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Ipod Itunes remote app

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I'm a newbie to the computer end of music.I'm getting into this slowly & kind of muddling through.I got a new Mac mini (with Lion OS) running my music with an external 2TB Mercury HD to a Wyred4sound Dac 2 to a Vincent SAT 8 & Edge G6 & Maggie 1.7's.I also have Pure Music as software for I Tunes.The music sounds very good ,even though it has not been set up without the extra tweeks & fine tuning like hog mode etc.I recently purchased an I POD touch to use as a remote.The remote app works well except it loses the wireless connection after a few minutes.I then need to wait until it reconnects before I can use the remote to change music .This is very annoying!What can I do to keep the connection constant ?Also how do I set this up as "headless "Is it possible to put away the monitor & keyboard & use the I pod only?If I can't shut the mac mini by clicking "shutdown"with the Ipod is it safe to shut it down by pressing the power button ?I'm slowly getting everything working together & I appreciate all the comments I've read here Thank You Harvey
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  1. mayhem13's Avatar
    Hey Wooferman. The iTouch dropping the wifi link to the host is to save power. It used to be selectable as locked or unlocked in the Remote App setting which are for some reason no longer there in the latest version. Sorry
  2. calkid123's Avatar
    I was told not to shut down the computer with the power button. Use the mouse and on screen display to do this. I only shut down and restart the computer about every 10 days or so. It is okay to leave the computer on 24/7.
  3. bottlerocket's Avatar
    Wooferman, do you have another Mac or another computer or just the Mini?

    If another mac is available, the best way to handle the Mini headless is to use the screen sharing built in to Lion.

    I keep my Mini running and have it set to sleep by pushing the power button. This sleeps the Mini, but does not shut it off. Pushing the power button again unsleeps it. I reboot using screen sharing from another Mac, once every few weeks.

    There are other remote control apps for the mini and Itouch such as Splashtop, but these are designed to get your whole Mini screen onto to a remote client which is kind of hard to manage on a screen as small as the Itouch.

    If you have another computer available with a monitor, there are lots of applications available to remote control the mini.

    I've learned to live with the delay while remote reconnects. I've used other remote control apps and they all need to do this. It is not terrible, but a little annoying.
  4. wooferman's Avatar
    I 'm trying to get a headless set up.I set the power button to be used to set the Mac mini to go into the sleep mode & power on.The computer goes to the last program used ,which is I tunes & pure music.The problem is if I shut off my external HD (OWC Merc)when in the sleep mode I get the error message that it was not shut properly & files would be attempted to be repaired.Also, I've been on the phone with Apple tech support for days & for app 6hours + trying to resolve a I Pod I tunes remote app.connectivity issue.The remote app disconnects & repeatedly needs to reconnect after app 1-4 minutes of use!I was told the engineering people at Apple are looking for a fix.I was also told( not by Apple) the computer has a Apple airport control setting that should be used (I don't have a Apple wireless unit)to prevent searching for available networks & to set up a reliable connection, but I can't find this set up page anywhere.The I pod connection is solid with Email & the web etc & is up to date. HELP!!! Harvey