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I am not an expert and just a guy who enjoys the music.

I have been at it a long time, and as an avid reader here and all I can find, have at least read it all.

I believe you cannot buy an audio system. I think it is something you learn about and assemble. I see it as a work in progress.

My junk is mostly assembled with used gear and not just because it is cheaper. That is a big part of it, but now I find I can own things that were out of my range years back. I have and appreciate vintage gear with a sprinkle of the new as needed.

There is always better gear, and the search goes on.

As much fun as gear is, I most like to play the tunes and cannot say I am an audiophile.

My favorite system is on my deck, so go figure?

This reads like those funny sex adds -- but just finally throwing it out and if I make a web audio friend - good deal!

After years of reading, I have registered, be glad to make some audio friends.
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