• Rare Albums Available As DRM-Free Digital Downloads


    Looking for some rare but influential recordings? Look no further than Anthology Recordings. Well, they may not have all the cool stuff you're looking for but it's a good start. Downloads are DRM-Free and sampled at 320 kbps. From anthologyrecordings.com: Anthology Recordings is the world’s first ever all digital reissue label, its goal to provide an online outlet for rare and out-of-print music of all eras, genres and cultures. Anthology Recordings founder Keith Abrahamsson (an A&R executive with New York City-based indie label Kemado Records) was struck by the conspicuous absence of obscure, but influential music titles on most high volume online retailers – an injustice to both these artists and their prospective fans, which he grew determined to address.
    Continued from anthologyrecordings.com:
    To understand the scale of these ambitions, one need only look at the stylistic breadth covered by Anthology Recording’s first set of releases, which include the likes of Pärson Sound (seminal Swedish psych-rock, circa 1966-‘69), China Shop (unreleased NYC Post-Punk, circa 1979), African Head Charge (Dub from Adrian Sherwood’s legendary On-U Sound label), Suicide Commandos (Minneapolis Punk pioneers, circa 1977), Moondog (unreleased Walter Schreifels Post-Hardcore project, circa 1990), Sainte Anthony’s Fyre (ultra-rare Jersey Hard Rock, circa 1970), and, our first ever license, My Solid Ground (Psych/Kraut Rock from Germany, circa 1971).

    Now, via the Anthology Recordings website (www.anthologyrecordings.com), which officially launched on October 5th, 2006, fans can finally download single tracks, full albums, and even original artwork by all of these important artists – plus dozens more – at competitive rates. Anthology Recordings is not intended to be an absolute alternative to crate digging, but a resource for music fanatics who would otherwise not hear these rare titles; making the music available digitally is an affordable option for both the label and the consumer.
    Beyond the mainstream and beyond all boundaries; the Anthology Recordings team pledges to continually seek out music’s underrated, forgotten, or overlooked, and help make the digital music landscape richer, more complete, and definitely more eclectic with every release.

    Q: How much does a song/album cost?
    A: Most individual songs are $.98 cents and most full-length albums are $9.99

    Q: What is the quality of the MP3 songs? What bitrate are Anthology Recording’s songs encoded at?
    A: The MP3s are encoded at 320kbps.

    Q: What is DRM? Is there DRM on Anthology Recordings music?
    A: There is no DRM on Anthology Recording’s Music. All of the songs we sell are still works protected by copyright law and we ask that you respect that.

    Checkout the Anthology Recordings website for more information.