• Computer Audiophile Find of the Week

    So, I'm reading Steve Guttenberg's audiophile blog, The Audiophiliac, about the difference between mastering and remastering. I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking. I often read articles with the hope I'll read something enlightening that I didn't expect. After reading Greg Calbi explain the differences when mastering for CD versus mastering for mp3, he was asked about iTunes. My first thought was, "This article is going downhill fast. From CDs to mp3s and iTunes." Then Greg Calbi mentioned the Beatles and not just the official word that their content will be available in iTunes. This has been rumored forever and never confirmed by anyone.
    "What about iTunes? I asked Calbi about the rumors about the Beatles catalog being remastered for iTunes. He was ahead of me, "They're not being remastered just for iTunes; they're being remastered because they got a deal with iTunes. I was partially involved in the discussions leading up to the remastering sessions; most of the Beatles catalog hasn't been remastered in 20 years." It's likely the new remasters are destined for CD release."

    The last sentence is probably the coolest thing in a long time for Beatles fans. These remasters will likely be released on CD! In one paragraph is a confirmation the Beatles are coming to iTunes and the remasters are likely going to be released elsewhere for the first time in twenty years. If only they would release 24/96 downloads of this material. That would be "too cool for school."

    From c|net.com