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    Download, double-click, and dance. That is how I describe my exquisite experience with High Definition Tape Transfers. Certainly download and double-click are unambiguous straight forward parts of this experience. Dance however must not be construed in its most common usage. I surely did not dance while listening to this music. This music made my system dance! The high, mids, and lows are all so rich sounding it is fabulous.
    I have to be honest, I am not your typical classical connoisseur. I don't understand much of what goes on in a classical performance and I don't even understand some of the naming conventions used for the albums. However, I listen for great music that sounds great. For some readers this is a huge benefit. Those looking for good classical recordings to familiarize themselves with the genre are in luck. Readers more learned in classical music are also in luck because HDTT is a great source of quality recordings they may never have known about.

    DVORAK Violin Concerto RAVEL Tzigane Concerto For Violin And Orchestra Edith Peinemann, Violin Czech. Philharmonic cond. by Peter Maag

    From the opening note to the closing note this album is fantastic. The opening on track one really kicks everything off and will flex the muscles of your system. This is followed by very a very delicate violin that will demonstrate the huge dynamic range of this recording. This track sets the tone for the rest of the album. Many lows followed by many highs and everything in between. Loud music followed by soft music. There is a little for everyone here. Highly recommended.

    High Definition Tape Transfers
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    BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY NO. 4 • LEONORE OVERTURE William Steinberg Conducting The Pittsburgh Sym. Orch.

    This is another high resolution download that will really give your system a workout. The sound is fabulous! This really makes you wonder why more high resolutions downloads are not available from other sources. HDTT certainly has a good thing going and is miles ahead of the "other" guys. As with the previous album, this music was downloaded in FLAC 24 bit / 96 KHz format. I used the MAX application to convert the files into iTunes friendly uncompressed AIFF files. This conversion kept the quality identical to the original download at 4600 kbps, 24 bit, and 96 KHz. listened to this album again and again and couldn't get over the richness of the sound. My favorite track on the album is number four. It is rather short for a classical track. The strings really get going on this one and the sound is incredibly sweet. Fortunately all the tracks on the album sound great. Twenty dollars is budget dust for a recording of this quality not available anywhere else. Plus the fact that you can download, double-click and dance without leaving your house is priceless. Whether you've jumped on the computer audiophile bandwagon or not, I highly recommend HDTT downloads for all audiophiles. Physical CDs and DVD are available for those "cavemen" amongst us :-)

    High Definition Tape Transfers
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    More about High Definition Tape Transfers

    Like vinyl, analog tape is a relatively neglected storage medium now enjoying a renaissance, due to the enlightened efforts of a growing alliance of audiophiles and "tapeaholics." High Definition Tape Transfer is the brainchild of an avid 2 & 4 track open reel collector who is also a serious audiophile. Collected over the years, many tapes contain forgotten performances of historical importance, with unusually good sound quality when played back through modern, state of the art music systems. Further investigation into the history of these tapes provided a shocking revelation: the copyrights to many of these fine performances had been abandoned, had expired altogether, or had become as forgotten as the tapes themselves, casting the survival of a priceless legacy of musical history in doubt. The desire to preserve and share these rare gems with other music lovers resulted in the birth of HDTT, and our very special discs are your gateway to a unique musical and sonic adventure. Every HDTT release begins with a hand-picked tape which is painstakingly remastered with the finest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques available. Every HDTT disc is individually burned - not stamped - on a special, matched CD burner - making every HDTT disc the digital world's equivalent of a master disc. Offering this type of master compact disc and its unmatched sound quality available to the general public is unheard of, and an HDTT first. Contrary to what some "experts" might say, we have found that every one of the numerous techniques and aspects of the HDTT transcription process makes important, audible contributions to the quality of the encoded digital signal; and all of them together make sonic magic. The improvements with HDTT discs are apparent on any kind of CD player - from budget portables to the finest state of the art digital playback systems. But even if you're not an audiophile, you'll appreciate the opportunity to hear performances which are otherwise unavailable to you in any other medium. In today's world, it's truer than ever that music is precious. We are sure that as an audiophile and music lover you will be impressed, delighted, and perhaps even astonished by the recordings offered by High Definition Tape Transfers - in fact, we're confident that they will do nothing less than redefine what you think is possible from the much maligned compact disc!

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    1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
      The Computer Audiophile -
      As Mark says, these are really fabulous!
    1. Claude's Avatar
      Claude -
      Downloaded a "Festival of Lessons and Carols - Christmas Eve 1958" and I love it. A couple of downloads are cueing. <br />
      Thanks for the tip and happy holidays.<br />