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Help! Berkeley RS vs. Devialet!

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Yes, this is an odd query. I just bought the RS, which has not arrived yet. Very excited about it. Then sought a new amplifier for my Rockport Aviors. I was thinking Boulder, Ayre, D'Agostino.... then stumbled on Devialet. Wow! To those of you with high-end traditional systems who have heard the innovative French-made Devialet (which includes a seemingly basic/inexpensive dac), is it REALLY worth selling my RS before opening the box? Thanks all!


  1. tranz's Avatar
    At this price of course your ears must decide.

    Heard the RS... Luverly.

    Heard Devialet, as I was intrigued by its technology, but it was painful to my ears. A set of much cheaper McIntosh amps on the same speakers were a relief to my ears. But again, every setup and ears are different.

    Please listen to Devialet first before making a decision.