    1. DanRubin's Avatar
      DanRubin -
      FYI to everyone: I bought a WD MyBook Studio II in the 2TB config. I am delighted to report that it is wonderfully quiet -- no problem at all having it attached directly to the Mac Mini (via Firewire) right there in my audio rack. A far cry from the very noisy 750 GB drive I bought from Weakknees to expand my TiVo. That thing "clicks" constantly.<br />
      <br />
      The 2TB (1.87 usable) is not going to be enough ultimately. So the next step is to find something larger to use initially as backup and eventually migrate over to it.