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    I have been researching touch screen options for Macs in an effort to assemble a music server that competes with a Sooloos type of system for a fraction of the price. I found this company called Troll Touch tat offers a few different touch screen options. You can get a MacBook or iMac touch screen mac. Troll Touch also offers Cinema Displays modified into touch screen monitors. For a music server I can see great uses for each of these three options. One very appealing option to me is getting the Cinema Display only and connecting it to whatever Mac I want. I would also use a VESA mount on the display to mount it on a moveable arm connected to the wall behind my equipment rack. I can see it now, pulling the monitor forward to navigate my library and pushing it back when done. This all sounds very appealing to me. However, I have one concern. How good will the iTunes or Front Row navigation be using the touch screen? I am guessing it will be the same as using a mouse which is kind of disappointing. If I could scroll through the cover flow album view similar to using an iPod Touch I would click "Add To Cart" instantly. Read more for a video from Troll Touch.


    More at the Troll Touch site.

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    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      This can certainly be used with Signal from Alloysoft. You could use the iPod Touch as the remote and even use the Signal interface on this touch screen as well. Is that what you were thinking?<br />
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      The Sooloos is pretty cool, but the $13k you mentioned is only a start!
    1. Wavelength's Avatar
      Wavelength -
      Guys,<br />
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      A more simple solution would be too use an ELO screen with a MAC mini:<br />
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      http://www.elotouch.com/Products/Touchscreens/default.asp<br />
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      They have a ton of USB type units with drivers. I have a number of people using these and I guess they are pretty easy to setup.<br />
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      That with Remote Buddy or Signal and an iPhone/iTouch remote system or the Salling would be more than enought to compete in that relm. There are always cool deals on these on ebay.<br />
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      Thanks<br />
    1. zerung's Avatar
      zerung -
      Gordon,<br />
      Do you have a recommendation for Elo's model???<br />