• Macworld 2008: Audiophile Executive Summary

    The Macworld 2008 keynote from Steve Jobs is over. Are there any implications for audiophiles? Possibly. iTunes 7.6 has been released. The major change is the addition of the movie rental capability. It has been rumored that iTunes 7.6 will have an update for audiophiles or those looking for "better" audio performance. Computer Audiophile will be watching this release closely and reporting what audiophiles need to know. In other Macworld news, Apple released an incredibly thin laptop called the MacBook Air as well as some updates to the iPod touch. I can see both of these effecting audiophiles. The MacBook Air could make a great music server with its small 1.8" very silent hard drive. The iPod Touch now has a few more features and is still still my music server remote of choice. I was hoping for lossless music downloads but for now that is just a pipe dream. Read more for the links to download iTunes 7.6.
    iTunes 7.6 for Windows

    iTunes 7.6 for OS X
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      Lord Chaos -
      There's a comment on Macintouch by a reader who was using one of the earlier versions of System 10.4, and Itunes 7.6 wouldn't work. He's looking for a way to go back. So, make sure you check the system requirements on this one. As I'm still using 10.3.9 I won't be "upgrading."<br />